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  1. No official informations at the moment. At fall 2020 there is only a gap with 5 days at the moment at two Southampton cruises. That should be not enough time for a big dry dock ( getaway was about 14 days ). So if they are not cancel cruises the next big gap is at spring 2021.
  2. Oh interesting, didn‘t know that Melanie trump named a NCL ship. Maybe this time they should have taken Donald :-))
  3. At MSC it is easy, since 12 years Sophia Loren names all the new cruise ships.
  4. Don‘t know how Rating has the show. But she has 14 million followers at Facebook for example. And know 14 Million Are Reading about the new ncl ship and later at the christening again.
  5. Maybe this is important for a non smoker who book a balcony room above that area. People will smoke there the hole day and you smell it. say it loud and clear, we want the H2O back.
  6. after Del Rio took over someone wrote here very early that the next ships are coming from Italy because he builds all ships there in the past. Never cruised with a Fincantieri ship. i´m sure that the Leonardo class will have different pool decks, one pool deck for Haven, one for Vibe and a small for all.
  7. booked the anthem for next year so i saw only pics, but the cafe at day and shows in the evening looks amazing. at MSC it looks like an empty place the whole day.
  8. do someone know when the steel cut will be for Leonardo? spring 2020?
  9. visited Meraviglia in Hamburg, i liked the indoor pool, kids aqua park and the pool area at the aft ( like H2O with a pool ). but the MSC Style is a little to glittering for me, not so curios to sail them. but the seaside looks interesting. like the 678 with waterfront more then the same decks at Meraviglia. Meraviglia has some single rooms too. One thing i wonder at Meraviglia, why they didn´t made their aft theater like the 270 at quantum class?
  10. Getaway gets Six the musical too, at April 23, 2020. OP cruises after this date. SIX, the critically-acclaimed British pop musical about Henry VIII's six wives -> like the music and will see next year the show at west end. Not sure what show it will replace, Million Dollar Quartet??
  11. Escape spa is similar to breakaway. But a little bigger, has a sauna with window and ocean view and a snow room for cooling. Never cruised the epic.
  12. I liked the garden at getaway. Best place to eat and watch out of the window. Yes there is a crepe station. I liked the Asian station( noodles and meat there) or the chicken files. Other is sometime between average and Good, but mostly good for me.
  13. But with th bar there it is not so much space there. Or it is high enough that you see it good from the next upper sun deck? The idea is great. We will see.
  14. How are the glow partys at Bliss? Loved the glow parties at H2O in front of the screen.
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