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  1. Riocca

    Cruise Credit.

    We were booked on the same cruise and would have thought that refunds could have been processed quicker, I realise that life is more difficult now, it is for us all, but we live in the age of technology not the quill pen and things like this can be processed in bulk quickly after all payment is taken automatically from travel agents very promptly. We also have been denied any air compensation because we supplied a cancellation invoice from a travel agent not a change fee invoice from an airline, but as the booking was made with an agent and was 100% non-refundable and non-changeable it’s all we can supply. Azamara and by implication RCCL are treating their customers very poorly we feel they are prevaricating and delaying refunds to protect stock holders. But remember it’s the customers they will need when normality returns and we will remember how we’ve been treated. We also have a booking for a b2b in October with balance due in early June, currently there’s no way we can commit to paying the balance to a company when we don’t know how we will be treated when there’s still a high probability the cruises will be cancelled as they are Italy intensive.
  2. I noticed that in another email regarding a Journey cruise, compared to other cruise lines Azamara are not covering themselves in glory. As we were one of the ones cancelled from the 17th March sailing suppose we must consider ourselves luck to get the 25% in addition to the refund, although we have lost a lot of money cancelling flights etc. No idea when we will see the refund I have a feeling it may be many weeks away, we have sent our air cancellation invoice to Azamara to see if we can get the air change compensation but not confident. As regards the 25% FCC not even sure that it will be worth anything as there are probably going so many conditions attached. We have just a b2b on Pursuit booked now with Azamara and despite loving the onboard experience we no longer have any faith in Azamara or the RC group, so like so many others will be looking elsewhere. These situations always have casualties and I fear that this time it may well be Azamara.
  3. I would guess given the situation their primary concern is where they can disembark the current passengers given they are coming to the end of a 26 night cruise, most of them spent at sea.
  4. Just picked this up from the Celebrity board, it looks like Jewel of the Seas has a modified itinerary so that it doesn’t leave UAE waters. This might work on a 7 night itinerary but if Azamara managed to persuade the UAE authorities to allow them to dock 11 nights in 3 ports, one being a private island, would not really be acceptable.
  5. Agree, doesn’t help us in making decisions, could be brinksmanship if we cancel they get to keep our money and we get a FCC if they cancel we can get a full refund. Either way we would be out of pocket for flights and hotel.
  6. Emailed Azamara yesterday and got a reply this morning that currently there are no changes to Quests 17th March itinerary. Maybe things will change when the Miami office opens, will not be happy if we’re strung along until the last minute.
  7. Even though Celebrity are saying Abu Dhabi and Dubai are closed two ships docked in Abu Dhabi this morning, I realise this is a dynamic situation but we need clarity there are too many risks now. Ignoring Covid-19 itself, if we fly to Dubai will Quest be able to dock? If we board will any ports on the itinerary be open? Most important of all will we be able to disembark at the end of the cruise? All these are questions we need Azamara to advise on they will have much more information than us.
  8. Riocca


    Phil, they were allowed into Colombo today to refuel and pick up supplies, of course no one was allowed off of the ship. So they should be good for a while it would be just finding a viable alternative disembarkation port. Hopefully we will know what’s happening in the near future.
  9. Jewel of the Seas is currently docked in Dubai so there theoretically would have no problems embarking passengers, problem would be what happens at the end of the cruise as it’s a 7 day round trip Dubai.
  10. Riocca


    If Dubai is closed they will have no alternative, however their bigger problem would be what to do with the passengers currently on the 26 night Cape Town - Dubai voyage especially as they can’t dock in India. Mumbai would Have been the logical alternative with Good air access.
  11. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2739140-ports-closed-to-cruise-ships-in-the-middle-east/?tab=comments#comment-59591656 This thread,
  12. Guess we won’t be flying to Dubai next Saturday then, our neighbours are on MSC Lirica and not getting too much information onboard they are due to fly home on Saturday from Dubai will see how that one works out. As I said on elsewhere cruise ships have become a soft target for governments trying to prove they are doing something.
  13. Riocca


    The old 1992 regulations were better in that respect because it wasn't so specific about being two separate elements so travelling in a cabin on a ship was covered. However certainly in the UK Azamara's t&c's allow cancelation if there's been a significant change: What is a significant change? A significant change is a change to your confirmed holiday, which we can reasonably expect will have a significant effect on it. Examples of what we consider are significant and minor (defined below) changes are as follows: Significant change: Examples include a change from two days port of calls to two days sailing instead; a change in UK departure airport (excluding changes between the local airports) and a change in the time of your outbound flight by more than 12 hours on a 14 night holiday.
  14. Riocca


    I realise that they are probably busy dealing with the current cruise having Sri Lanka and Indian ports closed but blindly believing that they will be docking in Doha, a port that clearly says its closed to cruise ships, is beyond belief.
  15. Riocca


    The silence is deafening, since posting this I have read that the Bahrain F1 GP will be held behind closed doors this will be the same day we are due to dock so doesn't bode well for allowing cruise ships to dock. Problem with this cruise area is that there are few, and getting fewer, alternative ports. My fear is at some stage the UAE will get fed up taking in cruise ships no one else wants and those ports will be closed as well.
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