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  1. Princess has sometime had 10% off shore excursion sales but not often. But you're not risking anything if you book early. It is more likely that the excursion will sell out or that the price will go up, and you've got your price locked in. If they have a sale, they do not automatically reduce your price. But you can always cancel and rebook at the lower price - if the excursion is still available. I will give some information from one cruise a while back when they had a 10% off sale - I don't remember the exact details but this is the general information: Some of my excursions
  2. You keep the statement credit - they don't try to take it back. However, they subtract points for every refund posted, and they subtract double points for every Princess refund posted. I have a fairly large negative point balance now. Earned points will apply to that balance, but I won't be able to take another statement credit until I've spent enough to cancel all of the refunds. If I had cancelled the credit card with the negative point balance, then I could have kept the credits without paying it back. However I decided to keep the card and earn the points back.
  3. Their buses have wheel-chair lifts if the passenger is not able to climb the stairs into and out of the buses.
  4. You will spend a lot more time in port on the downstream cruise and a lot more time on the river on the upstream cruise. Because of the strong currents on the lower Mississippi and because downstream boats have the right-of-way around bends in the river, it takes a lot more time on the river to make the upstream trip. I did a B2B in January and February 2020, and this was the scheduled time in ports (actual time was a little different but I don't have the exact times): Greenville: Downstream only 5 hours Helena: Upstream only 5 hours Vicksburg: Downstream 10 hours, Upstr
  5. Check your Booking Confirmation under ADDITIONAL ITEMS & SPECIAL REQUESTS. It may have "$50 OBC per person for no pre-cruise hotel" listed there in addition to the discount.
  6. I take my normal CPAP machine. The only difference is that I use the original water tub instead of the modified one with a hose to the SoClean that I leave at home. Although it is somewhat bulky and heavy, it goes in its own separate carry-on bag. However, airlines allow this as an extra carry-on that does not count against the normal carry-on limits.
  7. The complementary water bottles and filling stations were provided in January 2020 before the pandemic - primarily for environmental reasons to reduce plastic waste. But having them already gave them a head start on preparing for the pandemic.
  8. I sailed American Duchess B2B in January and February 2020 from Memphis to New Orleans and from New Orleans back to Memphis, and I don't know if they've changed any policies since. I booked one way first and then changed the booking to add the return, so I am comparing the two Guest Confirmations to see the difference. Note that the two weeks was on a single booking. We received a discount of $159.90 per person on the cruise fare. In addition, we received $50 per person OBC for no pre-cruise hotel for the second cruise. So this was a total savings of $419.80 for two people. We woul
  9. That is the exact same adapter that I used. It worked great for the CPAP without losing the lamp.
  10. Princess does not charge you for distilled water for a CPAP. Just make the request online in advance.
  11. Under "GUEST CHECK-IN", directly under "Print Travel Summary" is "Personalize Your Voyage". The first choice under that is "Accessibility & Dietary Requests". Under "Dietary Restrictions", enter your email address and select the passenger who uses the CPAP. Then check "Distilled water (for CPAP machine use ONLY)". Then click on "Send Dietary Restriction". If you go back to this page after sending, it does not show that it has been selected. However, you will receive an email at the email address you entered. When you print your TRAVEL SUMMARY after the request has b
  12. That's probably the best option if you're on the Royal class. I haven't traveled in a suite on the Royal class, so my recommendation applies to ships without a suite concierge.
  13. You cannot book complementary specialty dinners (either suite or promotion) online in advance. They can only be booked or changed onboard. For a promotional specialty dinner, you normally receive a notice in your cabin stating the date, time, and restaurant. However there has usually been no problem getting it changed. The complementary suite specialty dinner is specified for the first night. Sometimes you can change it and sometimes not. Instead of calling the DINE line, I would recommend talking directly to the head waiter. If you board early enough for embarkation lu
  14. I expected this, and I would miss the HOHO buses. They were excellent for my wife with walking difficulties, and you could spend as much - or as little - time as you wanted at each site. However, there is no way they can keep everyone within a "bubble" with the HOHO buses. These revised tours minimize the exposure of the passengers to the public and vice versa. I appreciate that they are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. We really enjoyed the Vicksburg battlefield premium tour on our cruise. It was worth the money - and it's even better at no charge. I wo
  15. I received an email from Princess on March 4th cancelling a UK cruise. I received a refund for my prepaid shore excursions on March 14th (ten days later). No problems. Since I selected the option for a cash refund instead of the option to rebook in 2022 or to receive bonus FCC, I also received a refund for my prepaid Princess Vacation Protection on March 14th. Our deposit FCDs were returned to our accounts to be reused. Based on this experience, Princess seems to have improved their processes significantly form early in the pandemic. If you book Princess sho
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