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  1. I would stay out of it. Let the friend enjoy the pre-cruise bubble. It will eventually burst but let them enjoy it while it lasts. On the flip side.....I keep getting the NCL mailings about booking cruises 🙄
  2. Oh, so this was what cruising was like...
  3. The atrium is horrible for shows. The acoustics are horrible and the seating is not sufficient. My favorite NCL show is the Perfect Couple. On Encore, I semi-enjoyed the Lip Sync battle game. Deal or No Deal is hard to play with a crowd. On my most recent cruise there was the ultimate game where the guy went all the way to the end and did have the $1000 case but ending up folding at the end. He still got around $500. It was a great game. I agree with the person who mentioned the $25k Pyramid. That could be so fun with random couples. I wish NCL would build ships with another small theater for such game shows.
  4. Seriously? It was CEO, FDR who stated 5 years ago his goal was to squeeze another $50 out of every passenger. Those are his words, not mine. In reality, I think he meant $200, not $50 but that's besides the point. Whether you say tomAto or tamato its the same thing. Is he squeezing $50 out of every passenger or nickel and diming every passenger for an extra $50. Ever since Epic, NCL created this "dinner and show." While I enjoyed the concept on Epic. It turned into a cash grab on Getaway for the magic show which costs money. The food was MDR quality and the show was what entry level cruise lines offer for free. Don't get me wrong, I love magic and have magicians in my family. I support the trade. But watching objects move because of "hidden" strings (that you could see because of the light) was very elementary to be charging customers. I actually felt sorry for one of the magicians. A mind reader is really cool but they have those on casino boats for FREE. If the show had floored me then maybe I would say it was worth it. I just got off Encore in March. It was probably the best cruise of my life. The specialty restaurants were a big part. However is it not about time NCL adds another "free" option. Every new ship we hear countless new specialty restaurants which is fine. But how about something "included" again. I would even take a pizza shack and not necessarily a MDR.
  5. Yes many people do it but NCL is really in a league of their own. I still cant understand a service charge/gratuity on a cover charge where you already paid daily auto gratuity. Huh? Serving a MDR meal watching a basic magic show (that would be free on a less popular cruise line) upcharge. Entertainment used to be free on cruise ships. I could go on and on. It seems NCL has an entire division devoted to get more nickel and dimes at every turn. We experienced cruisers know when to say when. But newbie cruisers really get a wake up call.
  6. OMG really? I just don't understand the numerous threads about the phrase "nickel and dime." The amount of verbal gymnastics people do to justify it. Every cruise line does it. Most resorts do it. Many hotels do it. Even some airlines do it. We are allowed to talk and discuss it. Nickel and diming does NOT mean customers don't have access to knowing what is included and not included. That is such a slippery slope people use to justify it. Nickel and diming is charging for small or trivial items that used to be included. Yes we know in the fine print it says it somewhere. That is not relevant. Examples on cruise lines can be so numerous to list. But please stop the propping up of a system that is what it is. YES, you can go on a cruise and not be charged extra. We get it. But you cannot ignore the ridiculous ways NCL and other do to nickel and dime you to death.
  7. OMG Are you kidding me? During the most restrictive lock downs, New Yorkers fled to Florida and the infections spiked because of it. There is reality and fairy tale land. Just today front page of the Sun Sentinel in Florida has a story a girl went out on the town with her 10 friends and now all tested positive. It has everything to do with the attitude of people not caring for the health of others. I never said the cruise cancellations has anything to do but the spike in Covid numbers. When elected leaders hide numbers i.e. refuse to report hospital statistics (FL Governor) and publicly state cases are going down or declare victory, we have a right and a duty to speak up. Miami has stopped opening up because of the spike. This has EVERYTHING to do with cruising because its the EXACT reason why cruising keeps getting delayed. If everyone would just wear a mask we could beat this thing. Look at the hairstylist who was positive and had symptoms. She was around over 80 customers and no one tested positive because she and her customers wore masks. I have been around multiple prisoners who were positive with masks and I wore a mask and I still test negative. Masks work but until people wear them, we will never get over this thing. 4 months and over 117k Americans dead. That is more Americans than the Vietnam war, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, and every terrorist attack on Americans combined. All in just 4 months. People are NOT wearing masks. This has everything to do with cruising. Until people take this serious cruising will NEVER resume. When you state Covid is a "problem" in parentheses like you did. That infers you don't think there Covid is a problem. The exact reason so many fled to Florida is the exact reason Florida now is a problem. You answered your own question. This is why this is spreading faster than ever in many states with cruising ports
  8. Aww man, I was hoping Seaman was going to make it this time 😒 Oh well there is always 2021 hope We are exploding with Covid down here. Record cases yesterday in Broward. Miami stopped the opening process to the next phase. State of Florida stopped reporting hospital counts for Covid. Things not looking good. Governor in denial.
  9. I was expecting quality decline since I was reading it and sort of experienced it in 2015. But I can honestly report our experience earlier this year on Encore that Cagneys had not lost any yumminess. Everything was what I would expect and then some. The place was PACKED. It was so PACKED that the bar that sits outside the restaurant had tables and chairs all around it creating an overflow area. For how crowded the restaurant was, the service was really good.
  10. If you sacrifice one of your sides, you probably could get it for no charge. A lot comes down to your server. I just got off Encore in March and we were allowed 1 appetizer, 2 sides, and 1 dessert at Cagneys. I remember some said they were only allowed 1 side, etc. At Onda, I selected an upcharge wine TWICE, clicked the acceptance that I agree with the upcharge yet was not charged either time. We had 2 with us that had no drink package. Sometimes they would not charge us for a soda either. I felt the staff at each restaurant went out of their way to give you the best meal possible with as little upcharge as possible. Of course our tip reflected that 🙂 So its not impossible for your server to throw in the sauce. But don't expect it.
  11. I'm not going to argue with you. Use your google search. Any vaccine for a coronavirus is a breakthrough for all coronanviruses. You want to debate people here and I wont take the bait. You clearly missed the context of the entire article. Stop putting your spin on scientist's own words. Unless you have worked on coronavirus research and vaccine development you have no authority to tell scientists they are bitter and were not making progress on a vaccine. Stick to horses something you may know about.
  12. Typical NCL. The 2 specialty dinner change was in the works well before the pandemic. I find it funny that they use the pandemic to justify the change. Its almost as silly as when NCL banned people from taking food back to their cabins for "health reasons." Or towel animals were discontinued because of "environmental reasons". They are quite clever with their explanations of their policies.
  13. YES https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-care/scientists-were-close-coronavirus-vaccine-years-ago-then-money-dried-n1150091
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