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paying for Red October


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I suggest that you try to pay cash for any purchases with Red October. The summer conversion rate is 30 rubles per US dollar. By the time Red October converts your charges to rubles and then the credit card adds their fees, you are paying quite a bit more. We knew that there would be a 3% fee to use the credit card with Red October, and that the credit card company would also add 1%. But we ended up paying more for Russian purchases than we did for those in England and countries using the Euro. I really can't explain why, but the charges were higher on both my parents' Mastercard and my Visa. Red October didn't do anything wrong, I just think there are charges that are peculiar to Russia. I wish I had realized that RO was going to collect our tour fees on the first day, as I had planned to bring cash on the second day. But that was my error, I should have asked them in advance when we would pay.

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We asked Laura, "When is payment expected?". Her email reply dated 06/15/04 stated, "On the second day when you have a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress. We are located very close to that venue." We also asked, "Do you require cash, or can we pay by credit card or by travelers check?" Laura's answer was, "Either cash or credit card please. We do not accept travellers cheques. Pls kindly note that for the credit card payment we charge 3% on the top because we pay that to our bank for the operations when your money reaches our account."


We've read on these boards that it is illegal to use other than Russian currency for purchases in shops, etc.

Can anyone verify this? Someboy reported that a member of their party was singled out and questioned by Russian authorities for using US$ to make routine purchases. We certainly don't need a problem like this! Any confirmed information on this matter would be appreciated. :)



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We were quoted prices by RO in American dollars and told that there would be a 3% fee to use our cc's. They then converted that dollar amount into rouples and charged our card the appropriate amount of roubles...so we think. The other couple on our tour got their bill and it was almost $60. higher than RO told them it would be. He called is CC company and is disputing the bill. My bill hasn't come in yet, so I'm curious to see if it's more also.

I know that cc companies add their 1% charge, but $60, is waaay far away from being 1%!


You pay on the 2nd day of your tour. They'll take you to the Red October store to have coffee, settle up the bill and you can do some shopping there if you like. Prices are good. You'll then leave there and finish your tour.

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I also thought that you paid for your tour on whatever day you were scheduled to go to the RO store, which would be day 1 for us. I am still thinking about how to pay, cc or cash. I really don't want to carry $1000 extra $ in cash around to pay RO, so I'm leaning more toward cc. Anyone else have an opinion on this?


32 days and counting


Mary Lou

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Just get cash from the casino a couple of days before your pay day, leave it in the safe in your room, and then on your second day, take it with you and pay Laura.

We were a group of 10 and each couple paid in cash. No problem at all.

Make sure that your bill is correct - we got a surprise in that we did not know that it was $15 more each to visit Catherine's palace "early" Originally, we weren't (I suppose) going early they just told us the evening of the first day that they were getting us in early so to be on the port a bit earlier but no mention of an extra charge. So, come payday she asked for an extra $30 for each couple. At that point, I was not going to argue but I told her off.

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We paid for our RO tour with the credit card. The bill came and it was what they had quoted us plus almost to the penny 3% more for using the CC. We paid on the first day at the RO store. I read many times on the old posts to watch RO for hidden upcharges when they are rushing you through to pay. Their was recomendations to bring your quote along so you could dispute the charges. They had also tried to get people to only pay cash as they were settling up outside one of the cathedrals or museums with no access to a credit card machine. We did not have this problem and like I said, everything was on the up and up for us, however we did let them know we were paying by credit card. Personally I could not imagine walking around some of the places we went carrying a $1000 in cash. Church of the Spilt Blood was packed like sardines. You would never know if someone lifted anything off of you. Hermitage was also very crowded. We were also warned to be wary of the children. We watched a group of 8-10 year olds school children at Peterhoff lift a guys wallet very expertly. We told the guide and she went and got it using the boys teacher to help. The guy had no idea it was missing. Thank goodness we had been warned so we were all watching each other.

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I was with Aqua's group of 9 on June 29th and 30th. I purchased some gifts at the Red October gift store. I checked the charges to my debit card when I arrived home and the charges were almost $30 more than what I thought they were going to be. I assumed because I was using a debit card there wouldn't be additional charges.


I would also note that the chocolate they give away at the Red October gift store cannot be purchased. Their prices on the "fur" hats and the army hats with pins are cheaper than on the ship (we were on the Constellation) and at other gift shops you might stop at.

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On our cruise in May, the RO store charged in USD. I have read that they changed to Euroes in either late May or early June. Perhaps this explains why it was so much higher. I think is is about 1.25 to 1.30 USD to 1.00 Euro. When we were there, they just had a sticky with a number on it and we assumed it was USD. Our credit card confirmed this. If you notice elsewhere on the threads, people comment on the prices being in Euroes. I was surprised to hear this as RO tours want USD. Everywhere you read, bring new crisp US bills, not Euroes, Kroners or even Pounds.

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