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  1. https://news.stv.tv/video/cruise-ship-rejected-over-virus-fears-sails-into-glasgow Phil
  2. I did spot Jodie at the beginning. She used to be an Azamara Activies Manager. She's now on Norwegian I think. I didn't recognise anyone else though. Tough time for all of them 😔 Phil
  3. I've experienced the shaking a few times. Once was on the Suez cruise in Pirate waters when we kept the speed up and it vibrated a lot. Other times its been fine. Don't notice it all. As said by others it's totally speed dependent if they have to use three engines. It didn't bother me and I'd stay on deck 6 again no issue. If you are at all worried about it and have a cruise beforehand, go and sit right at the very aft of the MDR under different speed scenarios to see if it's a problem. Everyone is different. Phil
  4. Your post is contradictory, so I don’t really understand what you are saying🤔 Phil
  5. True for the rest of the world too. Never mind just tourist places. Phil
  6. You won't hear a thing except if you are in the cabin when they hold the jazz brunch in the MDR and you'll hear the music a little. Phil
  7. You can watch the interview here. I actually thought he came across much better than his two previous addresses to travel partners. No false promises and empathic I thought. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2020/05/21/watch-cnbcs-full-interview-with-royal-caribbean-ceo-richard-fain.html?__source=sharebar|facebook&par=sharebar Phil
  8. I think he came across much better in that interview than the two previous ones he addressed to the Royal Caribbean travel partners. Phil
  9. Honestly? I still feel the same and in fact there is evidence here now that things are starting to happen and the patience is paying off. Rather than a black hole of information there was at the start of this awful crisis. Phil
  10. sunllover, I hear you. I think I explained myself sufficiently in my posts here. You have been very vocal and posted multiple times on the subject. I've got a right to express my opinion here too. I hope you also are able to get closure and move on. Phil
  11. I have no inside knowledge of how Azamara operates. Or were you just being sarcastic? See my reply to Riocca. Phil
  12. Yes, that’s what I meant and in no way a put down of those waiting for refunds or an excuse for Azamara. Just an explanation of why they appear to be promising long and delivering short. I’ve seen similar things happen in my own work environment and other parts of day to day life. It’s not right, but it is human nature and happens. Fingers crossed they get these outstanding items sorted out soon. Phil
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