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  1. Bonnie, saying that is fine, but Azamara obviously don't want it that much because there are so many of us not getting them, try as we may! Phil
  2. This is disappointing to read. I had the exact same issue a while ago, took it the Cruise Critic route and Bonnie sorted it. But how many times can Azamara blame an email issue (see also my latest post on the loyalty program thread)? It's like the boy who cried wolf. Eventually we stop listening. Phil
  3. Just to come back on this, they have had a look and see no reason why I should have been removed from the list. A "glitch" on the system. Not sure what that is? I didn't get the loyalty email, but didn't miss much. Phil
  4. I have to ask. If you are due 100% off an unlimited internet package why would you choose minutes instead that are also shown? Are they on two different systems (ie slower on the unlimited package)? Phil
  5. Yes, they actually handled check in at the Marriott. Phil
  6. Irrelevant. That is Celebrity and Royal and was 9 years ago. The op asked about Azamara and Royal now. Phil
  7. I wouldn't read too much into that. It's difficult to find reference to $300 on the website now. I suspect it will still be offered as an incentive (along with occasional doubling of the onboard booking discount promotions). They've now increased the discount offered to the lowest tier by 1%. I think this is more about creating an extra headline to be honest. These things suggest to me that they are struggling with onboard booking numbers. I'm not surprised. I really hate to be so cynical. I am not by nature, but can see this for what it is. Phil
  8. As someone else has pointed out though, this is only of benefit to those booking a suite or Veranda Plus cabin so most won't be able to take advantage of it. I still think it's crazy the normal benefit is per stateroom rather than per loyalty member. It makes no sense. This has been mentioned many times here and on the ships, but Azamara certainly aren't listening to that. Phil
  9. It's confirmation that the benefit contained within the internet trial that I reported in my recent post from Journey now seems permanent, which is welcome news. Even here Azamara blundered at the start by offering the same 50% discount off an unlimited package for Discoverer, Plus and Platinum. I'd like to think that views expressed on this forum made them reconsider. I'm assuming it's 75% discount for Discoverer Plus. It was brought in at the same time as enhancements offered solely to suite occupants. Phil
  10. So I'm now a member of a circle rather than a club? I think that's the sum of the new news to me 😆 Phil
  11. That is very bad. I thought this had been sorted out. Azamara have many connections with travel agencies. No excuses. Phil
  12. A loyalty program that comparably rewards its lower tiers more than the higher ones shows how messed up it is! Phil
  13. You said it Ann. Revenue generation. I still love that Azamara don't do dry fold like they do on Celebrity, but rather it all comes back on hangers. Phil
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