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  1. As others have mentioned the shows on the newer and bigger ships cost lots of money and training. They last usually around 5 years. But I have seen cruise ship entertainment last a very long time on the smaller ships. The Sky had its own cruise show that lasted about 7 years.
  2. No one would ever disagree with what you stated. However, reckless conduct (not your definition of "intentional" criminals) must have consequences. If I let my son borrow my car and he drives 90 mph in a 25 mph speed zone and hits you with a car causing you damage. Should my son not be responsible for his reckless conduct? That is the standard here. If a baby sitter watched over your child and this happened, would you not want them held accountable? Just because the inner family is rallying around the grandfather does NOT excuse his conduct.
  3. If you don't believe science that is your prerogative. This is not rocket science. We are battling something called Red Tide that is actually visible from space. Very similar causes. Whether you agree or disagree of the cause of ocean waters warming. But its factual ocean waters temperatures are rising. There is no debate that warmer ocean waters and dumping of pesticides and fertilizer in water is a direct effect of both Red Tide and this seaweed explosion. This has been going on for years here in Florida and the Caribbean but now its gotten so bad resorts are closing in the Caribbean and its made more news than a local perspective. 2 years ago so many south Florida beaches were closed due to Red Tide. Never happened before. See, I just pointed out the obvious which is science based. I did not bring politics into this at all. I never discussed stopping the industrial revolution or anything political. There is no debate what is causing this. You however brought politics into this by claiming you don't believe science and gave some weak analogy with blaming your husbands medical condition on climate change. You always have a history of bringing politics into your cruise discussions. There is a problem and major issue at cruising destinations. Its fair discussion. Its also fair discussion to describe what is causing it especially when members are asking if this is seasonal or something. What is not fair is political theater and jokes about your husband's medical condition. Makes no sense.
  4. Here is your answer https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/rotting-seaweed-beaches-sargassum-mexico-carribbean-cancun-playa-del-carmen-tulum-a8978756.html
  5. Its not just the sight that makes it a bad beach day. The smell is what keeps people away. Its a horrible rotten smell.
  6. Its a problem on south Florida beaches right now too. However its far worse in the Caribbean and Mexico. Just another symptom of climate change https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/rotting-seaweed-beaches-sargassum-mexico-carribbean-cancun-playa-del-carmen-tulum-a8978756.html
  7. Casino Comp Chick, I was hoping to see your piñata at sea video here
  8. Loved the review. Great perspective from a couple. Embarkation looked dangerously scary.
  9. I would love to know more. Why or how did people find out about your piñata?
  10. Its not exclusive to cruise ships. Everyone feels entitled to do whatever they want these days. Rules are for those other people. Has it occurred to anyone that due to the cutbacks with NCL that maybe the Haven removed fish from their menu. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 😉
  11. Not an idiot at all especially sailing Encore. Its fools gold to think there are going to be Haven openings for upgrades for first year or so. Or they bidding process will be greatly reduced until the novelty of the new ship fades away. I booked my Haven Encore suite directly with NCL over one year ago. Today my sailing has went up around $1000 for the same suite. Once the Encore debuts all the cabins including the Haven will start selling like hot cakes.
  12. I agree it is odd to fish from a cruise ship. But I certainly would take the quiet fishermen over the loud music players on the balcony anyday 🙉
  13. I have $300 OBC for my upcoming cruise and have gotten $550 OBC on a previous cruise....all given by NCL direct. I do agree each way of booking has its pros and cons. One pro of booking with a NCL PCC is any changes. I have added people, removed people, paid for things, changed things all done with a simple email then I see the booking on the NCL site with my changes and get an email describing them.
  14. There is a psychological aspect to this tragedy that is not being mentioned. It would be a typical reaction in the brain to have such self defense mechanisms built in. The family needs to find blame somewhere else otherwise they have to live this tragedy accepting blame. We are outsiders looking in and cant believe the family is not blaming the person who put a 1 year old on a cruise ship railing. It does not make sense to us. Do we really need signs to say DONT JUMP. DONT PUT BABIES ON THE LEDGE. In their horrible loss, it could be a natural reaction to act like this to assist them in this grieving process. Something or someone else did this to us and or allowed it to happen. Otherwise they cant live with themselves and cant look at their dad again.
  15. Get a NCL PCC and never wait on hold. Maybe I am lucky but I just email my PCC about pricing, cruises, upgrades, etc and she emails me right back. I also pay the auto gratuities and any other items with email communication with my NCL PCC. I would never stay on hold on the phone.
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