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  1. Yes. I posted a thread a few weeks ago that had a NCL Sky Caribbean cruise higher than a NCL Encore Caribbean cruise (Haven). The Sky has no official Haven complex but you did get 2 extra nights. You cant compare a ship built in 1995 to a brand new one with all the bells and whistles. Yet NCL pricing treats them the same. FDR thinks because he changed the carpet on Sky she is equal in comparison to the amazing Haven complex on the Encore. Yeah ok 🤣
  2. Since you like the casino, you cant even compare the casinos Getaway vs Pearl. The Getaway is like 10 times larger.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lets hope this time next year we are full of Thanksgiving cruise reviews! I never cruised during Thanksgiving but did so during Christmas. My best memory was watching "A Christmas Story" on Christmas Eve in the atrium while eating popcorn aboard the brand new NCL Epic in December 2010. Cant believe its been 10 years already.
  4. Rumor has it those sleepers in the observation lounge are still there and slept through Covid.
  5. The prices are 30% off. How can you refuse? 🤣
  6. I really like the NCL eastern Caribbean ports for 2022. Its been so long that I did western but these eastern stops may keep my eastern streak alive. For Encore and then the Sky: Dominican Republic St Thomas Tortola Great Stirrup Cay Now THAT is my dream eastern Caribbean cruise. I was disappointed when NCL abandoned St Maarten for Tortola. But as I reported from my cruise earlier this year, Tortola was my favorite beach day of any cruise in my life. The uncrowded beach, the people, the staff, the white sand, the service, the beauty, etc. I told
  7. I saw an inside cruiser segment today that said they expect a big NCL Leonardo announcement in January or February. Its hard to believe but we are just over 1.5 years away from launch 😲
  8. I did not read every post on this thread but besides all this good news is that the Pfizer study reports almost NO side effects from the vaccine. LETS GO AMERICA Lets 'er done
  9. They are now on the NCL site. I searched yesterday for February 2023 cruises out of Miami and they were not online. Today, they are online. I am considering booking but in no rush. Covid will hopefully be over by 2023 but the prices are still high. Now if NCL would have a serious sale and price drop then that will push me over the edge to book
  10. I got one call from my NCL PCC about 2 months ago. But I get those flyers in the mail about once every 3 weeks.
  11. Record Covid cases again yesterday in the United States and December and January are going to be the peak of the pandemic. I think it will be awhile longer after January.
  12. Yes. That is why I wrote this thread. NCL pricing is insane. They are pricing the Sky as if she is a brand new ship with all the bells and whistles. Someone needs to remind FDR that no matter how many times you change the carpet on the Sky, she is still a 25 year old ship 🙄
  13. LOL. You missed the point completely. Of course there will be cruise ships sailing with no issues and YES the cruise lines will enforce rules, etc. However, Covid is exploding again in the US. If cruising resumed even with short cruises it would just be a matter of time Covid started spreading on cruise ships. The amount of traveling people do through airports, etc. It would not be possible to have cruising "normal" again during a pandemic. It would be a matter of time we would be quarantining ships again. Again, its not their fault. Its how this virus spreads. We cant even keep it
  14. I totally believe that cruise lines will go the extra mile to make sure all of their ships exceed every social distancing guideline, etc. I would never be afraid to cruise. But the reality is that during a worldwide pandemic, it would be impossible to believe that passengers with Covid would not make it on board. It also would be unrealistic that that person or persons did not pass it to a few other people. If you research global pandemics, they seesaw back and forth and hit their peak one year into the pandemic. That means January 2021 would be officially 1 year. We have made it th
  15. White sandy beaches are all over the Caribbean. My favorites are eastern itineraries though. Honeymoon Beach - St John Long Bay Beach - Tortola The western ones are good too though.
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