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  1. Fighting? I've heard it only happens in Club Class. But they have a rule to not talk about it.
  2. Is there any value to it other than speeding up embarkation? Because if enough people use it then the lines will be shorter, and I'll still get on the ship quicker.
  3. I see it. There's even instructions to download the app, which I have. I ran the app, and it eventually took me to the mobile version of the same page.
  4. Sailing in <60 days. Went to ocean.com to complete OceanReady. Why do I get "An error has occurred. parsererror" when I log in when trying to complete Cruise Personalizer? I really don't want to spend 1/2 and hour at home just to save myself 15 minutes at the port.
  5. Going to be on the Caribbean Princess in July. Ports are Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan, and Belize. If you could do one snorkeling excursion where would it be? I've done Carnival's snorkeling excursion in Cozumel and wasn't impressed (water too deep and dark).
  6. I see on the 7 day Greek islands cruises the ship is in port nearly every day. When does the actual sailing occur? As I don't see any specific port times I can't tell. Would like to be sure that there's more than one afternoon out in the open water.
  7. Because they both sound tasty, and one of the things that makes cruising special is that it's a magical world where you can order two entrees and nobody cares. If they do have to implement this I think it should be limited to double meat orders with no extra charge if at least one of the entrees is pasta or vegetarian.
  8. So the problem is usually the waiters taking to long to retrieve the food, not that the cooks are making the dishes too early?
  9. The only burger I saw that wasn't free was the Ernesto, and that's not free in the SD pub either, and I don't remember it appearing on any MDR menu. I thought the fries were good, but maybe because I got them fresh and hot. The burger, however, was overcooked. Next time I'll try it cooked to order.
  10. There are also signs that tell you if it's the odd or even numbered cabin side. It's not a duo; they perform at separate times. There was also a band in Club Fusion (when the 49'ers fans weren't using it), but I don't know if there was any dancing.
  11. We were also on that cruise. We usually do Carnival but wanted something different. I liked how there were more indoor afternoon activities than just trivia, including arts & crafts and language lessons. (If you went to the martini tasting I was the guy dancing for the Milky Way martini). I liked that the prizes weren't just ships on sticks, so now I have two water bottles. Also appreciated that the menu featured classic cocktails at reasonable prices and not just overpriced tropical drinks and martinis. On the other hand, the cabins are small compared to Carnival. No couch (and now no chair), and less shelf space. The burgers don't compare to Guy's. Also the theater is dreary and uncomfortable, you can't get a drink there, and even if you could your tiny little school desk of a table is tilted so you can't even put it down.
  12. I was looking for the job title, which I assume is the same for all cruise lines, so posting it on the board about food would be the logical place to put it.
  13. In the MDR is there someone who has the primary responsibility to make sure dishes don't sit out too long before being sent to the tables? Just got back from a cruise and our meals were often either not hot or dried out from sitting under a heat lamp. It's a shame to have what would have been wonderfully prepared meals ruined by poor time management. We had anytime dining, if that matters.
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