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  1. NRD = Non-Refundable Deposit or No Risk Deposit? Talk about confusing. Do they do this on purpose?
  2. I'm new to HAL. I'm looking at a 74-day Grand Voyage. The Signature Beverage Package would cost $4,000 per person for a cruise of that length. I'm wondering if HAL ever offers deals on the SBP on Grand Voyages, and if so, is it tied to type of cabin?
  3. While my overall opinion of the Yacht Club is more positive than WonderMan3, I do agree with his assessment of the food. If you don't like the MDR on Celebrity, you won't like the food in Yacht Club either. My advice - avoid the beef. As I've said elsewhere, my best vacation meal is always at a land based restaurant before we board the ship. ps The veal stuffed cannelloni was actually pretty good.
  4. Would especially like to hear from those who can compare Yacht Club experiences.
  5. Thanks for the review. I'm recently back from my first time on MSC in a YC balcony cabin. My wife and I really enjoyed the cruise. The only question that lingers with us regarding future sailings in MSC Yacht Club is the itinerary's climate. I say that because we really enjoyed our time in the YC itself - especially time spent at the pool and pool grill/bar. However, we found the rest of the ship outside of the YC to be overcrowded, loud and generally not appealing. We wonder if we would enjoy MSC as much (or at all) on a sailing in a colder climate where the YC pool & grill would be of little use. What were your impressions of the ship beyond the YC?
  6. Sailed Seaside Yacht Club last month. I agree with the other posters. Elegant nights are still pretty much anything goes. I would estimate that about half of the people step it up a notch, but the rest dress pretty much like any other night. Very few in true formal wear.
  7. I agree completely. Two people can have the exact same experience and come away with totally opposite opinions - hence the need to take any single reviewer's opinions with a "grain of salt". Readers with a similar cruising background, expectations, values, etc. will find WonderMan3's opinions more relevant than others. Certainly people coming from Crystal, Celebrity suites, or Carnival would have different opinions of the same Yacht Club experience. WonderMan3 wrote a very good review in that it provided information and opinions in a well written and interesting style. His pictures are great.
  8. I've been looking at a Norwegian Fjords cruise on the Preziosa. I hadn't been on MSC before so I recently took a trial cruise on the Seaside in Yacht Club. I loved the Yacht Club on Seaside, but from what I've read so far it seems that the YC on Preziosa is a lesser experience. If you get a chance would you mind commenting on the following questions? Thanks We often ate lunch at the pool grill. Is the grill on the Preziosa really that much worse in offerings? Do they really not have cooked to order hamburgers? The picture above is a bit underwhelming compared to the TSL snacks available on the Seaside. Is this typical of the daytime offerings? Since the weather will be cool on a Norwegian itinerary I wonder if the pools will be usable. Is the YC pool heated or covered? Are there any pools on Preziosa that are heated and/or covered? The casino on the Seaside was very crowded in the evening - I mean it was hard to find an available slot machine and the tables were always full. Is the casino on the Preziosa also very crowded? Would the TSL be a good location for scenic viewing while sailing the fjords? The YC on Seaside never felt anywhere close to being crowded. It seems that on Preziosa it may feel a bit more crowded? Any other observations you may have comparing the YC experience on Preziosa and Seaside would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  9. Nope. That pretty much covers it. One could easily make a meal out of the flatbread and kebabs, but I'm not sure it would be worth the price.
  10. It was an interesting read. He freely admitted that MSC wasn't a good fit for everyone. Unfortunately, he really didn't give a very comprehensive explanation of exactly who they were targeting. His words follow..... Muskat describes guests who board an MSC Cruises' ship and leave happy as "curious travelers, sophisticated voyagers" or those who enjoying mixing and mingling with others from international cultures and allowing their children to do the same. They are not seeking a party boat. And, they're not seeking a fully Americanized experience. I agree with the "not seeking a fully Americanized experience" and "enjoy mixing with others from international cultures" part, but the rest just doesn't jibe with what I saw on my recent Seaside sailing. First and foremost to claim it's not for those seeking a party boat is hard to fathom. There's simply no way Muskat could have spent a day at a Seaside pool and come away with that impression. All I can say is that if MSC is truly targeting sophisticated voyagers who are not seeking a party boat, they have failed miserably. This article just reinforces my impression that MSC really hasn't clearly defined their N American strategy and is quick to toss aside criticism as naive comments from those who want a fully Americanized experience.
  11. Just wondering.... do you really read the entire cruise contract every time before you make a new booking?
  12. But the description says "Two Perks Included (w/ Refundable and Non-refundable Deposit)".
  13. OK, fair enough. I've edited my post to drop the part of people discovering this only once onboard. Still, are you really OK with them saying "INCLUDED" when they mean "INCLUDED only if you pay more"? If a hotel told you that a roll-away bed was Included, would you expect to pay more for it? If a restaurant told you that desert was included, would you expect to pay more for it? I sure wouldn't, but it seems many are far more tolerant of this sort of practice than I am.
  14. Is this another example of a disconnect between MSC's practices and the N American's expectations? I'd like to hear from some Europeans to see if they are as surprised and appalled by this as we N American's are. It's pretty unbelievable to me.
  15. I'm sorry, but I see this as extremely deceptive on the part of Celebrity. The large print says "Two Perks Included (w/ Refundable and Non-refundable Deposit)". This has always meant included in the fare. Now the fine print (i.e. T&Cs) says ONLY KIDDING - the beverage package is not included unless you pay an even higher fare. You would only know this if you read the T&Cs. Lesson learned., It seems you can no longer trust the descriptions given by Celebrity for their products and services. You must now read the T&Cs associated with everything you buy from them - EVERY TIME YOU BUY. I do read the T&Cs on new offers - usually to see restrictions on dates/sailings. I do not read the T&Cs every time I book I sale/promotion/perk/etc. that I am familiar with. Changing the meaning of "Included" to mean "Included (at extra charge) is misleading at best.
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