A Pretty Lanyard!

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Beautiful Mt West
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Joined Oct 2007
After thinking about wearing my sea pass on a lanyard--- my last trip I remember seeing a few ladies who had some pretty necklace type lanyards. I checked out eBay and found a seller who made me just what I wanted!
I was so excited on how well it turned out that I thought I would share.
She custom made it for me as I requested with clear and pearl beads with a few pretty blue and green faceted beads thrown in here and there. There was a lovely large faceted heart bead at the middle where the ring and lanyard clip was attached.
I was impressed with the quality and price and thought I would share in case anyone else is looking for something like this
I am just a satisfied customer and don't have any ties to her business
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12-16-2012 Norwegian Dawn
11-11-2007 Jewel of the Seas
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Thank you so much for posting! These are much nicer than the one I have to wear to work.
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How do you carry a comb and lipstick, etc....when all you have is a lanyard? It's too far to run to the cabin everytime you need to "primp"...I just bring a very small purse and put the seapass in there, along with tissues, lipstick, comb....
Beautiful Mt West
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Joined Oct 2007
I guess I don't primp too aweful much? LOL
Really, if I am doing an excursion somewhere I have a handy crossbody bag that I will be using and if it's just a lip balm or lipstick I would put them in my pocket or DH's pockets.
I don't use a comb or brush except in my cabin and the only thing I would have to carry is my Kindle. I just like having my seapass handy without carrying a purse or tote and liked the idea of something pretty rather than a cord or strap with a clip....to each his (or her) own!
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12-16-2012 Norwegian Dawn
11-11-2007 Jewel of the Seas
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what a good idea ,they are lovely .. thank you for sharing ..

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I make my own with beads I buy at Walmart. I also have the little rings (keychain type) you buy in the bead dept. I can add (and remove) the ring to any necklace which turns it into a lanyard as well.
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Beautiful Mt West
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Joined Oct 2007
NO Charming Charlie here in the wilds of Utah! LOL
I have often made my own things as I am pretty crafty but I think that it would have cost me more to make the pretty lanyard than she charged me.
I am sure she buys her beads in bulk instead of a few at a time and thus can make them for much less.
I ended up ordering a black and white one for my Mother for Mother's Day as I think she would enjoy having something pretty for the upcoming cruise in December.
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12-16-2012 Norwegian Dawn
11-11-2007 Jewel of the Seas