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  1. We booked Rotterdam Oct 2021, Montreal to Ft Lauderdale, right before the pandemic. That has been upgraded to exotic ports around Newfoundland, current OV pricing matches what we paid for a Signature Suite. Definitely hoping that things improve over the next 18 months, this is a cruise we don't want to miss, during our 10 year anniversary. We used our FCC for Nieuw Amsterdam April, 2022, Panama Canal full transit. Despite having done a partial transit before, 100% of the ports are new to us. We got a double length veranda on the hump, next to and past the lifeboats, for better view.
  2. No, please think about your clients! Too bad we can't ask about TA info, to know who to cross off our list.
  3. Bring back the zip lines into the MDR, with appropriate evening dress code of course.
  4. Based on current prices and cabin/cuisine/service quality, something is going to have to give for everything added/restored. I'm pretty easy going with entertainment and amenities, even a slight price increase, but I'm not ok with cuts to food and sleep quality. We're in our early 40's, and only know Mr. Ashford's vision.
  5. The last time I booked an inside cabin was in 2014, promenade interior window on RCCL, followed by Celebrity, where we upgraded last minute to OV. We have a budget of $200 per week, per upgrade, so booking an interior cabin is still entirely possible. I won't cruise until this pandemic is over. I would cancel all upcoming cruises if a SARS Covid-3, or something else nasty, starts breaking out.
  6. All this time we've been told that LLP wanted to uplift women and LGBT. How were these groups informed and cared for after disembarking Eclipse? To the current crew on infinity, who's not getting the shaft? Well, actions speak louder than words, she is giving top concern to the smokers! Want your refund? Hack a bit over the phone, and insist you just lit a Camel.
  7. Absolutely, some of those 200 may not have had coronavirus. What about passengers who don't use this site, don't want to say, or are downplaying their symptoms? Half of all the Diamond Princess infected were asymptomatic, so I find it hard to believe the same couldn't be true for Eclipse.
  8. Japan had a responsibility to try and keep this from spreading to their mainland, which was a unique situation, that in many ways failed. I am not familiar with any attempt to repeat that process in the US. More likely, it would have turned into a Grand Princess situation. I agree about the alleged 200. Not everyone is even on that other site, may brush off light symptoms as a cold. 200 would easily turn into 800, from asymptomatic carriers alone.
  9. I would take the offer, but don't book directly with HAL. I figure with their equity and Saudi investments, CCL will overcome this, and honor all these transactions. I just purchased a $1,000 gift card, and applied the $200 bonus giftcard towards our April 2022 OBC.
  10. We used our 25% FFC towards the 17 night Panama Canal cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam. 100% new ports for us, despite having done a partial transit already. We couldn't quite justify the price of the suite, but got a double length veranda on the hump, next to the lifeboats, for extended space and view.
  11. I'm happy to see that our Fall 2021 Rotterdam cruise got upgraded to go around Newfoundland, and would cost $1,300 extra pp if I were rebooking today. I could also look at it as if I got a Signature Suite for the price of an OV. We used our Westerdam FCC towards a 17 nigh Panamal Canal in 2022, with all the perks except internet. We got an extended veranda next to the lifeboats, on the hump, for a wider view. Things might be gloomy now, but plenty to look forward to ahead of us.
  12. Judging by their ad, I would say 40 + Princess, 35+, with Families Celebrity, 25 - 35
  13. I would use the promotional portion in advance towards our April 2022 cruise. These cancellations are not likely to extend for the next two years.
  14. Thanks for that. Perhaps makes sense for those who can apply it to an upcoming booking immediately, not for those who have other travel plans. Like anything, I'm sure they're counting on 50-75% of these to go unredeemed.
  15. Holland America is offering an extra $100 on a $500 gift card purchase, or $200 on a $1,000 purchase. This is no doubt an effort to raise much needed cash. Given Carnival's equity and Saudi backing, I view this as a safer bet than the other mass market competition. We just used our FCC for 2022, and are considering this offer as well. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/giftcard.html?ICID=HECIV042020961
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