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  1. I always carry some for fans. Before early this year there was never an issue in 30 cruises. Then I was called to the “naughty room” and told to remove them, which I did. Our room steward brought us some but they were very large and long. They gave them back at the end of the trip. Then in October we did B2B and nothing was said at all.
  2. Probably not but if the dogs pick upon them they will just take them away. No big deal.
  3. Or shorts and a wife beater. And don’t forget the ball cap, worn backward at the table. Im gonna get my popcorn...
  4. To me it is worth not having to handle our luggage virtually at all on the way in. The line of cars dropping off isn't that bad and given that I'm sitting in a comfortable vehicle with air/heat and a great radio I wouldn't care if it was a little long. Most importantly I don't have to tip the bus guys as well as the porters for handling the luggage. Pull up in front of the terminal, set the bags on the driveway next to my truck, wife handles the tip money while I drive off. Nothing to it. Shuttles have their own lane across the dropoff/pickup lane.
  5. Who cares. I just go in, get my coffee and leave. Not interested in sitting in there with people I don’t even know.
  6. First, the pier is very long. Ive walked it bunches of times and I am always amazed at how long it is. Sometimes there’s a tram running and sometimes not. Once you get to the port area there are the usual assortment of shops, a few restaurants and a pool. But make no mistake, the port isn’t “right off the ship”.
  7. When you get inside you will show your boarding pass documents to one of the port employees and they will direct you to the correct lane. It’s before security (but honestly I’m not sure if they might also have a priority line for security). I’m pretty sure it’s to the right of the other lines but rest assured they will send you the right way. There has never been much of a line when we depart on Enchantment, including two weeks ago.
  8. We did this in September and it was $23 to the drugstore next to Guidos. Pretty sure I gave him $25. There will be taxis lined up at both P.B. and several spots along Rafael Melgar downtown. As mentioned, ask what the fare is before you get in but I’ve never had any issues with gouging (like in so many cities in the U.S.) And if if you’re hungry check out Pancho’s Backyard in the next block past Guidos. We were there last week and, while a little pricey, food and service were excellent.
  9. I gave in and bought Klymit Static V Luxe and OMG they’re the greatest thing ever. To the OP, we cruise on Liberty often as we live not far from Galveston. The mattresses are horrible. As someone noted, they double the mattress pads which does absolutely nothing. I put the Klymit under the pads and every evening I might have to put one breath in them. Once they’re in place the room steward just makes the bed up on them. They roll up easy back into the carry bag they come in and don’t take up much room in my suitcase. I can’t recommend them enough. We just got home yesterday from 10 nights on Enchantment. Same terrible mattresses but we slept good on these. Got them on Amazon.
  10. How about a note saying here’s some cash for your cruise, spend it on whatever makes you happy. Or if it’s for your significant other, a cabin upgrade on your next cruise, which obviously requires cash and should make them happy.
  11. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Keep reading and you’ll find lots of information in the respective port of call forums for those ports. Here are mine. Belize, go on the ship tour to Lamanai. Jamaica, zip lining or stay on the ship Grand Cayman, CaptainMarvin to Stingray City Honduras, if you mean Roatan, check Victor Bodden’s website for options including touring the island and going to West End Village for good food, snorkel West Bay Beach, snorkel Half Moon Bay, head to Temporary Cal’s for lunch. Good luck to you!
  12. I use WiFi all the time in every port. Somewhere there’s a beach club or restaurant with WiFi. Even found a coffee shop in Puerto Limon and was able to FaceTime via WiFi. I never need cellular service for work email.
  13. That’s some really good pics of Galveston. Thanks.
  14. Resort for a Day used a nice motor coach.
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