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  1. I think your original post is very misleading. Why not just say four deaths in the UK have been attributed to the Indian variant? To those not familiar with news here you give the impression that people are dying of it in numbers and it's out of control. Which is not the case. Phil
  2. Yes, I have heard the same thing from the uk. I was watching the BBC yesterday and one of the top scientists was saying how much this reiterated how important getting vaccinated is. There is growing evidence that the vaccines are effective against the Indian variant. Phil
  3. I'd second the suggestion of a suite if budget allows. Remember if you choose one you will have it with a convertible sofa chair (it's a chair not a bed), so even numbered N1s or odd numbered N2s. Price it up though. A veranda and an inside might work better. Then you have two bathrooms (but less amenities and no butler). Having been in a standard cabin it would be very tight for three. People do it, but the standard cabins on Azamara are smaller than Celebrity and it shows (including the bathroom). Phil
  4. Funnily enough Oman has come up on my Facebook memories from exactly four years ago. 😎 Phil
  5. I love Oman too. A very surprising country. This was Taqah, near Salalah. Phil
  6. The death count the last I saw in the UK totalled 4. I'm not sure of the underlying health of them or if they had had any vaccinations. It something we need to be aware of, but to say people are dying from it now is scaremongering in my view. Phil
  7. I totally agree with you. I have friends desperate to get to see family in Australia as well. Young grandchildren too. Not easy. That they have done well in controlling it is great, but no fun now if you can't go anywhere or have people come and visit you. Phil
  8. Personally I'd stay put. I don't think there is any advantage in moving and 7085 is nice and handy for the stairs, two down to the dining room, two up to the buffet. Not sure of which side is best. Again, I don't think it makes a huge difference. Phil
  9. It's interesting. Even before covid there were signs in the gym and wipes provided for the purpose asking guests who used equipment to wipe it down before and after use. Many times I saw people not even bother (with either). Maybe one of the throwbacks of covid is that it will make people more aware of hygiene although I suspect some will still be oblivious. Me? I am pretty meticulous. Not because I'm a germaphobe, but have no desire to sit on someone else's sweat or subject them to mine. Yuck!😊 Phil
  10. I get my 2nd a week today🙏👍. Good luck with yours. It feels great to get them done. Phil
  11. Thanks for that. I hadn't downloaded the NHS app. Now done and I see my vaccine record👍 Phil
  12. Thanks. Yes, I'd forgotten The Patio and it's only been 15 months away from an Azamara ship! Love it there too. Phil
  13. I've done some long stints on Azamara, sometimes 60 days. I will eat in the MDR a few times because I too don't have an issue with it. I check the menu in the morning and if it's something I particularly like then will likely dine there. I take your point about the repeating menu, but each of those menus usually has a number of items I like. These days more than ever before I really mix up my dining. I don't feel I have to sit in the dining room. I'm quite happy to eat in the buffet at one of the theme nights, some of which I really enjoy. In fact on occasions I prefer it to the
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