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  1. Thanks Andy I'd appreciate that if you don't mind. We are looking to do New Year 2020 so can wait a few weeks more to book if needed.i don't want to get there then my hubby won't get on the coach 😁
  2. We are thinking of going to Hamburg next year but need to know whether the shuttle journey is on flat roads and if it goes over any high bridges, any help appreciated
  3. The last 2 cruises we were on self disembarcation was 7am to 8am with timed slots starting at 8.30
  4. I'm totally confused, got a price through an online ta, put all of the details in, opted to pay a deposit then the rest later, got an email confirmation plus one saying they've taken £2 off my card which will be sorted once they sort out the booking, they've just phoned me to say I've requested a call and haven't pre registered when I have a confirmation number, so not sure if I've preregistered or not and have to wait until tomorrow to see what happens. I know I should of waited until tomorrow
  5. When I logged onto the main p&o site earlier it said there was a problem with the cruise personaliser and they are working to fix it. I try to not go on there at weekends as its normally down plus my hubby has now banned me 😁
  6. I'm probably in the minority but never take a bag. I put my cruise pass in my husbands trouser pocket and leave my phone behind. I suppose my hubby is my handbag 😁
  7. I looked at a few cruises yesterday through different on line ta's and you couldn't get any further than picking a cabin, probably just another it glitch
  8. I used my barclays debit card with no issues on Indy last year so was probably lucky
  9. I totally agree with this comment on our recent 2 nighter we lost count of how many fully clothed people complete with beer glasses and sun glasses went into the swimming pool on Britannia, and that was a family ship 😁
  10. We were on Britannia last week for the 2 nighter the porters were only accepting large suitcases and saying they'd been advised to tell people to keep small cases with them. It was a bit chaotic on board until the cabins opened at 2pm. We are due to do another 2 nighter on Aurora next month so have decided to take 1 large suitcase so we don't have to carry anything on
  11. With thanks to Andys directions we've now been on Britannia since just after midday waiting to go to zeebrugge. Now for the next dilemma this has given us an idea for new year 2020 but would like to do Hamburg but Ventura goes to Amsterdam that year. Has anyone been on Arcadia or would you think new year on an adult only ship will be one big drinking session
  12. Thanks Andy will do as you've suggested. We finish work at 10.35 on the Friday and are coming straight down so we aren't stressing too much
  13. Just got our luggage labels for Britannia and it states max weight 23Kg
  14. Thanks for that we have to go to Bucknall to pick him up, then just outside Longton to the Eaves Memory Clinic then back home to Swindon so will be a busy day
  15. As we had such a good time on Ventura and wanting to try out Britannia before we commit to a longer cruise we booked a 2 nighter 21st to 23rd September. I stupidly never thought about the boat show. Luckily I booked the Portsmouth solent Premier Inn for the 20th but just wondering what the best time will be to try and make our way to the port. Also can you do an early self carry on the short cruises as I have to be in Stoke-on-Trent for 13.30 as my dad has a hospital appointment. Any advice appreciated
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