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  1. Is the vip area the same size like haven & vibe at encore? One third of the top deck? even the included food is not free and payed with your cruise rate.
  2. with hamburg i don´t think that the july cruise will be a cruise around gb. didn´t find the jade at any other port. but who knows what they are doing. Mont Saint Michel - with my next Aida cruise i´m going to le Havre, thinking about that excursion, but it is a long bus ride, so i´m not sure at the moment. did you visit it before? or only want to go there?
  3. what is virgin doing? if i´m correct all restaurants are included. i only saw a vip sundeck ( like Haven?). i ask because i don´t know it.
  4. that is the last stop i see at leHavre, coming from southampton and going to Hamburg, waiting for that cruise
  6. But what offers you the new vibe at the getaway now more then the quite public Sundeck that it was before? if you find at the vibe only a place at the left side you have the same like before, but pay for it. Wohh a good deal, only for ncl.
  7. Ncl and free is a good joke. Not sure if the port offers somethings. Was in May there and there was a yellow bus. But sorry can‘t say more. I had two complete day tours booked with ncl. At the ship or daylis I didn’t read something. I walked at night to the city. A nice Walk at the Ocean. And drove back from the church to the cruise terminal with a taxi. Payed about 18 euro for that short drive. There is a special forum for Northern Europe, maybe you find there more.
  8. would be great to have a pic to compare the edge and encore about included deck space.
  9. and the front view, at the getaway you have now no included front view ( if you not booked the haven). nothing better then to cruise into a harbour and you are at the front of the ship ( or sailing into fjords). but hey, ncl cut the included deck space and people love that, great for ncl that people love to pay for things that was included before. ( maybe even at the time they booked the cruise ).
  10. at the first cruise there was no passes sold, not sure how they do it at the 9 days baltics cruises? But the baltics cruises are port intensive, i´m not sure if they will sell them. at my baltic cruise last year i never saw someone there. it is a death deck space. how do handle ncl the vibe in alaska? when encore is going there with the big vibe? do they sell passes in Alaska? do they sell them at bliss and joy in Alaska?
  11. i think that is a mistake ( forgot to change it with the new deck plans). we compared at a other thread the same for Escape ( because of dry dock 2020 ) and the only difference are the names of the staterooms.And at the getaway the names of the staterooms change too.
  12. how many threads have you seen were peple wrote about the packed overcrowded pool deck? for all that don´t buy a pass the space is now fewer then before. the sundeck plans for Encore are horrible. but NCL can be glad as long they have customers what love to pay for things that should be included ( or was in the past ). I have no problem with a little nickel and dime like the restaurant ( but wish there were a included option more at the newer ships like the shanghai´s ). But that is too much. Can´t write here what i thought about the NCL Management when we sailed into Gairanger with the closed door to the front of the ship. they would ban me for life.
  13. Aida is changing from Pepsi to Coca Cola Products.
  14. glad you made it. enjoy your cruise, cheers.
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