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  1. Any increase or decrease in port taxes will go on your onboard folio. They will not charge your credit card when you check in. They will charge your folio at the end of the trip if you have a balance after adding all of the charges and deducting all of the onboard credit. I've seen port taxes on my onboard account fairly often - sometimes a charge and sometimes a credit.
  2. And it's 45 days prior to the departure of the old flight you are cancelling - not the new flight you are replacing it with if it's on a different date.
  3. I did change the flights online through EZAir. As you say, the TA has nothing to do with it. However, after I changed the flights online with EZAir, I still had to pay for any cost increase or receive a refund for any cost decrease. If you book with a TA, then all cruise payments, including EZAir payments, go through the TA - unlike shore excursions, beverage packages, and other extras which are handled online directly with Princess. The payment for the EZAir increase or the refund for the EZAir decrease goes through the TA, or at least it did the last time I made an EZAir change after final payment.
  4. If you see a price reduction before final payment (in North America), you can change to the new price as stated. If your category is sold out, you will not see a price reduction, because Princess does not quote prices on sold out categories.
  5. I have been charged additional port fees on my onboard folio when they went up, and I have received a refund on my onboard folio when it went down. It can go in either direction, and you may find either a charge or a credit on your onboard folio. I have seen it in both directions, but it was never very much.
  6. That is 45 days prior to your first flight departure, so it could be more than 45 days prior to the cruise. Although you don't go through your travel agent to change the air booking, your travel agent is still involved. If you price went down, you need to contact your travel agent for a refund. If your price went up, you need to contact your travel agent to pay the difference. When I rebooked my air with a price increase (to get a nonstop), Princess did not automatically charge the additional through my credit card. I had to contact my travel agent to pay the difference.
  7. You are not refaring your cruise - you are rebooking your air. You can rebook EZAir at the current price anytime up to 45 days prior to departure. Note this is 45 days prior to the air departure - not 45 days prior to the cruise embarkation. If the price is lower, you may need to call Princess (if you booked direct) or your travel agent (if you booked through one) in order to request a refund. If you don't call, it may take some time for Princess to notify your travel agent of the change. If the price is higher (not applicable to OP but possible if you found a better connection), you will need to pay the additional cost immediately. If you booked directly with Princess, you will pay online after your new EZAir booking is confirmed. If you booked through a travel agent, I recommend you call your travel agent immediately and tell them about the charge. If you wait for Princess to tell the travel agent that you need to pay more and then for the travel agent to tell you, you may not pay before their deadline and that could leave with problems with the EZAir booking (and possibly with the cruise booking). This is from personal experience. I changed my EZAir booking after final payment to get a non-stop flight that was not previously available at a small increase in cost. I then called my travel agent who called Princess to verify the amount owed, and I paid the travel agent by credit card immediately. The travel agent had not received any notification of the additional amount owed and had to call Princess to verify the amount.
  8. I am booked on the Antarctica cruise on MS Midnstsol over Christmas 2019, so I will be there a year before you. I received an excursion booking form with the following optional excursions listed: Kayaking Adventure (2 to 4 hours) (bookable in advance or onboard) (maximum 24 passengers) (US$199 per person) An Amundsen Night in Antarctica (overnight, max 10 hours) (bookable onboard only) (maximum 24 passengers) (approximately US$833 per person - final price to be provided onboard) Snowshoes in Antarctica (bookable onboard only) (maximum 24 passengers) (approximately US$108 per person - final price to be provided onboard) You can expect to receive the information for your cruise a couple of months prior to departure. The form I received appears to apply to all of the summer 2019-2020 cruises. I would expect a different form (with possibly different prices) for your summer 2020-2021 cruise.
  9. No one is sailing "to" Antarctica on Princess - you may be sailing "by" Antarctica. If you want to sail "to" Antarctica, you have to book a ship with no more than 500 passengers.
  10. If you want to leave the cruise ship early in Hawaii before the normal disembarkation, it would not violate the PVSA since the cruise started in a foreign port. You would have to request permission in advance however. If you leave at one port in Hawaii, you could not re-board at another port in Hawaii, since your second cruise (after the re-boarding) would be from one US port to another US port in violation of the PVSA.
  11. You will have no problem with a one-way Panama Canal full transit cruise. If you board at any foreign port, then the cruise is legal under the PVSA no matter where you disembark. Also the one-way Panama Canal cruise has a stop at a distant foreign port. If you stop at a distant foreign port, then you can take a one-way cruise from one US port to another.
  12. The same thing would occur on a round trip Hawaii cruise from Los Angeles or San Francisco. You cannot fly to Hawaii and take the ship back to California. I did see a post a while back (it's been a while so I don't remember all of the details) about someone who missed the ship, flew to Hawaii, and disembarked in Ensenada - they then had to arrange transportation back from Ensenada. If you leave from a US port, you're perfectly legal if you can arrange to disembark at a foreign port.
  13. They can guarantee that a passenger will leave the ship in Ensenada, since they can force the passenger to leave as agreed.
  14. A cruise line may have a one-way from Vancouver to Hawaii, but it may not have a one-way from the continental United States to Hawaii. If you miss the first port on a Vancouver to Hawaii one-way cruise, there is no acceptable port to join the ship, since all the rest of the ports are in the United States.
  15. It would be acceptable to fly to Hawaii as long as the passenger gets off the ship in Ensenada.
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