How much money do you bring when you cruise?

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Poll: HOw much money do you bring when you cruise?
Poll Results
HOw much money do you bring when you cruise?

$1,000 and under




I Charge everything!


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Ok so hubby asked me yesterday how much money we should bring for our cruise.....Truthfully I don't know, so I figure I'd do a poll to see what others do!!
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I haven't cruised before...Planning my first now.

But from what i have read this really depends on what you guys plan on doing. Do you drink? Will you buy pictures, do shore excursions, shop in ports?

I have heard of people having a $1000.00 bar bill...

AND, don't forget about tips...unless you are prepaying them.
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Originally posted by jolyroger
$1,000 or under




I Charge everything


Ok so hubby asked me yesterday how much money we should bring for our cruise.....Truthfully I don't know, so I figure I'd do a poll to see what others do!!
Depends on the length of the cruise and number of ports. As far as cash goes, we take about 400.00 so we have cash for the items we cant charge. If you are talking total budget beyond cost of the cruise (Cash , Charges and S&S Card) we plan on around $1000.00 for a 7 day cruise.
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Originally posted by Traveler353
None of your business.

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A bunch!
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We were on the Valor for 7 days earlier this month. We also flew in a day early and stayed a day later. As far as the cruise (S&S Card) it all went on my credit card ($1,200). I did bring about $1,000 in cash for other things, tips and shopping at the ports and spent about $600.00 of that.
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If there's gambling involved, we ALWAYS bring cash for that....gambling is something that we NEVER 'charge'....
We usually bring more than we need...the bank is happy for us to redeposit it after we come home!
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Couple hundred for tips and incidentals. Don't like carrying cash. If you lose cash, it's gone. Lose plastic, you get new plastic! And then just payoff the credit card when I get home!
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Originally posted by Calker
$100 cash in singles for tips
$500 cash in twentys for tips and gifts at ports

everything else is charged
$100.00 in singles? You must order a lot of room service.
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Is this question how much cash we bring or cash/s&s card included?
We don't gamble, spa, or buy many pictures. We prepay for any excursions we take. We do drink some, although we usually get a bottle thru Bon Voyage. So we bring very little cash money, just for tips and ports. Most everything is either prepayed or on the S&S.......
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all depends what you have planned. I pre book excursions through outside companies (not the cruise line) and they require you to pay a deposit with a CC by phone and the balance in cash when you arrive. Plus I like to shop and hate using my CC in foreign countries unless I really NEED to. I usualy bring about 1500 in cash with me and only take a little more then I think I will need off the boat in each port and leave the rest behind in the in room safe.
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We don't drink much we may share one DOD a day and maybe a drink at the show. Don't really gamble or use the spa either. Our first cruise S&S bill was
$120 and probably used $200 in ports. Our next cruise will not be so cheap because we will have 3 kids in tow.
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We only carry money for tips and to spend in ports... about $500.00 total.
Everything on the ship (drinks, pictures, etc. is charged).
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Originally posted by Frank12
$100.00 in singles? You must order a lot of room service.
I bring at least $100 in ones, tips for porters, excursion guides. And yes, room service. Wife and I found our s&s summary from last cruise, ordered room service 14 times
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I typically bring $100 per person per day of the cruise. 7 day cruise=$700, etc... and that money usually goes towards paying my S&S account. I also use that money to purchase small items in port. For everything else, there's American Express, not MasterCard!!!
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