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  1. I'm wondering if this problem will increase moving towards day 15. Can Edge empty it's sewage in Bermuda or Azores, or at least Portugal, to reset the situation?
  2. More accurate polling without dishonest votes, and isolating by cabin type. There has been speculation that IV cabins are dragging the numbers down, and by contrast, that suite guests have it made. So far all categories are leaning positive.
  3. Results are already looking different. So far IV is off to a good start.
  4. Similar to cgolf1's poll, just done by cabin type. I've made the names public, to reduce skewing from those who haven't sailed. Any other non-suite and non-IV cabins, would fall under the first two sets of answers. This should be interesting!
  5. I was thinking the same. Based on what Villauk suggested, I'm going to start a new poll for suite and non-suite guests. My prediction is that the numbers will invert. The IV may be more popular on the transpacific, and in other stormy or cold environments.
  6. No hairy legs contests, only fun activities that would seen tasteful in a resort. Tennis may be too big, so I would opt for a wall for practice. Love bowling!
  7. Maybe we should ask whether one has ever owned an Edsel, too?
  8. I agree. NCL especially has a golden open opportunity to enter the premium mass market. This may not be a popular idea, but I would also make it "Fun Ship Light", to draw in everyone who's outgrown CCL, NCL, and RCCL, but want a few tasteful things to do (such as a bowling ally, indoor movie theater, tennis).
  9. I don't believe boarding by zones compares to a nearly complete matching of rewards. If you're (A) Diamond Medallion, and (B) always book First Class, and (C) New Rule: First Class passengers get comped Diamond Medallion benefits before and during the trip, you might feel somewhat forgotten. You hit the nail on the head, it isn't a loyalty program, which is always a two way street. If I were the type of flyer mentioned above, and Delta made these rule changes, there would be little reason to even worry about keeping the status. If a first class ticket on Emirates were fairly priced, why not jump airlines? If and when you return to Delta, that first class upgrade is always waiting...
  10. Yeah me too, for the sake of the people onboard enduring it.
  11. I'm going to assume that people have reached Zenith by stepping into a suite a time or two. I'm sure someone out there is living on X in an inside cabin, doing dozens of B2Bs in retirement, but that's going to be an exception. If Suite benefits = Zenith benefits, we are asking them to downgrade their taste in order to reap rewards of their loyalty, otherwise they should be happy to share the same benefits as newbies. I was shocked to see several 7 day verandas, with similar size to a Sky Suite, going for $500 - $700 less on Crystal Cruise Line. First time cruiser or Zenith, I know what I would choose.
  12. I have even read comments here on cruisecritic, braggingly or indifferently, claiming that they book and never look back at prices again. Guaranteed, a certain % of passengers paid that 8K! We looked at the 12 day Hawaiian cruise for next month on the Eclipse, back in Nov 2017. Prices were roughly $2,800 for Concierge, $3,600 Aqua, $5,500 for Sky Suite. Too expensive for us, so we booked a Transpacific on the Millennium instead. Luckily for X, we were apprehensive about trying HAL, despite it having superior itinerary. Well, that cruise and several others got altered, to make room for a charter immediately following (destroying B2B incentive), and our itinerary became less attractive. After weeks in limbo, those that booked direct shared the news, and of a 2 week window to transfer $200 OBC. The Eclipse Hawaiian cruise had dropped $600, so we switched. We ended up in Aqua for $1,750 (down from $3,600), before final payment, and almost upgraded to a Sky Suite Guaranteed after for $1,999. It was very obvious that X's prices exceeded HAL and Princess for the first 12+ months, only to sell way under value in the final stretch. It's baffling to see them expand this experiment into 2020...
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