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  1. Please do not allow them to wear shorts in The Dining Room, please. As far as it being hot, the Dining Room is nicely air conditioned.
  2. The cabin felt really small ( OV). Smallest shower stall I’ve ever experienced. I’m a thin person and felt cramped. Not sure how a large person does it. The ship looked and felt worn. Old carpet. No Sorrentos. Had to go to the back to the solarium for pizza and salad. Quite often no one to make salad.
  3. Thank you for your trip report. I was on Enchantment recently and I have to say it is probably the worst ship I’ve cruised on.
  4. Seems kinda expensive especially considering all the other complimentary Food onboard
  5. Thank you. I get such a good deal now that I doubt it’s worthwhile spending my time checking.
  6. I’ve gotten it years ago but haven’t tried in several years because it is my understanding that you did not get it with any kind of special that you use for booking. Is that still the case❓
  7. Can we just cut to the chase, please. The Thread title should read “What has Trump done to your Cuba cruise?
  8. A few years ago I won a slot tournament for $5,000. That was fun. Also, later that evening I won the evening Texas Holdem poker Tournament for another $500.
  9. Was tartar sauce available and how was that if so❓
  10. Doesn’t sound good. Sorry about your things being stolen and being bitten in the water . The lack of trams doesn’t sound good.
  11. Great Trip Report. Thanks for sharing
  12. What is a foam topper❓ I apologize, I don’t get out much.
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