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  1. the Hepa Filter are new or? But it is not clear if there is a filter for everyroom or how it will be?
  2. Spain want to extened their Emergency status until June 20th, maybe it is then not possible to disembark crew there before the end?
  3. some ( most ) ships needs to cruise at the Ocean sometimes for their (fresh) water systems.
  4. good news, hope they can fix the Azipods Prorblem.
  5. yes, Meyer Werft have some Problems too. I think the cruise lines are not angry about that, most would welcome to become the ships later.
  6. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22946-norwegian-plans-phased-return-to-service.html Del Rio says the new ships will have a delay between 12 - 18 Month.
  7. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22463-wartsila-to-provide-scrubbers-for-norwegian-breakaway-and-getaway.html Plan was that both ships become scrubbers in dry dock. Breakaway is arriving May,20th in Marseille fo dry dock.
  8. https://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/marseille-les-arrets-techniques-de-paquebots-vont-reprendre Breakaway is on the way to Marseille for dry dock, last dry dock wa 2018, i think they are doing only technic things, do someone know what they are doing?
  9. do some people here realy like that the crew have to share rooms these days? horrible Tui Mein Schiff did collect the crew at Mein Schff 3. Now they have a positiv Corona crew Member and big problems.
  10. wha should the Epic do in Asia? Bringing crew home?
  11. found a site in the netherlands that have many cruises online too for 2022. i think links are not allowed here. if the site is correct they will do this cruise more then one time.
  12. if you see the cruises, is the Getaway doing a longer cruise to Norway or Iceland before the baltics in May?
  13. wonder why they change escape and Geaway. Getaway with the big vibe is much better for the warmer med. instead of star and dawn they should send Jade and Gem to Southampton ot mix them. nothing to Leonardo or? talked about maybe coming with delay or not??
  14. they will not run on LNG. the ship yards have contracts with the cruise lines, they need them too. But with Corona everything will be delayd so maybe the new ships are coming later, who knows if NCL will survive.
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