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  1. Very true... I was expecting more from Virgin. Maybe they all outsource to the same company😕
  2. The cruise industry is renown for its poor IT offerings. I have no idea why since most travel industry reservation sites do an excellent job. However, complaints about cruise line web sites are common throughout these boards.
  3. The casino was removed on Quest first and then Journey. It was replaced with The Den. It was a pretty lame casino, but still better than nothing. If you're like us and like to visit the casino after dinner, Azamara is no longer a good fit.
  4. IMHO MSC most closely resembles Carnival.
  5. Well I see there is nearly a complete consensus that Celebrity has raised prices to a level that is driving customers to other cruise lines and/or land vacations. What is fascinating to me is that this pricing strategy seems to be working for Celebrity, otherwise prices would be falling. It seems we (the traditional cruise demographic) are being replaced by others who are willing to pay these higher prices, but I wonder.... who are these new customers? All I read is how millennials are burdened by student loans, unable to afford homes, etc. Are they still somehow able to take several weeks off from work and pay these high prices for a cruise vacation? It seems that just as the wave of Boomer retirements is cresting, cruise lines are turning away and finding a different, more profitable, clientele. Either this, or traditional cruisers are complaining about price increases and threatening to go elsewhere, but in the end they are paying up. After all, I really haven't seen a change in demographic on Celebrity ships.
  6. A lot of Type 2s would love to have your A1c of 6.6 . The ADA classifies those with A1C 5.7 - 6.5 as Pre-Diabetic. With an A1C of 6.6 you are just over the line. You will most likely be able to control you diabetes with diet alone - although exercise should also be part of your lifestyle change. I have achieved an A1C of 5.5 -5.7 with diet alone. After my diagnosis I pretty much cut out carbs. I have actually found that I can "cheat" occasionally and still maintain an acceptable A1C. The key, especially early on, is to test your BG an hour after eating. This will let you know how you react to certain meals. And, don't worry about testing, it's a piece of cake. It's good that you caught this early. With the proper lifestyle changes you should be able to avoid the many health consequences associated with poorly controlled Type 2. It sounds like you are starting off on the right foot. As for cruising advice...... Proteins are your friend and carbs are the enemy. Beef, chicken, fish, have at it. Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, chips, etc. are a no-no. You can easily find lots to eat at the buffet. At the pool grill you can have hamburgers and hot dogs - just leave the bun behind. In the main dining room you let the waiter know you are type 2 and ask him to leave the starches off your plate. You may even want to double up on the protein to compensate. They also have sugar free deserts. Please keep in mind that sugar free is not the same as low carb. For me, they do not raise my BG unacceptably. This is why testing is so important - it lets you know how certain foods affect YOU. As for alcohol..... talk to your nutritionist. My opinion and experience is that it isn't the alcohol that is the problem. In fact while moderate amounts of alcohol can raise BG, excessive consumption of alcohol can actually reduce BG. My experience is that it's the mixes that contain sugar and can spike BG. So no pina coladas, etc. I drink gin and diet tonic and it hasn't been a problem for me. Martinis are also not a problem for me, other than I can't drink very many. I also have wine at dinner. Those are my experiences - yours may differ. Your doing the right thing seeing your Dr and nutritionist. With time you will learn what does and doesn't work for you. Testing is the key. Finally here's a book I recommend to people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes https://smile.amazon.com/Dr-Bernsteins-Diabetes-Solution-Achieving/dp/0316182699/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1772JVIC3R0G6&keywords=the+diabetes+solution+by+dr.+bernstein&qid=1574404112&sprefix=the+diabetes+%2Caps%2C235&sr=8-2
  7. Couldn't disagree more. Many people with medical issues seek support from others who share their experiences. This is not INSTEAD OF, but IN ADDITION TO doctor consultations. I have no idea why you immediately jumped to the conclusion that OP has not sought medical attention. While you admonish OP for seeking advice here, I applaud it.
  8. Interesting comment. We actually loved the Sanctuary on the Coral. Unlike the others, it has its own pool (small, but so convenient to have it right there). You're right about the lack of shade. We managed to reserve early and got 2 of the rare lounges in the shade. Had we been forced to lay in the sun all day it would not have been a good experience. I haven't been on many Princess ships, so I can't compare. I will be on the Emerald in Feb. Have you sailed her, and if so, what do you think about the Sanctuary?
  9. OK, and people will still get that on the "maiden" voyage, so why are they upset?
  10. Props to MSC for adding premium internet to the list of YC privileges. Has a roll-out schedule been released yet or is this a future plan?
  11. My understanding is that compliance with the Polar Ice Code is largely voluntary. The key element for compliance seems to be acceptance by the Arctic Council. If this group of Arctic countries accepts the Polar Ice Code, one would expect that they would restrict access to their ports to compliant vessels. Whether or not this will happen is anybody's guess. The Arctic countries would be the primary beneficiaries, but they would also suffer the economic costs of restricting access to their ports. Until, and unless, there is some definitive action from the Arctic Council, I suspect cruising in the Arctic will continue as usual. Still, I'm planing to do an Arctic cruise in 2021 just in case.
  12. What's so special about the maiden voyage?
  13. As a fellow boomer, I have to agree that it's a bit funny hearing you refer to others as "old farts".
  14. Service seems to be so variable on MSC - even in Yacht Club. We were in Seaside YC in Sept. I asked for extra bottles of gin in mini-fridge and there was no problem. There seems to be very little standard in their standards of service. I still enjoy YC and wouldn't hesitate to book again.
  15. If you've never found any wines that you like, it may be that you just don't like wine. There are a lot of people who don't like wine. Nothing wrong with that. Try some if you want, but I sure hope you don't feel any social pressure to drink wine.
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