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  1. Looking forward to my first YC experience in Sept. The food/menus in the video actually look better than what I was expecting based on what I've been reading elsewhere on this board.
  2. Just wondering.... what time did you have dinner?
  3. For travel medical/evacuation insurance I've found GeoBlue (Blue Cross) an excellent option. You can buy by the trip or if he travels often you can get a 12 month policy. https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/product_overview.cfm
  4. There is indeed video of the incident. It has been provided to the local police. The family (their lawyers??) has requested a copy of the video, but RCCL has refused. Strange. The local police did offer to let the family view the video, but they were too distraught to do so. They request a copy from the police, but that request was also denied. It seems that the specifics of what exactly happened are not a mystery. RCCL know and the police know, but it's not being shared with others.
  5. Different date, same problem for me too. I don't know if the website is just screwed up or if this is a sign things are changing.
  6. But there must be plenty of people who don't know about inflated prices in cruise ship stores or else they wouldn't still be there. I won't shame OP but instead thank him for sharing his experience. It will likely prevent others from making the same mistake.
  7. I sincerely do not intend to offend, but it sounds like many of the replies to my post regarding Corporate Social Responsibility reflect thinking that is 15 years out of date. Perhaps some who have been retired for a while haven't kept up with the changes that have happened to corporate cultures over the past dozen or so years. Before you flame me, PLEASE take a few minutes and google "Corporate Social Responsibility". It will probably come as a surprise to many that you will get over 35,800,000 results. Read some of them with an open mind. You will see that companies are not "throwing away shareholder money" on CSR initiatives - they are investing in CSR because its good for employees, customers, suppliers, AND the shareholder bottom line. If you're jaded and cynical by a career spent in yesteryear's corporate culture, you will have a hard time believing what you read. The truth is the times they are a changing. Here's just a sample of what you'll find if you go ahead and do a google search..... While just 20 percent of S&P 500 companies published a CSR report in 2011, 81 percent reported doing so in 2015! <it's probably inching up towards 100% today> Corporate responsibility can do a lot to attract customers. Fifty-five percent of consumers said they are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies. Meanwhile, a CSR program can help drive employee recruitment. Seventy-nine percent of millennials — the largest generational group in the nation — said they consider corporate responsibility when deciding where to work. And 83 percent of millennials said they would be more loyal to a company with a CSR program, according to a recent employee engagement study by Cone Communications. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's Cisco's CSR Homepage Intel's CSR Homepage Hasbro CSR Homepage Coca-Cola Wells Fargo CSR Homepage PNC CSR Homepage ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At any rate, this whole CSR issue is really a huge expansion of my original point which was simply.... Just as fishermen have a responsibility to not deplete the fishing grounds, so do cruise lines have a responsibility to address the issue of overtourism - and my suggestion is that they could best accomplish this by developing new destinations to relieve the burden on the same old ports that every cruise line seems to visit. Further, I suggest that in the case of fishermen and cruise lines alike, it is in the best interest of their shareholders to do so.
  8. My sailing isn't until Feb 2020, but when I look online the only internet option shown for my sailing is $14.99/day. No unlimited package is listed. Anyone know what is going on?
  9. The tyranny of the majority (or tyranny of the masses) is an inherent weakness of majority rule in which the majority of an electorate can and does place its own interests above, and at the expense of those in the minority.
  10. Ah, I love a good phrase. How about this one..... the tyranny of the majority?
  11. You make it sound like expanded offerings (ports) and profit are mutually exclusive. I disagree. Much to some folks shock, there are many corporations that see social responsibility as a corporate goal - and not for purely philanthropic reasons. Yes there are the millennials who value it and the marketing departments that exploit it, but good stewardship of those resources upon which a company depends if just plain good business. Fishermen shouldn't destroy the fishing grounds upon which they depend and cruise lines shouldn't destroy the destinations upon which they depend. On a personal level, I must admit that I get a bit tired of this common retort... "cruise lines are for profit companies that answer to shareholders" every time someone bemoans cutbacks or suggests improvements. Is devaluing a company's product always in the shareholders best interest? Perhaps sometimes, but more often the driver is a short-sighted focus on near-term rewards (executive bonuses?) - much like overfishing. I guess there will always be those who view suggestions of investments in customer care, social responsibility, the environment, supplier health, employees, etc. as anti-shareholder. Fortunately, many companies are coming to see these as investments with real returns. <end of rant>
  12. As one might expect there is a mixed reaction to the removal of the casinos from AZ ships. Personally, a casino is important to me. My routine is show-dinner-casino. The casino is where we tend to make the most friends. It's the social aspect more than gambling itself (although my wife loves the slots). I understand with a port intensive focus the opportunity to use the casino is somewhat reduced. That said, the removal of the casinos makes AZ MUCH less attractive to us. Show-Dinner-Bed just isn't attractive to us. The Den is nice, but not at the expense of the casino. JMHO
  13. I'm guessing because there is a FAQ on the VV site that says.... " What's a holiday without a few choice cocktails? Your sailing includes our basic bevvies and, while we don't have traditional drink packages, our drink offerings are very reasonably priced."
  14. I believe there are many many coastal areas around the world that offer beautiful and interesting experiences. Cruise lines tend to all focus on a subset of these that are well known. It's a safe bet. People recognize the names. However this focus on the same group of ports has contributed to the growing problem of overtourism. What are possible alternatives? They are far too numerous to itemize. All it takes is an open mind, a bit of curiosity and a map. Take for instance the south of France. Instead of Nice, Cannes, Toulon, etc., how about Saint-Raphaël, Montpellier, Bandol, Arles, Sète, and many more? Might it take some investment to develop some of these ports for cruise ships? Yep. Might some of them be tender ports? Yep. Addressing these and other issues is what the Business Development departments of companies do. Heck, some cruise lines are now developing Caribbean ports from scratch as "private islands".
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