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  1. Yes, it is very easy to do. There will most likely be a tent at the food of the pier selling tickets. The pier they use is in town, just a short walk to the left (as you face land). There are signs, its difficult to miss.
  2. Obvious places to search would be: Amazon, Google, St Thomas bookstore websites, St Thomas gift shop websites, Virgin Islands tourism general websites...
  3. The roll call search function has not been reliable for a long time. Simply go the the ship roll call page, scroll, read headings, and find your roll call that way. Old school, maybe, but it is simple and effective.
  4. Agree. Sounds like she’s trying to talk herself out of it and wants justification from the crowd
  5. I asked this once before, but go no response. Can anyone speak to mid-cruise discounts, if they exist? For example, if someone were to use up their free loyalty minutes half way through a longer trip, is there a "for the rest of the cruise" special offered? Or if someone decided halfway into the trip that they wanted internet access. I have seen it on other lines, that's why I am inquiring about Princess. TIA
  6. If anybody is thinking about one of these sailings, I recommend you make a decision. I booked the Jan 4, 2021 Southern route yesterday (yes, even with Labadee...) and my TA just called me laughing - the price for a C2 went up $400 overnight. No perks. Plenty of time between now and then to watch for price drops, but this was a very quick increase.
  7. Well, they are up, but today Key West has been replaced with Labadee, which stinks!! The itinerary is suddenly less attractive, but Labadee will just be another "sea day", I guess.
  8. Looks like they are loading a few at a time on the consumer website. Right now all that is showing is the Eastern itin in Dec of 2020, which is pretty blah. I'm waiting for the ABC and Key West in 2021 to open up.
  9. The Crown Princess 14 day Circle the Caribbean in 20/21 includes both.
  10. OK - please refer to my post #5 above. It sounds like you were at the remote clearing on Nevis, not actually at the main Pinney's Beach, where the bars, restaurants and chairs are. Could you please confirm? What part of the beach were you at on Nevis, and which boat - Fan Ta Sea (Blue Water) or Leeward Island Charters? The experiences vary significantly. Thanks
  11. They were originally designed for surfers and divers to avoid, well, a rash, from coral, etc. They also provide pretty good sun protection. Lately they are just referred to as SPF protection shirts. Widely available everywhere in Florida, and on sporting goods websites like LL Bean, maybe in beachy / fishing , or sporting goods type stores in your area in the summer.
  12. ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival? I see it used on here in a confusing context often. Do people mean to say BTW ?? By the Way??
  13. Qualifying for membership in the Committee requires a state of mind and an attitude, not an age. I’ve seen Old Biddies who are young in years, as well as octogenarians who are very cool chicks. 😁
  14. I havn't sailed HAL in a few years, but their loyalists always did have a very large membership in the "Old Biiddy Committee" . It's even obvious on the HAL board here. I picture so many of the posters sitting at a computer frowning with lips pursed typing away about dress code, or whatever has them riled up at a given moment.
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