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  1. I have not yet used the App onboard, but only 57 days to wait for Constellation Singapore to Abu Dhabi. As we are familiar with S-class ships, and it's going to be our first M-class, I do like the App's deck plans to familiarise ourselves before boarding. Also tracking daily expenses will be convenient on our iPhones. It does say that Dining details will be available after boarding, so I'm wondering if adding daily activities also needs to be done onboard. I'm hoping that Solstice will be added before our 2021 cruise.
  2. Hi there, David, Please add.... 3 Jan, 2021 ... Pacificdaze ... Celebrity Solstice ... South Pacific 11 nights. We are taking 10 first-time cruisers with us...our son & daughter, their spouses, and 6 grandchildren...we will be a very delighted dozen!
  3. Well done David, I hereby nominate you to make similar name tags for our Jan 3, 2021 cruise. 😊
  4. Branzino was on the MDR menu one night on Eclipse during our 14 night Southern Caribbean cruise in March. We regularly ate lunch in Oceanview Buffet, and all evening meals in the Deck 4 MDR. All meals were excellent, and we felt no need to dine at any of the speciality restaurants that we had enjoyed on previous cruises. We have booked Constellation for April 2019, and we expect the same high quality of food.
  5. On our March 18 Eclipse cruise I enjoyed seeing four of the final series of Corning Hot Glass shows. The shows ended on Equinox in February, but I've read they are still on Solstice until June.
  6. Hi David, Please add: 2 April 2019 Celebrity Constellation Singapore to Abu Dhabi via Sri Lanka and India Many thanks as your lists make interesting reading with ideas for future cruises, Susan
  7. Another thread gave the name "Hollywood Hot Glass" as the replacement company, and there was a photo of Christmas tree glass baubles which cruisers will be able to make for a price...quite expensive as I remember. I hope this info helps.
  8. Don't be at all nervous, just enjoy some excitement instead. Woodwind have excellent reviews on Trip Advisor, and Cruise Critic too. Some on our roll call have made several previous trips with Woodwind, and booked with them again as soon as they booked their cruise. You can't get better recommendations.
  9. We will be on the afternoon Woodwind snorkel in late March. Ulf has reassured me that he will return us before 5.30pm (6pm departure). This is part of his email... We have room for you in the afternoon from 1-5pm ($65). Eclipse have all aboard 5.30pm. We know since we are responsible for you to make it on time. Everyone onboard Woodwind that afternoon are from Eclipse..... I suggest you ask on your roll call for others from your ship also on Woodwind. Tour operators have to be reliable...miss the ship and they would soon be out of business.
  10. I have read that the Corning HGS will depart Eclipse on April 1, 2018. Hoping to catch their final shows on our March 18 cruise. Hi
  11. Thankyou so much for the information. I will let others on our roll call know the good news. May the rest of your cruise be memorable, and I hope you are the lucky winner of a raffled glass item.
  12. Thankyou Lady Vol, I'm hoping that "effective April 1" means we should see some hot glass shows during our March 18 Eclipse sailing. Fingers crossed!
  13. Please can you ask if the Hot Glass Show will still be available on the Eclipse March 18 sailing. Hoping it is, but becoming resigned to the probability of it being closed down before we arrive onboard. Appreciate your posts.
  14. Hi Kelani, Re the ongoing issue with registering for Meet and Mingle, see the earlier posts #3, #4, #5 of this thread. Fouremco, we will see you at our hopefully well-attended event.
  15. We will be on the Eclipse Southern Caribbean in March, so appreciate your information re the CC event. While I was unable to register via the website, Celebrity OneTouch emailed that we would not miss out. If no invitation in our cabin, then I will hopefully get details from Guest Relations. One of our roll call members has organised to exchange gifts from our hometown...so far my husband and I are the only Aussies registered, so our gift will certainly be distinctive! I hope your cruise continues to delight in every way.
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