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  1. The reality is that you will encounter few children on Azamara and world be unlucky to (but I have and kids are kids). Far more annoying are the adults with loud voices because they have a proper sense of their surroundings and really should know better. It's a Specialty restaurant after all. I've done as DON says and have asked to be moved. The view out the back at the far end is lovely, but not a good spot if you have a noisy group nearby. Yes. Near the entrance or a table down the side away from the kitchen door entrance for me is fine. Phil
  2. Hopefully Joan (jelayne) will get a response to her email to Captain's Circle. I've lost count of the website inaccuracies, so hopefully this is just another. Unless it's in response to covid and social distancing protocols onboard I can't see any reason for them to change it. Phil
  3. Sadly, this is not restricted to just now. Prior to all of this Covid-19 I came across some serious overblown pricing and it just put me off. It's another reason I have no desire to dip my toe in the water early. You'd be crazy to pay this sort of pricing for Azamara. Phil
  4. It might be an idea to email loyalty@azamara.com just pointing out the error you've spotted on the page you were reading. Phil
  5. They've just done this to me. As far as the offer of £100 went? This is what I did😉 Phil
  6. Unfortunately paying to choose your seat has been the way of it for many years on BA and the only way to avoid this is either waiting until 24 hours before your flight and taking pot luck or having status within the airline programme to be able to choose it 7 days beforehand (Bronze or equivalent) or free (Silver and Gold or equivalent). What class are you flying? The proportional cost to the fare seems very high. Phil
  7. They do them more on cruises with sea days. If you are on a port intensive cruise then they probably didn't do it. Phil
  8. As Combine says the flight you take must be purely using Avios. Here's a good guide for their use and hope you can take good advantage. BTW, ThePointsGuy is an excellent resource for anything "airline reward". https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/thepointsguy.co.uk/guide/the-ultimate-guide-to-the-british-airways-companion-voucher/amp/ Phil
  9. I was replying to a poster from the UK. Sadly I can't share a name here, but this UK agent that owes me money has online reviews from many people in a similar position. I'm fortunate that for me it's only a deposit amount. For some it's full cruise value in some cases £11,000 that is months overdue. The cruise lines paid them back ages ago. It's really shocking. Phil
  10. Absolutely. To be honest, whilst I am missing my cruises very much I have no desire to spend my money until I know what it will be like onboard post covid and hear from people who have done it. Phil
  11. In my view they haven't been helped by their travel partners either. Certainly as far as this cruiser is concerned and many others too, let down by their travel agents. Phil
  12. I'd choose 9164 as it's got no adjoining cabin and therefore no issue if you have a door slammer next to you (and I've had plenty of those!). For the record, I've stayed in 9140 and loved it. Great location. Phil
  13. The only name the person from the shops came up with was Mauro from Brazil so this doesn't sound like the same guy. Phil
  14. Edie Bornstein as was beat a very hasty retreat from Azamara. It was like she was there and then suddenly was gone. Phil
  15. twangster, you are reading too much into it and over analysing. As amunhbuu says the loyalty programmes for Azamara and Celebrity have always been combined, certainly since 2011 when I first cruised with Azamara. There has always been a suggestion in the past that they will split them, but they never have. Phil
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