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  1. We took an Avalon Danube cruise Deggedorf to Bucharest, which started with 2 days in Prague. Enjoyed it very much. They included "gentle walker" tours.
  2. I imagine that if people accurately tracked their sodium intake, especially when eating in restaurants, they'd be shocked at how much sodium they're consuming. The recommendation for people without a salt sensitive health problem is 2400 mg/day. My DH is one of the lucky 10% who survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, but his heart is significantly damaged and his sodium restriction is under 1300 mg/day. It's easy at home, where we avoid processed foods (never ate a lot), changed many products (switched from 440 mg for 2 slices rye bread for zero mg whole wheat, etc), and I eliminated most salt in my cooking, adding something acid to mimic the way salt can heighten flavors. On a cruise, high sodium foods include most bread, soup, any sauce, prepared salads, etc, etc.
  3. Low sodium options at breakfast and lunch, at dinner in Terrace Cafe. Improve entertainment
  4. Andee

    South pacific

    We took a 12 day cruise RT Papeete on Oceania and loved it. We elected to fly in a few days early so we could spend time on Tahiti, which was great. Took mostly private tours. On Moorea, we rented a car with a couple we "met" on our Roll Call. On disembarkation day, we booked a room at Faire Suisse for about US $100. They picked us up at the ship and let us check in immediately. We walked into town to sightsee, back for an afternoon nap, into town for dinner at the Roulottes, back to the hotel to shower and change, then they drove us to the airport. Worked great for us as we weren't interested in a resort experience.
  5. I've had dishes in Red Ginger that weren't marked as being spicy, but were too spicy for me.
  6. DH is on a very restrictive cardiac diet, so LaReserve isn't an appropriate option for us. I'm on vacation--no cooking for me. Overpaying for something isn't at all enjoyable for me, so the spa wouldn't be a good choice. We have a very easy solution: we opt out of OLife to have a cheaper cruise.
  7. It would be a struggle for us to spend $800 on board and that would not be enjoyable. We drink very little alcohol. Our TA pays gratuities. To me, the spa treatments are overpriced and I don't enjoy feeling ripped off. The shops are too high end for my comfort. We prefer small group private tours to the ship excursions The Christmas present comparison is specious. It's more like exchanging a gift card from a store that has nothing you want for cash to spend somewhere else.
  8. I love being catered to. Nothing I've read sounds like that to me. Before we had a butler, I had no "mindset" and was looking forward to it. I'm not asking to be "converted", but think my reaction to having a butler is just as valid as those who love it.
  9. We sailed in a PH once. Never could figure out what to do with a butler. Sure, he brought the afternoon snacks, but so could a room service waiter. One morning, we ordered breakfast on the cabin. We had to wait while he made a big production of setting it up. We'd have preferred to have a room service waiter just put down the tray. We asked to see a veranda cabin and he showed us a handicapped cabin, which wasn't comparable. Maybe no regular cabin was empty. We've never needed any of the services others have listed. The larger cabin was nice, but the butler was paying for something of no value to us.
  10. Initially, when not everyone got Internet included, that was a benefit of OLife.
  11. Andee

    Diet Sodas

    Diet ginger ale is my soda of choice and I've always been able to get it in our cabin frig and at any bar on an Oceania cruise.
  12. I started a Roll Call for our August, 2020 cruise; no one has responded. Fortunately, we are travelling with another couple and can make up our own (very) small group. We opted out of OLife. Generally, I prefer booking directly with local tour operators, rather than 3rd party sellers like Viator or Tours by Locals.
  13. Yes, both on the Marina. Internet varied, but it was often fine in the cabin. The only place we consistently had trouble was in the very back of the ship.
  14. We have been on 2 Oceania cruises since May, 2018. Maybe it hasn't bothered us so much because we have the luxury of not needing to upload large files or send emails with large attachments on vacation.
  15. We don't find it particularly onerous to switch between devices. I agree that the Internet speed needs to be improved. DH, a computer science major who spent his 40+ year career in data processing, says that increasing bandwidth would be cheap. We noticed that location on the ship and time of day (so # of active users) made a difference.
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