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  1. Thanks for posting, Marilyn. It really is ashame that Royal treats its customers this way. Probably just as well that there's no offer of an FCC. That would have tempted me to book again. I really think Royal has blown it by taking so long to cancel these cruises. I'm still waiting for mine to be canceled. I think Holland America cancelled their whole season through September. Royal is getting positive press by offering cruises to first responders. I wouldn't be surprised if it's tax deductible for them. Royal doesn't do something for nothing. It's funny, I used to be really loyal to them but over the years (mainly after they hired a Carnival Executive) they have slowly but surely "carnivalized." I remember in the 90's sodas were free and there were no specialty restaurants. In the 2000's there were specialty restaurants but the pricing was minimal to cover the gratuity. Now the pricing is quite high AND you pay gratuities. I will continue waiting for them to cancel my cruise on 3/28... get my refund.. and be done with this whole stressful mess.
  2. Marilyn, Thanks for posting. No word yet on mine. I'm hoping my cancellation will come in the next day or two. I just want this over with. I want to use that money towards something other than a cruise. I assume they didn't offer any OBC or incentive for cancelling.
  3. The only info right now is it will do two cruises in Australia. It doesn't say yet how long these cruises will be and if they will extend the time in Australia.
  4. While I think this is a fantastic decision by Royal Caribbean to do this and the first responders are the most deserving of this in the world.... Royal Caribbean has not done right by its passengers who are still booked on sailings on Spectrum out of Shanghai. I am on the March 28 sailing of Spectrum and it is obvious this cruise will not happen. Royal has still not cancelled this itinerary nor notified its customers. In short, they are holding my payment hostage. Do the right thing Royal Caribbean.
  5. Thanks for the information. The full couch will be great.
  6. Yes, I think it is different going out of Hong Kong. I believe that going out of Shanghai will be "culturally immersed" but I knew that before I booked. It should be interesting to say the least. Different but still fun of course. After all, it's a cruise!
  7. Thanks again Cityguy. Sounds perfect to me! Definitely sounds bigger than the traditional studio cabin. Hope you actually enjoyed Spectrum itself.
  8. Thanks so much for the information. So the aft solo has a small bed but does have a sofa? Sounds great.
  9. Enjoy your 2 cruises. I'm not sailing until March 27 so I can certainly wait. Even if I don't know about the cabin, I'm still going. I have sailed in an actual solo cabin (on Ovation) and it was just fine.
  10. Sorry for your troubles. I hate queues that don't move. At least it sounds like you enjoyed Disney.
  11. Wow on Kit Kat flavors. Must be very popular in Japan. Chinese immigration is notorious for not having enough officers. When I ended a cruise in Tianjin I got lucky and was off the ship quickly due to an RCL transfer. That time immigration was a breeze. This time in Shanghai I will stay an extra day so not in a huge hurry, though truthfully I prefer to carry my bags off the ship. Early disembarkation is probably not allowed, I presume?
  12. Marc, Thanks so much for the detailed review. I really appreciate it and it has made me less apprehensive. I'm not surprised about immigration. Having cruised in Asia before, I've seen terrible set ups and long delays to clear. Your cabin looks amazing and the amenities great. I am Diamond Plus and was told I've have access to the Silver Lounge and solarium but might or might not have access to the dining depending on crowds. Yep, Kit Kats are on my list for Japan. Someone I know wants green tea kit kats and I think Japan is the only place that sells them. I just got back from Australia and the most exotic Kit Kat was green mint. Thanks so much for sharing!
  13. Brandis, I think you are probably back from Spectrum. Do you have anything to report on the Secret 2F cabins? How was the cruise overall? Any info you have would be helpful. Thanks.
  14. Thank you Marc for instructions on how to get to Kyoto. It doesn't sound too bad.
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