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  1. But sadly Azamara aren't listening because they are more focused on attracting new cruisers with their free WiFi deals than their loyal guests who have to pay for it unless they book under that deal. And in spite of how much on each cruise they laud the number of repeat cruisers on the sailing and how valuable those "free" nights are. I'm like Ann. Three free nights are useless. You need six at least to make it worthwhile. I'm very disappointed by how they big it up I'm afraid. I'd rather they be honest. The shipboard experience for me continues to be great , but the way the office treats us like idiots is not. Ok. Rant over. Phil
  2. That's the way it works. They also sometimes keep some cabins back in the inventory. They'll offer upgrades to categories that are marked as sold out, but they will juggle if they can to fill the ship as much as they can. Phil
  3. What do you mean if you qualify? Did the link I posted above just say sorry, you can't make a bid? Just interested. The bid system precludes some fare types (guarantees for one) so it won't let you bid if you have one of those or possibly a deeply discounted or specially rated fare. Phil
  4. Thanks for your reports Ann and excellent photos. Phil
  5. So have I and a couple of times before one too. They are more fun because you can pull the crew’s leg about the upcoming cruise and of course they are really supposed to be very discreet about the whole thing. Lottie A tells a good story of a cruise after one of the charters. Some get very prudish about these “lifestyle” cruises, but I couldn’t care less. Sorry to Ann for taking this a bit off topic, but you did throw the line in the water! Lol Phil
  6. This is incorrect. It’s the four half bottles mentioned above, plus maybe a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival. ANY other alcohol in the room is chargeable. The soft drinks mixers are unlimited (just tell your cabin attendant your.favourite). This does not take account of the swap you may get for wine instead of spirits that others have reported here. Drink up! 😉 Phil
  7. Thanks John 👍. I've never been able to, but didn't read the terms and conditions. Now I know. Phil
  8. I've never been able to swap a deposit from Celebrity to Azamara. I didn't think it was allowed? Phil
  9. I don't disagree that they should be properly trained. You can say that about many people on Azamara. Well, through all walks of life in fact. My point was that it's such a trifling matter to deal with oneself and unnecessary for a thread to be started here at all. Still, it's got some discussion started. I prefer to worry about much bigger things in my cruse life. Phil
  10. It may be better now, but the call centre went through some real growing pains a few years ago and every so often when I speak to my travel agent it still can be a bit of a struggle. I had an excellent conduit to the LCV Ambassador when Nicole was in the office. I've lost that since she left and miss it. Phil
  11. I just read this again and didn't intend any pun! Lol 🏊‍♂️ Phil
  12. This is the main reason I found a travel agent. I couldn't be dealing with customer services directly (which was then Guatemala). However, even with a travel agent I still get the distinct impression that once you are booked, Azamara is very keen to just make any changes as difficult as possible to the detriment of the guest and their financial favour. Phil
  13. I like old Grimaud. Port Grimaud I feel is a bit soulless. Gassin and Ramateulle are two charming hill villages. If Azamara did an overnight in St Tropez I'd travel to the Gorge du Verdon. A really stunning place, but too far for a day really. Phil
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