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  1. We have sailed on Celebrity, Royal Carribean, Princess and P&O multiple times. (In mini suites, balconies and ocean views) last year one of our cruises was a 7 night cruise to the Sth Pacific on Pacific Dawn in an Ocean View Cabin. We had a great time and would definitely go again if the price is right, we paid just over $600pp. The food does not match Celebrity or Princess and its not a luxury ship but the price of the cruise was probably half what i pay to go on those other lines and it was definitely value for money. We had fun we relaxed and we got looked after for seven nights while being on the seas absolutely go again if it was the right price.
  2. Thanks for the replies, they have reassured me, we ended up booking a five day 5 NIGHT SPICE OF SOUTHEAST ASIA CRUISE. Leaving & returning to Singapore. Will be a whole new experience for me. It is a shame Royal have decided to charge for activities that are apparently free of charge in other parts of the world but I decided to just get ahead of it(hoping to avoid queues) and prebook the activities on my Cruise Planner. Unfortunately although the email I have been sent tells me they will be available to book through Cruise Planner they are nowhere to be seen šŸ¤”. I do find it quite strangely comical that Royal are advising me that due to the cruise being a Culturally Enriching Cruise they have put a price on free activities .
  3. I received an email today to inform me that my cruise is a culturally enriching cruise and to be aware that the entertainment etc will be spoken in the main passengers language, chinese. Also informing me quote ā€œDue to the high demand for activities on Culturally Enriching cruises, there is a minimal charge in order to reduce waiting times on RipcordĀ® by iFlyĀ®, North StarĀ®, and SkyPadā€ Seems like cruising from Singapore on this ship may be very similar to cruising. From China?
  4. My daughter and i are spending five nights in Singapore, Almost booked an add on spur of the moment five day cruise from Singapore on the Quantum but then read the very bad reviews based on its China sailings pretty much saying if you are a Westerner dont do it Is the ship experience going to be the same when its based in Singapore? Will anything be altered before it starts its Singapore season. Complaints were things like Lack of coffee available (i really neeed my coffee) no specialty coffees available All Food only catering for the Asian Market Things that dont normally cost having a cost or only available for suite guests Pushing Shoving Arguing English speaking tours and activities canceled , reviews basically saying ship totally catering to Asian Market only and if you are a Westerner..find a different ship/company. Has me a bit concerned as I am not familiar with that area of the world ..so would leaving from Singapore be the same sort of cruising ?
  5. Darwin to Singapore Departing Darwin Monday, 05 August 2019 8 Nights Pacific Dawn Up To $100 Onboard Credit Twin From $571 pp Quad From $666 pp
  6. Curious as to how it works if you cancel your cruise? Do you lose your coins and redeemed obc reward? . In Australia we cant reprice the cruise we have to cancel and rebook if the price goes down. I noticed the price on my cruise had gone under what i paid but still at this point more advantageous to keep my booking as i have 2 x $100 OBC rewards. ..but will be sad if it gets to the point Where I have just wasted my points.
  7. Hi, is there a Monkey bar on the Pacific Explorer or do you book Angelos and Dragon Lady somewhere else on board? On boarding Aria and Eden we always made straight for the Monkey Bar to make reservations.
  8. Looking for this and not finding the price anywhere? Is it their official site?
  9. Actually, just got a new email sent stating apologies and this: Tipping is not required or charged to your onboard account for cruises on Sun PrincessĀ®, Sea PrincessĀ®, Majestic PrincessĀ®, Ruby PrincessĀ® or Golden PrincessĀ® sailing roundtrip from Australia. You are, however, welcome to reward our crew for exceptional service. (We always leave a tip for our cabin guys and anyone else who has gone above and beyond)
  10. Our battery was flat after 3 weeks away. Our fault because we didnā€™t disconnect the dash cam. (So the Racq man informed us)
  11. Got the same email, not sure why as my cruise is local Australian, it doesnā€™t apply. Felt cranky with it though. Have booked a lovely holiday would like good news emails thanks. Glad it doesnā€™t apply or I would have been crankier!.
  12. I am booked on Majestic Princess obstructed Balcony E109. Wondering if anyone that had one of these cabins would have preferred a non obstructed cabin and lose the big balcony? Wondering if i should tick of untick the upgrade box. Also a little concerned about the area below where the crew congregate.. I love the peace of the ocean on my balcony
  13. So just not sure how this works. I am cruising on Golden Princess and bought $67.50 worth of credit, It is showing as $50.00 U.S. The cruise in only travelling in Australia. I have read everything is charged in Aussie $. Is it worth buying OBC, I think I am having serious blonde moments šŸ˜³ as i cant get my head around if i am duping myself or ?? Does it just get converted back at the same rate if everything on board is in Aussie $?. šŸ¤Ø
  14. Can anyone help out which are the smoking areas on Sun, want to book my cabin but would like this info first. thanks for any help
  15. Hi have searched threads and note someone else asked the question but cant see an answer. Does anyone know which decks and areas are smoking. Have had bad experience being directly under smokers deck once before. Just about to lock in my cabin but would like that info first. Thanks if anyone knows the answer
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