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  1. Yes, thanks. I found it in the planner for my Nov 2020 sailing last week as well. I haunted the cruise planner weekly until it finally appeared. Just FYI if anybody else is looking at it - the same (sounding) excursion is available on my Princess 2021 sailing for $149.95. Celebrity is charging $122.
  2. Maybe could include: Most interactive at the buffet (sneezing, picking up food with fingers, cutting in line...) Most interactive in the public rest rooms (leaving without washing hands) Most interactive with staff (speaking to them rudely, leaving them unsolicited gifts from their home town) Least interactive with staff (stiffing them on tips) If OP does mean most chatty with strangers, then I would say RCCL, as they have the most free booze in the most places around the ship, to GMT's point 🍹
  3. For future reference, Google is great for that sort of thing. http://www.karamboletoursmartinique.com/nos-circuits/?lang=en
  4. I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed the hypocrisy in some of these posts. Where's the outrage over the beverage packages that so many enjoy? I love the song, the ad, and happy hour.
  5. There are several companies that do these trips - all quite good. Silver Moon, Calabaza and Cool Runnings are 3 that are recommended, and all have websites you can find through Google
  6. Well, I'm still pretty confused. Is this what you are talking about? I make one of these to hang on the cabin wall for every one of my cruises. This was for some friends - I do not sail Carnival. B2B V1.pptx
  7. I guess its a marketing thing, only advertise your newest and best. Makes sense, you never see car commercials for 5 year old beaters. Look at the RC commercials - they only advertise their big monster theme park ships on TV. Anybody who has sailed on the Empress or Majesty (or most of the others) would certainly not have their expectations met, if they based a buying decision solely on those commercials.
  8. It's the fifth one down on the Constellation page. Don't know why you can't see it. Like Wine-o says, open the ship page, scroll, and read the dates. EZ
  9. I bring a mesh shower caddy similar to this but with a hanger, handy even if there is a small shelf. Wal-Mart, Amazon, Dollar store, etc... Lots of options out there. Never did need an over the door shoe caddy for my stuff, tho 😉
  10. I have that same footstool. Works well, doesn't it? Coleman brand , folds up flat, in case anybody else wants a solution to the dreaded loss of balcony footstools. I probably found it on Amazon.
  11. Close, but... The island in the US Virgin Islands chain is St. John - no S. People on this board frequently mispronounce it, which has no doubt caused your confusion. City in Antigua at which you dock = St Johns Island near St Thomas, in the USVI = St John
  12. I'm wondering if maybe Celebrity, or cruising in general, are not a good vacation choice for this OP. Recently s/he has complained about entertainment (ballet), cabins (the coveted hump location), and fellow passengers attitude. Those are the posts I can remember off hand. Just seems sad to spend all that money and not like much of anything.
  13. Hope I'm not late to add to the info party- I discovered something that may help someone else: I had read that the Medallions come via Fed Ex or similar, but they reminded on the app me to pick up my Medallion at the pier since they could not deliver to my address. I use a PO box for my mail delivery. Yesterday I changed to my street address in the Personalizer and today the Medallion Class app confirmed the new address, so now I'll get my Medallion ahead of time (I'm guessing). No more delivery error message anyway, so that's a good thing. I would not care about picking it up under normal circumstances, but I am on the 3 day Sky out of FLL at inflated prices, so every minute onboard counts! 😁
  14. And why does this seem to surprise some people on Cruise Critic each and every year?
  15. If you are not solely devoted to RC, check out the Celebrity Constellation sailings from Tampa. The winter 20/21 11 day southern itinerary includes all 3 ABCs. Tampa is a great port to sail from, and the Constellation will be newly refurbed. There is also a longer Canal itinerary, and an Eastern itinerary.
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