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  1. I'm not sure where you are looking. Here's what I find on the WHO website.... Governments should encourage the general public to wear a fabric mask if there is widespread community transmission, and especially where physical distancing cannot be maintained. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public
  2. Actually, CLIA has issued their own "mandatory core elements of a strong set of health protocols to be implemented as part of a phased-in, highly controlled resumption of operations" https://cruising.org/en/news-and-research/press-room/2020/september/clia-and-its-cruise-line-members-announce-mandatory-core-elements-of-health-protocols These recognize the work done by the Healthy Sail Panel, but stand independent.
  3. Very true, but this is the typical corporate MO - instead of having your staff take a week to compile these common sense recommendations, assemble a group of highly paid experts to take 4 months to do the same thing. Corporations often pay outside "experts" to do what their staff can do faster because they feel the "experts" bring more gravitas to the results.
  4. I had very much the same reaction when I read the document. Then I realized this is not a submission to the CDC, but is a recommendation to the cruise industry. The purpose I suppose is to help guide them in formulating their submissions to the CDC. I expect the formal submissions to the CDC will contain far more details and all of those "shoulds" will become "shalls".
  5. We already have reports from people who have sailed on MSC that this is simply not true. Many people are not wearing masks when they should, and crew often ignore the offense.
  6. To be precise, it says the "goal" is to remove them from the ship. That same "goal" existed in March/April when so many passengers were stranded aboard ships. That same "goal" exists today to repatriate crewmembers - who still remain stranded aboard ships. Goals are nice. Detailed plans that ensure goals can be met are even better. I hope we see these plans in the near future and I hope they answer your questions.
  7. You are correct. After rereading the Introduction, I realized this was not a submission to the CDC, but a recommendation to cruise operators. Since RCCL indicated that they would be submitting their plan to the CDC this week, I mistakenly thought this was it. It isn't. Hopefully when they make their formal submission to the CDC we will get the details we're looking for.
  8. True, yet I still want to know BEFORE I cruise what would happen if there is a COVID outbreak on the ship. Will I be stranded at sea like so many ships in March? The details are essential in allowing customers to make informed decisions as to whether or not they want to cruise.
  9. UPDATE: HERE'S A LINK DIRECTLY TO THE RCCL DOCUMENT ITSELF https://www.royalcaribbeangroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Healthy-Sail-Panel_Full-Recommendations_9.21.20_FINAL.pdf
  10. Here's a more detailed summary of the RCCL protocols from their blog..... https://www.*****.com/2020/09/21/royal-caribbean-new-cruise-ship-health-protocols-include-wearing-masks-social-distancing (Sorry, I have no idea why it won't post the url properly. Perhaps Cruise Critic blocks the RCCL blog because they see it as competition? I guess you'll have to navigate to the RCCL blog yourself to see the protocol - hint, just replace the ***** with royal caribbean blog with no spaces) I'm sure people will interpret this differently. As for me, I'm a bit disappointed that they aren't more specific. For example, they state...... Cruise operators should have a thorough mobilization response plan in place prior to sailing to address the various scenarios that may require individuals with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection (guests or crew), and their close contacts, to debark from the ship. OK, but what is that "mobilization response plan"? And why the use of "Should" and not "Shall"? And this bothers me a bit.... 31. All cruise operators should upgrade the HVAC systems on their ships to, ideally, MERV 13 filters to minimize pathogen dispersal from infected guests and crew. 32. Cruise operators’ indoor air management strategies should be optimized given the constraints of ship age and ventilation type. "Ideally, MERV 13". IDEALLY? So that's not a minimum requirement - it's just a goal. "strategies should be optimized given the constraints of ship age and ventilation type." This makes it sound a bit like a "where possible" loophole. And as for face masks - here's what they say.... To prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, cruise operators should require guests and crew to wear cloth face coverings/face masks in accordance with CDC recommendations. Good, they settle the face mask vs shield issue. Bad, the CDC guidelines are not specific to a cruise ship environment. I'd like more details. For instance, MSC requires you wear face masks while walking to your seat in the theater, but not while while seated in the theater. RCCL should publish a more detailed face mask policy. To summarize, it's a good start, but I was expecting more detail after all this time. Will they have to, for example, still develop and submit for approval their "mobilization response plan" or "indoor air management strategies" before sailing, or is it sufficient that their protocol says they have them?
  11. If they were grading on a curve then you're right, the best ship(s) would get an A even if they performed poorly.
  12. If you read the report you will see that..... The ship does not have plug-in capability, earning it an F for air pollution reduction It does have a scrubber installed earning Virgin an F for water quality compliance since scrubber use merely converts air pollution into toxic water pollution. The Scarlet Lady has installed an advanced sewage treatment system, resulting in a grade of C for the company’s 60 percent sewage treatment score. The ship's score was an F, but since Virgin received an A for Transparency - the cruise line's score was raised to a D. The take away seems to be that in FOE's opinion, cruising is fundamentally terrible for the environment and Virgin is no better than other cruise lines. It seems sometimes the best available technology (e.g. sewage treatment) is still far from perfect and earns no ship better than a C score. Here's the report for Virgin https://foe.org/cruise-lines/virgin-voyages/ You can compare it to Disney's report and see why they scored higher https://foe.org/cruise-lines/disney-cruise-line/
  13. You probably know more about R0 than I do. The concept of R0 appeals to me, but as with so many analyses today the underlying assumptions are all important. One thing I'm pretty sure about (and disappointed about) is that none of the metrics concerning COVID are consistent or accurate. Five years from now there will be a much better and objective analysis of this pandemic. My expectation is that much of what we think we know today will be proven inaccurate.
  14. Unfortunately, The Safe Sailing Act would just establish a Task Force to replicate what the CDC is already doing. It is not legislation that lays out the rules for the cruising. As is typically the case, such details are left to the regulatory agencies. I'm afraid the proposed bill would not accomplish what you are hoping.
  15. True, but I really don't see it as any real improvement over what the CDC is working on. In fact, by establishing a NEW task force it may actually slow things down and add even more chefs in the kitchen. More likely, Scott and Rubio's introduction of this bill may be intended to show their Florida constituents that they are looking out for the local economy. How many times have you heard politicians say "I introduced a bill to do such-and-such..... They don't say it actually passed - just that they introduced it. Having the Set Sail Safely Act actually pass may not be all that important to them since a process is already in place.
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