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  1. I didn't know that I singled you out, much less read or quoted your comments, but it sounds like I really struck a nerve. Since I overwhelmingly condone people living within their means, which may include a 60K suite, I'm guessing you fall under my 2nd example, if you have such a guilty concience.
  2. If you make $100,000 CAD per year, and book a $3,000 CAD veranda, it is the same someone who makes $2,000,000 CAD per year, booking a $60,000 CAD suite. Self-made millionaires can be frugal, may even choose an inside cabin off season, or cruising may be one of the areas where they splurge. I assume that a small portion at least are also being booked by people who just ran into money, either by inheritance, lawsuit, lottery, fame, etc.
  3. Very true! I get along with different generations as well, especially loved hearing stories from WWII veterans. With hundreds of crew in their 20's and 30's, and a willingness to talk to them personably, it's not hard to make acquaintance friends onboard. Being closer to their age might even be an advantage!
  4. I was 40 on our first HAL cruise last summer, and loved it. Like Celebrity, you'll have to be ok with an older crowd, especially on such a longer exotic cruise. Most evening entertainment will be music orientated, much different than RCCL. Food, service, and accomidations will be significantly improved. Movies and TV shows on demand are extensive, and help with sea days. Younger outgoing people might feel out of place.
  5. Almost worth holding the platinum card for anyone who sails Azamara regularly. Too bad the Gold cards don't count.
  6. Good grief, we all know that the luxury market is more inclusive. If the bill at the end of your HAL cruise matches your Oceania trip, I guess you have two lines to choose from where money isn't a factory. Or you could start paying for your lemonade, that way they match the soft drinks. 😂
  7. If you lived in North America and seeing Alaska multiple times, I would go OV. Once in a lifetime, veranda.
  8. The only loud music I've ever heard on X, was a poolside party for Eclipse's 10 year anniversary, at night. Current pop music like Lady Gaga. In 2016 on Summit, the ship had quite a bit of 90's alternative, weird to hear Green Day in Blu one morning. It must be difficult to place the right music at the right place, with so many people offended.
  9. Are you saying that techno music in the Grand Foyer is a lie, or that their disapproval of it is nonsense?
  10. The food was an incredible decline last April in Blu. I regretted not grabbing a last minute deal on a suite, but looks like it would have done little to hide the decline.
  11. I can't speak for the OP, but certainly worth it for the pom pom wave.
  12. It takes some nerve to combine spiking prices with plummeting quality, but if enough loyalists fall for it, X won't need to fill these ships to capacity. I doubt this strategy will work long term.
  13. The current Summit reviews are not looking good, especially regarding food. I sincerely hope they rectify this, Princess and HAL need the competition, not a sudden nosedive towards Carnival and NCL.
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