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  1. The cruise lines has also had many cases of Mysterious deaths of crew and tourists!
  2. I think this is the time to wait for people over 70+ or health issues, Try a AI in Mexico, Jamaica or the DR for the time being...until this all gets worked out.....
  3. Mine was Fantasy 1993, Different world back then!!
  4. in reference to cruises starting in August 1st .....Somethings were left out....I love You....Check in the mail...Etc...
  5. What was the purpose of posting this outright Trash!!
  6. PVP come and go at Carnival....If that help's...
  7. I don't think its as clear cut as that....
  8. He didn't get a refund from Carnival..He got it as a credit from his CC....
  9. No they canceled on me, Legend European Cruise
  10. Thanks, I just had the $400.00 which was only a deposit
  11. Its true for me at least, per my PVP
  12. I just talked to my PVP at Carnival yesterday, Tryed to book another European cruise leaving out of Dover on the legend in August 21, She told me I cannot use my $400.00 that Carnival owes me in FCC for a deposit and that I would have to put down a additional $400.00 deposit to secure that booking, which I was not going to do
  13. Yeah that's what I meant to imply....Must be getting tired
  14. Just to let people know if you chose the FCC and the $600.00 OBC..You cannot use FCC to book your next cruise for your deposit...Carnival wanted another $400.00 Just tried and it didn't work.....Oh well guess I have to take the refund option...
  15. If Carnival canceled on you, You should receive 100% of your money back, if you don't get it resolved Call your CC company or your State Attorney General
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