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  1. Don't give NCL any ideas how to get more revenue on board 🤫
  2. Exactly. In addition the grandfather allegedly made spontaneous statements to police and rescue people on the scene that wants to retract and blame the ship's design. I get it though. The family cannot live or have peace unless there is a cause to their pain. I cannot even imagine their grief.
  3. Over planning your cruise or vacation has negative results. Every new cruise ship has bells and whistles for fun activities. You may not enjoy that stuff but no reason to cancel a cruise. You could start cruising the older ships or another cruise line that does not cater to kids and families. However, there are also great things about a new ship. The cabins are nicer and you get so many new restaurants not to mention the entertainment is top notch. You are talking yourself out of your cruise which will result in a negative time.
  4. If my memory is correct, I remember the theme nights being reported discontinued a few years ago too. Some ships had them while others did not. Then everything went back to normal again. Maybe a supply issue why some ships skip the theme nights for several cruises and then resume again. I am hoping that is the case. Besides being good food, the nightly specials also keep huge crowds away from the MDR since O'Sheehans/The Local serves as another MDR on those nights.
  5. I hope its not true. The theme nights always packed them in for prime rib and ribs. But its very possible FDR is cutting back yet again. I noticed that even the Haven menus don't have shrimp as an appetizer for lunch anymore. Sad. You cant get prime rib anymore but you can get a hot dog. 🤪
  6. Another tropical disturbance is right behind Humberto and has a 70% chance of developing. Its that time of year to keep your eyes on the tropics.
  7. Who's high pitch? This is Kelly Clarkson.
  8. I hope you can give us a mini review of the Joy especially with no Haven restaurant. I agree. Adrian is the best. I had high expectations since I heard good things but he exceeded my expectations.
  9. I think it has been posted before that the concierge and asst concierge pool their tips together as they should. Its fine the concierge delegates duties since he/she has way too many passengers to deal with alone. They work in concert with eachother since they work at the same desk. So tipping the asst concierge is actually tipping the concierge.
  10. I don't have the patience to read all 6 pages. Are NFL games only cancelled on the Jewel? Or is this a new trend with NCL? Once the playoff start, there will be lots of disappointed passengers. I remember it was difficult to get a seat and they played the games on the big screen in the Atrium and most other bars. If it is just the Jewel. Is this a test market kind of thing?
  11. Hopefully NCL learned a lesson when they got flamed for starting a dry dock early on the Sun during that Panama Canal cruise fiasco. That was insane and if my memory is correct they all got substantial compensation but not until videos of the construction zones around passengers were posted. I remember the captain was under attack at a meet and greet and had to leave early. I have heard that first sailings after a dry dock are sort of not perfect either
  12. Of course. I was just teasing you. The forecast is always right. Dorian is hitting Puerto Rico, then the Dominican Republic and the mountains will reduce it to a depression off the coast of Florida No worries 😲🤪🤭
  13. I don't even think they give updates on the construction of the new Miami port anymore. If they did give another potential opening date, everyone would be disappointed again and it would flag how slow the construction actually is. Welcome to Miami.
  14. A-hem Tropical Storm Humberto lurking off the coast of Florida and the Bahamas 🙈 🙉 🙊
  15. This sucks and I really feel for the OP. This is my biggest fear because I don't cruise that often anymore and I would be crushed if my upcoming cruise was cancelled. I read the original post and the options NCL gave. I pretended if it was me. Since airline tickets are already booked. Would it be possible to celebrate a few weeks earlier and sail on the Jewel? NCL would give up to $300 towards the airfare change. Maybe the OP does not want to sail the Jewel. Maybe the OP cant make the Jewel dates. But if I wanted to cruise Hawaii and this happened, I would try to move to the Jewel cruise. I have never been to Hawaii but if I ever did go, I would prefer a land vacation to a cruise any day. So maybe I would convince myself that everything happens for a reason and enjoy the land vacation.
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