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  1. The cost of designing a new ship needs to be spread across multiple ships.
  2. On Emerald now. Unhosted Bible study listed in daily patter at 10:30am.
  3. There is certainly much confusion regarding Samoa. For starters their travel restrictions are aimed at coronavirus not measles. The measles restrictions were lifted over a month ago.
  4. Prepare to be annoyed. I am currently on the Emerald Princess. We were scheduled to visit Samoa in 2 days. Our roll call had much speculation about what would happen with Samoa due to their travel restrictions. We asked the captain at the Cruise Critic Meet & greet. He said he was unaware of the travel restrictions. Two days later he announced we would be skipping Samoa stops. This is kinda the norm for the cruises I've been on - very little advanced notice of itinerary changes even when the issue is well known in advance.
  5. Before drink packages were common, many people were shocked by their bar tab at the end of their cruises. It wasn't uncommon for people to rack up tabs of $1,000 or more. Now throw in casino charges, spa, etc. and some people will end their cruise with on board account balances that exceed the cost of the cruise itself. Experienced cruisers are aware of this, but I fear many of the new cruisers that Virgin attracts will be taken by surprise.
  6. It will be interesting to read the reviews once the ship starts sailing to see what the make-up of the passengers turns out to be. Virgin is targeting young non-cruisers, but non-cruisers are unlikely to know about Virgin cruises unless they see the ads. It takes a while for advertisements to build brand awareness. I suspect that social media will be an important avenue once people have experienced the cruise line and start to post about it. Until that takes effect, I'm guessing that the demographic will tilt towards older experienced cruisers.
  7. Other than the changes regarding Eden, it doesn't look like many (most) of the issues raised about Edge are being addressed. One can only assume that the issues that have been raised have not adversely affected occupancy rates and Celebrity feels no pressure to make significant changes.
  8. It really has to do more with the individual Cruise Director than the particular cruise line. I've experience good and not-so-good CDs on both Celebrity and Princess.
  9. Thanks for the review. I'm a non-suite passenger, but your impressions pretty much match mine. The two lines are far more alike than different. I would gladly sail on either. The only thing I absolutely hate about either line is the choice of bar mixers used by Princess. For my taste, the pina colada and margarita mixes are horrible. I love both drinks when on vacation, but when sailing Princess I have to pass. Other than that one thing, I am equally happy sailing on Princess or Celebrity. In fact, I leave in a few days for 28-days aboard the Emerald Princess.
  10. I second the recommendation of Trikes Aruba. Many of the trikes are manual transmission, but there seemed to be enough automatics to accommodate those who needed them. It might be a bit intimidating for someone who has never driven a motorcycle before - even though the trikes, obviously, are three wheeled. I hadn't driven a motorcycle in 30 years, but had no problem driving the trike. I routinely drive a manual transmission car, so that too was no issue. It's really a great way to see the island and both my wife and I really enjoyed it. If we return to Aruba we will do it again.
  11. My guess is that the demographics (and cruise experience) will be different than targeted for the first year or so. I don't know how representative Cruise Critic posters are of the general demographic, but if Cruise Critic is any guide many of the "early adopters" will be older and experienced cruisers - not the younger, first time cruisers they are trying to appeal to. I do believe that over time the demographics will shift to better represent their target.
  12. Why so some people post a question and then never return?
  13. I've found an even better solution for dealing with Valentine's day...... my cruise next month crosses the international date line in such a way that there will be no Feb 14th 😈
  14. I've never found the lobster served on mainstream cruise lines to be very good. The tails are not very large and they are frequently overcooked. I now skip the lobster. That said, there are many here who really enjoy lobster night, so it's really an individual thing.
  15. Both things could be true. Princess was slow to respond to this couples bed bug complaint and this site/lawyer have questionable motives.
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