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  1. For those of us that were supposed to be on the 2021 WC right now, we would have been in the Suez Canal yesterday and today. We would be stuck there now. 😉 My husband always says "better to be lucky, than good".
  2. We were so looking forward to this particular cruise as our adult children both live in the Bay Area and we were originally from there. We now live in Virginia. Thank you for the heads up about the Mayor.
  3. Thank you. We love visiting Canada and we're holding on to the hope of it.
  4. Thank you for all of your very helpful responses. It is back on their website. Whew!
  5. sorry about that. The other Ruby cruise a week later shows the same thing. We are booked on the Island World Cruise 2022 and have everything crossed that it will happen. I need to cruise!
  6. Thanks for the reply. We phoned our Princess TA when Canada said that a few weeks ago and she said at that time Princess was trying to work out something with Canada so they weren't cancelling the cruise. We had been booked on an August Ruby Princess Alaska Cruise that was cancelled.
  7. It is the Ruby Princess cruise on October 10th out of San Francisco to Canada.
  8. Thank you. I have had 4 cruises cancelled in the past year and was really looking forward to this one.
  9. We are booked on a Princess cruise this Fall and I went on-line to see if it is still booking and it shows "currently not available" .What does that mean? Is it cancelled?
  10. Another frustration... We booked a 10-day Alaska cruise for August next year (2021) and were taking our daughter and her fiance with us as a wedding present to them and Princess Cruise Line just cancelled the cruise, stating that the CDC won't allow cruising for USA cruises that are longer than 7 days thru November 1st 2021. We were so looking forward to this trip. It doesn't look good for cruising in 2021. This is the 4th cruise they have cancelled of ours. I am concerned about the January 2022 world cruise happening at all.
  11. We booked our November 2020 cruise air transportation with Princess, today, New Years day. We were concerned because our cruise disembarks on the day before Thanksgiving. They sent us an email saying we could go ahead this morning and book online. We were able to book on our preferred class, preferred airline, our preferred time and date, at a remarkable price in less than ten minutes on line. We are almost giddy. Our typical experiences include Celebrity, which had fares triple what we had paid to leave Santiago, Chile, to return a year later, to complete circumnavigating South America. We cancelled that cruise since the airfare was more than the two week cruise. Our experience with Norwegian is waiting on a phone for four hours until we just gave up and cancelled that cruise. We learned our lesson on a Princess cruise from California to Tahiti and back. They had to divert to the Marquees Islands to save a crew member's life. (Thanks Captain Justin). We were 24 hours late and missed our self-booked flights. Those on Princess air were automatically rebooked. We had to wait hours for the two deep ocean phone lines to rebook directly ourselves. When we found out how much we had overpaid compare to passengers who used Princess air, we were TWICE as upset. Our hats off to Princess EZ Air!
  12. My husband and I are very loyal Cruisers to NCL. I booked a wonderful Cruise coming up while we were on a NCL cruise last year. When I went to make the airline reservations for next April I had such a problem. Every time I found their special phone number I was immediately put on hold for a minimum of 1 hour and no one came on. After three attempts, someone finally answered and told me I could only make special Arrangements 60 days before the cruise. I have been on 35 cruises and no that's not the case at all so she transferred me to someone where I waited another half hour and was given basic reservations and told I couldn't upgrade without phoning once again. I then spent another half hour on hold which no one came on and waited another day to phone and was on hold another hour. We are now talking of 4 and 1/2 hours of waiting to try to book airline reservations. During the last hour I went on RCL and found a similar cruise for $4,000 cheaper and was able to book that cruise and there are line within one hour total, and done. I am so discouraged as we love the Haven and have never experienced anything near this experience but it's not worth the hassle and I felt I was treated very poorly.
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