As I sadly do not have the time, money or room for a horse in the current stage of my life, I try to make up for it while I'm on vacation and experience the places I visit on horseback, whenever possible. I'm looking into arranging some rides in Bermuda (Spicelands & Mike Watson in Warwick and Moran Meadows in St. Georges), Antigua (Spring Hill in Saint Paul), and St. Lucia (Atlantic Shores in Micoud). These are all places that have very good reputations for the treatment and care of their horses and the quality of their rides, which is extremely important to me, and although I don't have first-hand experience with any of them, from the research I've done, they appear to be reputable.

I have little formal training, but have ridden for the sheer joy of riding since I was a kid, and am just looking for a few nice rides to see the countryside and have a bit of a trot or relaxed canter where the conditions allow. Nothing crazy. Would anyone here be interested in joining me on any of these? Normally, I just go it alone, but it doesn't appear that many of the places I'm looking at include transfers in their pricing, and cab pricing seems to be a bit expensive, so being able to split cab fare would be appreciated!

I plan on making arrangements, and if anyone is interested, letting the stables know that there may be two (or three?) instead of just me. Let me know if any of these rides might be your thing!