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  1. Sadly all too common. I was on Journey a few years ago when Captain Johannes had to go to the rescue of overloaded boats. Sadly 22 died and we took a few survivors onboard. Here's the article. https://www.seatrade-maritime.com/europe/shipping-rescues-migrants-greece-calls-european-strategy Phil
  2. It only ever worked for me on Pursuit and as has been intimated elsewhere on this thread, it was of no use at all. Phil
  3. I've had similar experiences, probably from two or three. Not "golfy" at all and very discreet. The Perry Golf employees I've seen have been very nice people. Phil
  4. The email I had was personal to me and included my name, Azamara Circle loyalty level and the number of points I have, so I'm not sure posting a link for others to use would work. The link took me to Surveymonkey. Phil
  5. No flippin piped music thanks! My biggest bugbear with Celebrity the way they've gone. I truly hate it. I spent £500 on an iPhone and Bluetooth headphones. If I want background music I'll put that on and listen to music I want to hear. Ok. Rant over. Phil
  6. Because the situation can change at any time and Azamara can't be certain. Spain were reviewing independent touring on a weekly basis. It might not be a decision that can be made until the ship sails and may even change part way through the cruise. Phil
  7. In the morning of going to the ship. That's what I have always done. Phil
  8. I'm looking at one 18th January on Journey. I am due on the Spain intensive cruise at the beginning of November and keeping my fingers crossed that we can tour independently. Reports I've had from a few friends on the ship at the moment are that it's a bit of a pain to use the ship tours. Public restrooms only and too many people on the tours are using their masks as chin straps instead of wearing them correctly when they are supposed to. Phil
  9. At the moment you are free to tour on your own in Spain, but of course that can change at any time. Phil
  10. If someone is going to be drinking it all by the time we get there (which sounds unlikely) I have a plan B organised with a friend who is on the ship now and will be with us 4th November. More than one way to skin a cat as they say! Phil
  11. My last ones charged in June-August say Azamara Cruises Miami. I wonder whether it makes a difference what payment method you use? These were AMEX. Phil
  12. Thanks for your report doubled. I hope you have a lovely cruise. Phil
  13. I went to the Baths in Virgin Gorda and it was a lovely way to spend the day. Phil
  14. It's just a marketing ploy and typical of Celebrity (who I enjoy as a cruiseline BTW). How can you see yourself as destination immersion when in many ports you are docked miles away? St Petersburg, Ho Chi Minh, Seville. The list goes on. Staying overnight in a few ports in Europe definitely doesn't class you as destination immersion. Phil
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