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  1. I don't think that is correct. Yes, it is speculated that once you get symptoms from Covid-19 that you build immunity from future outbreaks. However, I know of no virus that you cant spread just because you have immunity for it. If you have it on your hands you can still spread it to other passengers even though you may not get sick. That's the biggest problem going on now. People who are not sick are spreading it all over the place.
  2. That's a great point. The Princess ship that docked in Miami yesterday was rejected around the world and even Port Everglades. Bodies were removed and there are still quarantined staff and passengers on board. No way cities and counties would ever allow cruise ships to overwhelm their cities and hospitals again. This reminds me of the scene in the movie Airplane when the movie was showing news clips of the pending tragedy. They had a commentary segment (Counter Point) about the pending crash. I truly believe that if cruising began before this was snuffed out or a vaccine was developed this would be the attitude of everyone on land:
  3. Simple answer: When the all clear sign has been given. Cruising cannot begin again until this is snuffed out. Otherwise, this madness will start all over again. So many on this board keep putting the cart before the horse thinking short term. This virus is extremely contagious. If cruises start again without a vaccine or this being snuffed out, there are not enough resources left to assist quarantined passengers stranded on ships. The last dead, infected, and stranded passengers were just rescued yesterday. If cruising started before this is snuffed out it would only take a short time for another outbreak which would be a death nail to the cruising industry. Is it smart to move back into a house that is still on fire? Possible scenarios that could speed up cruising again: A vaccine or a rapid test that potential passengers could be given prior to boarding
  4. Cruising is beginning again in May or June right? 🤥
  5. Just because IF the peak of the virus happens in late April does not mean cruising is going to resume anytime soon. Lets say best case scenario and cases go way down by early July. If cruising resumes all it would take would be one outbreak again on cruise ships to start quarantines all over again which could set cruising back further. The hot beds of the outbreak are the biggest ports in the USA: Miami, NYC, Florida, Seattle, etc. Again we cant see the future but just because we get over the hump with peak cases does not mean cruising is going to resume. We are well over 200k cases in the USA. That could go as high as a million or 2. But lets say cases go down to 20k in the USA (which would be fantastic). That is still more cases than when cruising was cancelled altogether. Many predicted that this was not going to spread so much and be like SARS. They were wrong. We also could have the peak in late summer and this continues to spread. Its too early to tell but no way cruising resumes anytime soon. I am shocked at the constant threads saying if they think cruising will resume in May, June, July etc? Not gonna happen. Our resources are almost complete out and in the next several months is going to be challenging. Sure! Cruising resumes in July and an outbreak happens. Sorry Charlie. We have no hospitals or equipment to treat anyone. So just stay at sea and planes can drop cans of Spam. That would be the stupidest thing to do. We just brought the last of stranded passengers, sick passengers, and dead passengers back yesterday.
  6. May? No way The cruising industry will be the last thing to go back to "normal." Even if we are over the hump and cases going down, all it would take is for one ship to have an outbreak with more quarantines, etc. and it would set cruising back to the stone ages. Until there is a vaccine or this rapidly disappears, I don't see cruising to start again until new cases are almost down to 0 or if there is a rapid test that cruise lines can administer to passengers at the port. This would reassure everyone of a safe cruise that wont be stuck under quarantine. Not flaming anyone but does anyone see what is happening in Florida? The cruise capital of the world where new cases go drastically up every day. It got so bad that the reluctant governor even was convinced to have a statewide "stay at home order." You are living in a fantasy world to think cruising would ever being in May or even June. OMG We still have cruise ships stuck at sea with dead bodies and infected crew in port and people are asking if cruising will begin next month? For real?🙈
  7. I think it happened around late 2015 when FDR took control of NCL and created a long list of cutbacks. If my memory is correct the chocolates stopped around the same time the fireworks stopped and a long list of other things. I cruised the Getaway in Feb 2015 and we got the chocolates and fireworks. FDR took over about 4 months later.
  8. I agree. Companies operate all the time while filing for bankruptcy. What so many seem not forget is this is a health crisis and that indirectly caused an economic crisis. The cruise lines were operating at record profits. Those ships will be profitable again. There will always people wanting to take cruises. They just must weather this health crisis until it is safe to cruise again. The only thing that is preventing cruising right now is the health crisis. This will pass and cruising will dig themselves out of their hole. New ships may be put on hold but this has happened before. Remember Epic 2? The economic crisis hit in 2008 and those plans were shelved.
  9. The cruise lines are not getting a dime of bailout money. I understand the frustration but you must have patience for your refund. To put it in perspective there still is a cruise ship sailing the globe with dead and sick people on board with nowhere to go. Crew are sick on docked ships. People are trapped in other countries and cant make it back to their family. Port workers are out of work. Our neighbors and families are losing their jobs. Some food items are hard to find. Not flaming you but trying to put things in perspective. In the current times, it truly is a first world problem that you must wait a few months for a refund on a luxury cruise. You should be excited and happy you are actually getting a refund. How's that for a reality check?
  10. Don't worry. There will be a privacy curtain in the Haven boarding area. You will also get a glass of orange juice and some fresh wipes after your exam.
  11. Its gonna have to be almost snuffed out before cruising starts again. It would just take one person infected to take a cruise and start this madness all over again with quarantined passengers on ships, etc. I could see cruise ships requiring medical clearance prior to boarding. They are creating rapid tests for quick results. When cruising begins again, I see medical documents necessary prior to boarding otherwise there would be a risk. IMHO gone are the days of the quick fill out forms about your health prior to boarding. You want to cruise? Then you must be Covid-19 clear with test results.
  12. This Miami Herald article hints the crew of the NCL Encore are suffering with an outbreak of Covid-19. However, NCL reps are telling the crew to keep quiet while not getting paid. If true, this is so sad. The crew needs help ASAP https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241500941.html
  13. It took a month for the USA to get 1000 deaths. That amount doubled to over 2000 in just 2 days Clearly this is NOT the flu. Scary to think about 2 weeks from now
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