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  1. I was half joking about ordering the vegetarian options, though in hind sight that is exactly what I should have done. The kids menu, that's clever, whatever we've got to do.
  2. I called several psychic phone networks in the late 80's and early 90's, and this one really struck out to me. I won't get into all the personal stuff that was discussed, but at one point I asked how I could travel like the rich and famous.
  3. We saw Solstice in Honolulu on April 30. I can certainly relate to the cutbacks you described, just off Eclipse ourselves.
  4. They have refundable and non-refundable rates. With the latter, you are locked into that price, and would be wise to make sure it matches historical lows. Our 5 night Signature Suite was $739 vs $899, and 16 Night SS $2,199 vs $2,399. I figured prices weren't getting any cheaper, and locked them in. If I wanted more flexibility to change or cancel, the refundable rates were still a decent price.
  5. Maybe Oceania needs to just settle in the premium mass market territory. It's not a line I would consider at this point. We were very happy with Holland America's food last June, exceeded our expectations. We're also currently eyeballing Azamara, Windstar, and Avalon. I would do Viking Ocean or Crystal at the right price, the latter having a 14 night starting at $2,500 this Fall, through a select TA. We're actually going to leave 2022 open for luxury line deals.
  6. I've read about the 2018 downgrades, but didn't notice them on our 4 night Halloween cruise. We're novice foodies, mostly ate in Blu, and the fresh cooked pasta station. There may have been downgrades in the MDR or general buffet, that we simply weren't exposed to. April 2019 on Eclipse: 1. Stale Bread in Blu 2. Hummus spread an option only on the first night, pureed corn, beets, and peas the rest. 3. Burnt Toast from Room Service, hard as a rock. 4. Watery Soups (clam chowder missing clam stock = watery potato soup) 5. Missing ingredients (Apple Salad only containing 2 micro slivers of apple) 6. Little to no vegetables with the entree, even if listed on the menu. Often undercooked or overcooked. 7. Inconsistent meat quality and preparation, often fattier, smaller lobster 8. Lower quality wine selections and/or ran out of stock 9. Overworked and understaffed crew, longer wait times, less personalized service 10. No more Mongolian Wok 11. Fresh cooked pasta station using inferior sauces, and fewer ingredients 12. Usually the Oceanview Cafe food was lukewarm to cold. 13. Low rent buffet food. I could only eat the salad, fruits, and cheese. 14. Desserts looked like cheap cafeteria squares, gone are the decorative cakes on display. 15. Frozen Mixed Veggies, added the last night!
  7. Our Millennium 2019 Transpacific - Vancouver to Japan, got cancelled last summer. We were left in limbo for several weeks as they reorganized 4 or 5 cruises to make room for a charter. Once the itineraries were finalized, we had 2 weeks keep and claim the altered date/itinerary, or switch to a different cruise, for $200 OBC. Only those who booked direct were informed of the offer, our travel agents were all left in the dark. Luckily we were on CC to share notes.
  8. If someone said that they tried sea bass for the first time and didn't like it, or that their steak wasn't cooked how they asked, I wouldn't take these complaints serious either. Generally we are complaining about poorer quality cuts, missing incidence, cold buffet trays, watery soups, and a sharp downgrade in the general offerings. Unless you've sailed in April or May, I don't think people really grasp what we're talking about. Of course there may have been a better choice on the menu, closer in quality to how it should be, but the dining staff is shorthanded and stressed. I filled out my post-cruise survey and am voting with my dollars, cancelling South America for next year. The bean counters at X knew how to provide great food before, and it will be up to them to turn it back.
  9. How do you compare the quality of food on land, if quality is the fault of the consumer? Let's say you order from Burger King, Red Robin, and Shake Shack, the same exact entree. By your philosophy, it is all relative to your willingness to have your selections fixed. There are no bad kitchens or recipes, just bad customers. "Are you the Burger King manager? Yes, I want to apologize for telling all my friends that your food has gone downhill since the 90's, I realize now that wasn't true, my fault for eating it and blaming corporate. Here is a picture of Shake Shack, I'm going to ask you to remake this food so it measures up to theirs."
  10. That is an incredible offer! 22,000 Amex Points is worth at least $330, on a $750 purchase? If I had a Princess cruise, I would use this offer ASAP! Twice I've purchased $500 OBC with HAL for 10,000 Amex Points. Typically works with the Gold card as well.
  11. People who taught there kids to cover their mouths when coughing and sneezing, can't remember to do it themselves. I saw many on Eclipse coughing all over other people in the theater, without the slightest effort to cover. There was also the cool refreshing mist of a sneeze on the back of my neck. How we avoided getting sick is beyond me. Our 14 night Carnival cruise was even worse, EVERYONE got sick by the end of the cruise, out of 200 on social media. We even witnessed a woman sneeze into her hands, grab jello without the tongs, fishing for just the right color. The Carnival crew that saw it just shook his head and laughed.
  12. I realize you are already on a pescatarian diet, but that was a great move. Two of our main complains were the poor meats and missing vegetables, it actually wears on you over time, where all you want is a plate of veggies for lunch. Switching to vegetarian dishes at dinner may have been our best bet.
  13. I'm certainly not telling anyone to do anything, but every entree on the menu is listed as either contains meat, or is vegetarian. Even if you went to the buffet and only went for fruit, peppers, noodles, and Ice Cream, there's no real way of escaping it.
  14. You mean, stick to the vegetarian options?
  15. The Millennium was my first X ship, this is really sad to hear. People are paying extra to be on this revolutionized ship, and it is really not fair to them to be served downgraded food. There goes the excuse of South America supplier issues, on the way back up the coast.
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