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Carnival's new MARDI GRAS!

Carnival's new MARDI GRAS!
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Due to start cruising in October 2020


A collection of artist's impression

and photos from the shipyard at Turku

and a few other locations





CCL NewShip-2020-B.jpeg


My daughter and I are planning to take the Mardi Gras on 11/6/2021.  My late husband and I sailed on 31 cruises, including a transatlantic from Barcelona with a pre stay at Madrid.  We took one Carnival cruise on the "Glory".  Everything about it was perfect, sometimes fantastic.  The worst cruise

was Celebrity "Mlllenium" sp?  The ship had only one entertainment area that you could watch from 3 different decks. In the dining room, one evening, the waiter gave a salad bowl to a guest to pass around. i asked him to call the head waiter.  Speaking to him, I told him we did not want to be served "family" style. He replied that it was something new they were doing.  I told him "not at my table" "We're done". H e was flustered that I would dismiss him! At disembarkation, people at the cab stand were not lined up in order of arriving there, because no staff was directing passengers.  So last of-first on cab.  I asked my husband to walk to a cab, give the driver $10, and have him drive you to where my daughter and I were standing for 30 minutes.  I am disabled and use a wheelchair to disembark.  But the staff took my wheelchair after he dropped me at the curb. No musical entertainment, family style meals, very small food portions at restaurant, and a total disaster area upon disembarking.  That was our one and only Celebrity cruise. oh, lets not forget their special heated pool!  A cruiser with a baby in diapers in the pool, and no one around to stop her!  NEVER again.  Say what you will about Carnival I  preferred THAT Walmart!

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