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  1. Someone can leave because they don't like how the carrots are being cut, and they still wouldn't need your permission to do so.
  2. I'm interested to hear where people are going, what they've tried, and their impressions. As far as Celebrity benefiting from veterans leaving, I assure you they care, even it is in their favor. If Coke swapped Cherry Coke for Strawberry Coke, losing 10% of their customers to Pepsi, market share alone is enough to pay attention to. Yeah, sales might be up from the new strawberry flavor, but PepsiCo benefited as well.
  3. I would choose Princess for itinerary only, such as a creative cruise tour in Alaska. From video footage, I don't find the ships appealing, and not everyone looks relaxed or content.
  4. We cancelled our March 2020 cruise on Eclipse, and plans for Solstice in 2021. For right now we're primarily sailing Holland America, but leaving 2022 open to try Azamara. Also open to Princess, Oceania, Windstar, Viking Ocean, and Avalon.
  5. We're planning to try Azamara in 2022, using our open passage booking. Judging by current prices this far out, compared to last minute deals for March/April 2020, we'll only be able to sail Azamara last minute. As long as it has new ports and is at least 10 days long, we're pretty open.
  6. I hear you there. I have the Delta Reserve card ($450), and don't care for the changes taking place in 2 weeks, including $100 annual fee increase, elimination of treshold bonus miles. We got the Amex Business Platinum in anticipation, no chance I would keep both.
  7. If you fly from a United hub with club access, I would consider it. Both cards may still be benificial having together.
  8. Bank of America Premium Card is a close copy, except evacuation is maxed out at 15K.
  9. 3,000 UR points, worth $45 through the travel portal. Some transfer these points instead to lucrative airline partners, mostly business and first class international, and would value those points at $60.
  10. The Chase Sapphire Reserve's annual fee is going up to $550, adding Lyft and Doordash perks through 2021. There are other premium credit cards, and even rumors of more launching this year, but Chase and Amex have the best transfer partner options. We chose the Platinum Business to compliment our Gold cards, for the 35% travel portal discount, lounge access, hotel status, and cruising perks ($300 added to our Rotterdam cruise). On the flip side, I had to switch my TA, and don't get the Sapphire's travel protections, so they may both be good for cruising in different ways.
  11. We purchased earlier this year at $55 per share, in our Roth IRA, at 40 years old. We're set to earn $300 obc in 2020, $350 in 2021. I believe this is going to pay off in the long run no matter what the stock does.
  12. Yes. Always clearer if you leave the pom poms and pitchfork at home.
  13. We did the 7 night Yukon cruise tour, ending in Anchorage, and thankfully were placed in Captain Cook. The Fairbanks Westmark was ok, Whitehorse and Dawson City were pretty run down. Alaska is exploding with popularity, Denali Lodge expanding, so the odds of getting Westmark are likely decreasing. I highly recommend staying downtown with all the shops and amenities.
  14. The art auction looked like a Ghost Town on our Alaska cruise in 2018. Now they have art photos on display from a London based studio, priced very reasonably, with a sign giving instructions on how to make an appointment to purchase. This didn't look very successful either, but it definitely added a more pleasant atmosphere in the space. Fine Art Registry went head to head against Park West Gallery several years ago, being accused of slander, but won the case. Park West was allegedly playing very dirty behind the scenes. Ex Park West Gallery employees were interviewed on Youtube, with allegations of abusive training, practice, and final paychecks behind held as leverage for employment contract renewals. Fine Art Registry eventually got caught with integrity issues of their own, and disappeared from the internet.
  15. As was ours on the Pride. Good before we swapped dining times, given that they had the help of a trainee, overexceeding with 3 people at late dining. We got tired of seeing spousal abuse at our table, which was escalating physically, and prefer eating later anyways. However, given that the demographic was older, a slew of people chose anytime dining, wanting to eat early, leading to an excessive line. Many from that camp would disagree.
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