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  1. This is exactly the style both my wife & I use, clips to my belt and hers to her purse. She enjoys the smartphone feature of being able to just order her drink without getting up to get it, but after a few of those... well most of you know how that story can go..
  2. Totally agree.. still like mine with a hint of mint..
  3. Being a native New Hampshirite I can tell you that land falling hurricanes are fewer most become sub tropical storms after they hit the cold New England waters and are more rain than anything else. As another poster said October (post Columbus day) is generally when you will get the best colors, even though most hotels will try to market late August through September as "foliage Season". Just remember if you are thinking to do the later in the year cruise you will want layers as temps in October can go from the 70's & 80's during the day to the mid to lower 40's at night.
  4. We were on the Crown doing the British Islands September 2019, and almost the whole ship had some sort of upper respiratory thing going on & we heard the Transatlantic that followed our cruise was just as bad.
  5. Just like the common sense of wearing masks.. so I guess we see where common sense is in the USA is at the moment.
  6. We have stayed at the four points in Barcelona - it is walking distance to the beach, and about a 15 min drive to the port.
  7. https://livertoursliverpool.com/ this is our favorite tour company in Liverpool, Charlene is probably one of the best private tour guides we have had outside of Hawaii.
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