What are your thoughts on Phentermine? (adipex)

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A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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Originally posted by Strophic
Here's the thing...combining *anything* with healthy diet and a fitness program will give anyone results. Just healthy diet and fitness will give people results, because that is what makes you lose weight. 17 kg in 4 months would have been completely attainable without the supplement as long as you were eating right, so how can you say it was the supplement that helped you?

People really need to stop looking for an easy way out, skip all the pretense, and just do what every human being on this planet needs to do to lose weight: fix their diet.

Hi Strophic,
People respond to medications in different ways. Someone register better results when combining phentermine with diet and exercise while for others it is really hard to lose one kilo per week. Anyway, I was pretty satisfied with my weight loss results. I'm not an active person but the phentermine gave me more energy and because I had so much energy I started exercising every day. I also started eating a bit healthier too. More fruits and veg and fish for diner instead of stuff like pizza and pasta all the time.
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i took phentermine for about six months. i lost 60 lbs. i've been off it for about 6 months and i haven't gained any weight back. i want to lose more but i'm not sure if i'll get back on the phentermine or just try & reduce cals on my own (i probably eat about 1800 cals per day right now, but if i can get down to 1500 consistently i know i'll start losing.

the phentermine was great for me. it helped me to relearn what a portion was & that i don't *need* to eat as much as i think i did. i understand that it's ok to feel hungry & that i'll get to eat again in a few hours.

i didn't have a lot of side effects and my blood pressure was always fine (i had a doctor's visit monthly)

i don't think it's the solution to an emotional eating problem (which i have and am working through) but it will jump start that weight loss and i did learn a lot about appropriate portions while on it.
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I used it and lost weight but couldn’t stand the dry mouth (no matter how much water I drank), and I also was clenching my teeth all day.

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Originally posted by NCteacherlovescruising
My daughter has been on this for a few days and has already lost 17 lbs so I went to see my doctor about getting it today. She gave me a 30 day supply but told me she wouldn't take it herself, made me sign a consent form and advised me against it. We are cruising in about 36 days so I was hoping to build some better habits and drop a few lbs before then. Anyone on here try this before?
It won’t lead to more than short term loss since you change nothing. Real weight loss means a psychological change and a change in your relationship with food. It’s far more than just about appetite. But even the med wears off for this purpose with a few months. It is sometimes useful to aid someone at a tough part of,the journey, but if iit is all someone is doing the research shows it fails almost 100% of the time in the long run. I will leave how I know this information for another place and time. I hesitated to respond knowing that people will believe in the direction of what they want to believe. But I gave it a try at least. Good luck to you
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A female I know, in her 20's, wound up in the ER and was told she came close to knocking out her kidneys. I don't know if she was failing to drink enough water or what. It was a female doc in a low-income clinic that prescribed it; maybe the doc wasn't doing the appropriate monitoring.