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  1. Interesting. I was listening to a top NCL executive who said Prima is about the same size as Breakaway yet holds about 800 less passengers. Guests not only have more space in their cabins but there is more space all over. I like that concept
  2. I also noticed that this new ship NCL has piped down or went minimalist. The Haven cabins while nice and even look larger look very RCCL. Gone are the over the top luxury fixtures and definitely have went more minimalist. It looks like the inside bars got scaled back which allowed the second bedroom to get more space. The cabins look like they could be on the Oasis of the Seas.
  3. No one is going to leave that Haven sundeck and with the increase in Haven cabins, I wonder if it will be SRO. Its beautiful though 🙂 I have mixed feelings about no Waterfront and its now 2 smaller pool areas. That could be a sign that the top pool could be for the Vibe Beach club. That means even smaller public spaces. Its exciting to watch a ship come together again, especially a new model.
  4. I don't see it as the OP puts it "CDC backs down." Mask requirements were lifted for most outdoor spaces, and even some indoor places for vaccinated people. I dislike the US vs THEM mentality that many use on this board. This is a common sense dwindling down of measures that helped stop the spread. If you have a 98% fully vaccinated ship, it's only a matter of time that masks would not be required just like it will be with restaurants on land. There will be a ship at somewhere with no vaccine requirements and no mask requirement and they will hurt the entire industry because during a glo
  5. This is what we have been waiting for especially since cruising again is on the horizon. Even though these are just photos and renderings, its still like getting the JC Penney Christmas catalog when you were 9. It seems the cabins are larger. Love that. Love NCL finally made the Haven area aft and finally has a roof top pool and the Haven lounge is partially outside. The Haven is nice but many of its lounges have no view of water anywhere (older ships). I have mixed feelings about axing the waterfront in favor of smaller pool areas especially if this means the top deck (usual pool de
  6. The spa suite balconies are larger but I would not classify the Haven 2 bedroom balconies as small especially by today's standard. You cant put a lounger on one unless you get 16001 or 17001 with the solariums and they are big. Balcony is important to you so stick with what you like. IMHO, I would sacrifice balcony size to be able to stay in the Haven.
  7. Wow Really nice. I cant believe how fast time goes since the photos from 2015's refresh were posted. I liked them but never liked what they did to the Haven bar area. IMHO it was a step backwards from how it originally was. But these photos make everything look so new and fresh. Too bad they could not make the haven pool larger. I hope someday the Epic comes back to Miami because I sailed her twice and cant wait to go back again. I am in the minority but Epic is a superior ship to Getaway and Breakaway for many reasons too long to mention. The 2 bedroom suites on Epic are my all
  8. Congrats on your booking and esp your back to back. Wow, that's quite a vacation. Like so much of cruising, each sailing is a bit different and that includes the Haven. Some sailings the Haven is a quiet sanctuary and then others are run over with kids. It will be interesting to see how crowded the Haven will be with changing the concierge suites to Haven suites. I already cant wait for your review. Every time I come home from a Haven cruise, I tell myself that it was unnecessary to spend so much on the Haven. And guess what? The next cruise I book is in the Haven. I've had Haven cabins
  9. I saw this quote from a local leader and thought it really hit the nail on the head: “At this point, I wonder if he’s considering suing himself. If he’s the obstacle to reopening,”
  10. Its got to start back somehow. Its going to be tough though. Anyone notice the increase in riots at airports. Here in Miami we are having them every week and it all starts about masks. I just hope none of this craziness makes it on board but that may be too much to hope for. Yes, I know its always the few bad apples but a few bad apples always bring negative headlines.
  11. I took this photo as I was driving past the port yesterday (yes, I was stopped). NCL put its branding on the front (very nice) and it looks ready to go. Its sad that it may not be used because of politics after waiting so long to finally use it 😥
  12. A business owner can certainly tell a person with a foul T Shirt to leave or forbid them entry. I am not the one making it a right vs left issue. You cant tag me with that. The anti mask and anti vaccine people seem to be of one side of the political equation these days. Its only on right media and right wing talking heads. I dont think you can deny that.
  13. Because several "right" media outlets have made it about "freedom". They kick and scream they are free not to wear a mask and cant be forced to do so. TRUE. But then they enter a private business/private property and say "This is my freedom you cant tell me what to do" Its laughable but that is the argument these days. Thankfully REAL freedom is not allowing these people to enter your property if they dont want to follow your rules🤨
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