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  1. do you realize where the money is coming from what Del Rio get? Del Rio is the boss, look at Encore.....
  2. Nclh has the best paid ceo of all the cruise Lines. So he must be the best and have plans for such a situation and nclh will survived on long. We will see šŸ˜¢
  3. they let you pay the overpriced transfer to the Airport, shame you NCL. Sorry to here what happend to you. The Corona Situation was for all cruise ships hard, but NCL handled this very bad.
  4. wait 2 weeks and they canĀ“t go to France and Spain too, who knows at the moment.
  5. Is someone boarding Escape today? And can post some pics of American Diner or what it is at the moment? And 5 oClock somewhere bar if there are some news or to see?
  6. if they donĀ“t cancel cruises the Escape is going into a short dry dock after the europe saison in october 2020. Hope they change the 5 o clock bar before. Read a rumor that they change it to a pour house. i would like a syd normanĀ“s like at getaway and breakaway. Hope the have finished it soon. ( before my cruise in May )
  7. If they banned people from Italy so they are not going with their ships to Italy?
  8. Hope ncl has zero violence, and they are now at a black list and canā€™t cruise with ncl again.
  9. http://crew-center.com/norwegian-cruise-line-dry-dock-cruise-ship-schedule-2020 someone posted that link here with the dry docks for this year
  10. At our roll call someone wrote that they change it to a syd normaĀ“s pour house, in march. would like that, loved the syd NormanĀ“s at Breakaway and Getaway, hope they do it the same way,
  11. Hi freestyle, the best answer to the question is, new informations are coming when there will be a everything... thread here. Will there be a everything thread? Not sure if Doug is posting here longer, think his last post was in his encore live.
  12. April Maybe Harry Sommer Said in some Interviews. The virgin ships looks really great at the moment. The msc ships Seaside/view looks also great. The ships of both are based of the same model project then Leonardo. We will see If Leonardo beat them.
  13. Do you read other posts? I wrote what has escape in the cruise price and encore not. compare it to the anthem of the seas. The bumper cars are inclusive and you can use that space for many others activities too.
  14. Read the post before. Tell me a ship what has more things to pay extra for then encore. If you canā€™t encore is the queen. i like ncl very much, the staff, the entertainment and so much more. But the new way under del rio is nothing what I like.
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