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  1. As the surveys are more targeted these days it could be that who received it depended on responses to previous surveys. We didn’t rate entertainment as a high priority in a previous survey and we didn’t receive this one, so it makes sense.
  2. Didn’t receive this survey but we’re definitely in the camp of no background music, don’t object to the occasional live music on the pool deck. On our last Celebrity cruise the continual background music drove us crazy especially as it changed from area to area so in some locations you had different music in each ear. Last month on Sky Princess our cabin was located by the Retreat pool which was great, no background music (or large screen) not found by many passengers and attentive bar staff. It was great almost like having Azamara on a Princess ship 😁
  3. Will only be relevant to U.K. customers but SP Cruises (Azamara) now has their own ABTA registration.
  4. Quite possible, ours have always been Mastercard. Thought it was interesting to see the subtle changes on the paperwork, however it’s good to be back planning and booking ahead just hoping now that we will be able to actually do the cruises we’ve booked.
  5. Can’t ever remember any payment to Azamara pre cruise or onboard account ever showing as anything other than Celebrity, possibly just a U.K. thing. Last cruise in 2019 said Celebrity Quest, Weybridge, this is where the U.K. office is.
  6. Pre pandemic we always booked with a Travel Agent who always required the deposit paid at the point of booking, however along with many others we’ve stopped using agents after their antics during the pandemic, which sadly are ongoing. So it came as a surprise with the first two direct bookings to be offered the grace period, not that we took up the offer as it would only mean having to make another phone call. Another difference I’ve just noticed normally payments made to Azamara show up as “Celebrity Cruises, Paris” on credit card transactions the one made today is showing as “Azamara, Dublin”.
  7. Things look as though they’re changing with the gradual separation from the old owners, we made a booking on the 17th August and this was the wording at the foot of the confirmation: The cruise is supplied / operated by SP Cruises OpCo Limited a Bermuda company with registered office address at Park Place, 3rd Floor,55 Par-la-Ville Road,Hamilton HM11,Bermuda The booking office is RCL Cruises Ltd, of 3 The Heights Brooklands Weybridge,Surrey,KT13 0NY Company No. 0736612. VAT No. 102833940 The Holiday is organised by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Today we made a new booking, unbelievably for 2024!, and the wording has changed to: The cruise is supplied / operated by SP Cruises OpCo Limited The booking office is SP Cruises Ireland Limited Maples Fiduciary Services Ireland Limited Ballsbridge Dublin, County Dublin D02 The recorded messages haven’t changed and still refer to Royal Caribbean being responsible for the administration of the booking as does the first paragraph of the t&c’s, but then it still referred to 3 boutique ships as well so could probably do with updating. Also when making the previous direct bookings we’ve been offered the opportunity to pay the deposit a week or so later this time there was no such offer and the deposit was requested at the time of booking.
  8. I am also on the same two monthly delivery as you Ann, haven’t tried this months yet as we had two small granddaughters staying for a sleep over , thought it wise to wait until tonight. Keep well and safe x
  9. Pursuit has now left Cadiz heading for Greece but on MarineTraffic it’s destination is Gibraltar presumably to bunker as Journey did.
  10. We’ve only done one Crystal cruise which was Symphony back in 2018 whilst we’ve done quite a few Azamara. There was nothing intrinsically wrong with Crystal but it wasn’t for us, service on the face of it is impeccable but robotic, staff were like rabbits caught in the headlights if you tried to interact with them. Every night in the restaurant was like a first night, nobody seemed to remember who you were, we had the same waiter for most of our 15 days onboard but had to ask for his section every night. Officers were friendly but didn’t engage passengers in conversation, lunch buffet closed at 1.30 pm sharp even if the majority of passengers were of the ship on tours returning after this time. We were in South Africa and there was a large group of golfers onboard so maybe this changed the dynamics but it was like a ghost ship at times, below is a picture of the pool deck on a sea day just after lunch with a band playing on deck!
  11. Quite surprised at this, South Africa is on the UK’s red list which would make leisure travel untenable and it doesn’t look like changing any time soon. Fortunately we’re not booked on any of these cruises having done SA in 2018 but if we were, we would be reluctant to go even if it was removed from the red list by January.
  12. We’ve only done one Viking Oceans cruise but found the included tours very basic and crowded, they’re usually short and you get the feeling you’re being herded like sheep. After we’d gone on a few we cancelled the rest, we’ve also done a Viking River cruise and the format follows the included tours there but of course there’s a lot more passengers on Viking Oceans. Usually we avoid ships tours preferring to do our own thing, however when we have done Azamara tours the group sizes are usually smaller.
  13. This sounds like the experience we had on Celebrity a while ago, we made a few Cruise Now bookings pre pandemic on Azamara and received good service always feeling the sales people were on our side. As Royal Caribbean are still acting as booking agents for Azamara are the onboard booking people Azamara or RC? We are currently on Sky Princess and the big push on here is for future cruise certificates with a reduced deposit and I think some OBC. They are time limited but you do get your money back if you don’t use them. Pre cruise we priced up a Princess cruise and the non refundable deposit was almost £1600 in total, with the certificate it’s just £75 pp. We ended up thankfully booking Azamara Onward instead, 5 days on a big ship is quite enough!
  14. In the U.K. consumer law is that if you offer a discount the product has to have been on sale at the full price for at least 28 days in the previous 6 months, so to offer a discount from a fictitious full price is not possible here. Not worked it out but probably the $ and £ prices are very similar just the reference to discount has been removed for legal reasons. Will be interesting to see what happens with the recently launched 2023 cruises as the launch discount in the U.K. was 20% which is ok as long as the price reverts to the full price when the offer ends.
  15. Wondering if it is a Covid thing to remove the need for Butlers serving breakfast in suites reducing the close contact time.
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