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  1. Huge wave hits 15th floor observation lounge during transatlantic sailing
  2. Mark my word. Even with cheating, the Patriots will NOT be in the Super Bowl. But look on the bright side, you will enjoy your cruise more and wont be locked in watching TV.
  3. There have been several threads about this over the year. Yes, NCL has the most expensive and least coverage drink package of the cruise lines. However, NCL is clever and sort of already indirectly sold you the drink package in the price of the cruise fare. So if you are a drinker (at least 2 drinks a day), its worth it to pay the gratuities and not spend too much time dwelling on the subject further. No way EVER would I ever pay $99 per day for a drink package outright.
  4. First: No one's opinion is "useless." This is a site committed to sharing everyone's opinion whether you agree or disagree. Most important is you missed the point of this thread. FDR speaks as if no customer can hear him even though he may be talking to shareholders. Usually CEO's talk about enhancing customer satisfaction while hinting at revenue increases. FDR always comes out charging about raising prices over and over. Its a fair discussion to have whether you think so or not. FDR has been top of NCL for 5 years. After 5 years its a bit tiring to hear the goal is to raise prices (again).
  5. Huh? That's what happened? Hard to believe. Don't the newer ships have safety locks so no one can be locked outside? Its hard to believe anyone could not see someone on the balcony while in the room.
  6. Yes there is clearly a better way to say things. How about mentioning customers and upgrading their experience, etc.
  7. You sure know how to start trouble on the NCL board Ernie 🙉 But I smell what you are cooking. At least FDR is upfront and honest and does not hide his desire to keep raising prices and finding new ways for revenue. Yes of course all companies do this but no doubt FDR has no shame when he speaks. I have to laugh at so many who commented on this thread how good NCL prices are. I don't price a lot of cruises anymore but it could be true. My question to them is what incredible deals we all got with NCL in the years prior to FDR. NCL without a doubt was the best value cruise line hands down. With the doubling of Haven prices, and indirectly upselling dining and beverage packages, FDR went way over his $50 increase from every passenger philosophy. Prices on all cruise lines have went up. IMHO cruising is losing its incredible "bang for the buck" value. About a year ago, the NCL rep in charge of travel agents had a major slip of the tongue when she stated "customers "feel" they are getting these offers for free." She told the truth but tried to back track a bit revealing what many of us already know 🙂 The pendulum has definitely swung the way of the corporate office these days. I hope someday it swings back just a little to customers 🙂
  8. I'm curious. How did your cabin steward lock you out of your own cabin? Don't you carry your room key with you outside the cabin?
  9. This is one of those threads where people only want to see black and white. Yes, of course you can cruise NCL without eating at specialty restaurants or indirectly buying the beverage package with the "free" promos. The issue is how cruising and especially NCL is creating more and more fee based venues whether it be eating, entertainment, or lounging, etc. You don't have to sign up for any of them. However, I remember when ALL entertainment venues were included in the cruise price. My last NCL cruise there was upcharge for a magic show. What are all these new restaurants NCL is creating on board? Fee based. If NCL announced 2 new MDR or fare included restaurants on board, it would be refreshing. More and more venues require upcharges from go carts to lounge chairs. I think that is the motive of the complaints about upcharging. We normally splurge and take advantage of the fee based venues. However afterwards, I tell myself we did not have to do it. None of us have to pay extra but IMHO its fair (criticism) to point out all the upcharge that is all over the ship.
  10. I am on vacation this week and planned on just checking out the NCL board to see more new pictures of Encore but then I saw this thread. **sigh** I had to go get my cruise critic judicial robe out of my suitcase to rule on this case. I am the CC judge around here and all of my rulings are final. It seems the OP sort of created this mess by their own doing. It is highly unusual to give a cruise line a credit card to charge on board expenses to, only to request the cruise line remove all charges and put them on another card. If NCL had NOT honored this request, life would have been much simpler for the OP. Spouses usually have joint accounts and share expenses so it makes this request even more unusual. In any event, NCL honored their request AFTER the cruise. The OP has failed to disclose what are "incidentals" that were charged afterwards. Without an explanation, its wrong to guess. Was the charge a hold? Excursions that were not charged previously? Common sense can yield a clue. If the charge is an even $300, this must be some sort of hold or another kind of surcharge? Once I bought an NCL cruise certificate on a ship. It was billed on my account but when I got home, the full amount was on the charge card that eventually disappeared. The OP has failed to prove anything improper by NCL. They actually went overboard with customer service by removing a full cruise expenses after a cruise to put them on another card. OP also did not define incidentals or prove they were paid on the other card. For example, if it was a meal at Cagneys or an excursion, it would be easy to prove. Perhaps its a service fee for the request swap all expenses to another card? Lesson learned. NCL should have not honored the OP's request. Few businesses would. Could you imagine eating dinner at a restaurant and then going home to call the next day to request the charges be removed and added to another card? Good luck with that. Case dismissed Now to be ranting and raving on another cruise about credit card disputes that you sort of created on a previous cruise is ridiculous.
  11. I just did this. As someone else pointed out, go to your cruise on NCL.com (if you booked with them) and upgrade. I upgraded my "free" 250 minute plan for $84.00 (unlimited). I think its about $100 if you wait till you are on the ship.
  12. The NCL folk are loaded for bear and waiting at the gates 🙈🙊🙊 Looking forward your review. So sorry to hear about your previous cruise and missing the ship by 15 minutes 😖
  13. Incredible pictures. NCL did a great job remodeling the Sky
  14. Check out this video I found. Excellent walk through and review of the ship
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