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  1. You should post this over on the Princess board. They are gradually upgrading the technology on their ships to include benefits like bartenders knowing your drink preference as you walk up to the bar, cabin locks recognizing you and unlocking as you walk down the corridor, and much more. It's all done with a small Medallion that you keep somewhere on your person While many are embracing the change, there are some who threaten (angrily, I might add..) to wrap the device in layers of foil and hide it in their underwear drawer for the duration of the cruise. Or throw it overboard, planning to start a panicked hunt for the lost passenger.
  2. Agree that Cas Abo is lovely, and Porto Mari is along that same stretch of magnificent beach. With a rental car, you could hit them both up, and decide on your own favorite.
  3. Completely off topic, but your avatar made me chuckle. Out of summer boredom, I am bingeing BB again on Netflix. Got me thinking, I wonder why the writers made all the women in BB so awful and unlikable, yet all the women in Saul are so likeable, even the crazy nail spa owner?
  4. My paramedic friend found a mini one at the dollar store, (softball size, when filled with ice). I got myself one, and bring it now, along with an ace bandage to hold it in place in case of knee or ankle pain or injury. Also - an extra contact lens case. Learned that one the hard way. Nothing available on the ship, but I found a fellow cruiser who had one and shared. One lives in my permanently packed cosmetic case now.
  5. This should be on the St Thomas board, not Tortola. Ask the moderators to move it, you will get more accurate answers there. That said, there are plenty of taxis at Crown Bay. You can ask your snorkel provider how long to allow for a taxi to get you over there. The taxis are through the port complex, so allow for a little time to get past the stores, stalls, etc.
  6. Every year , two things cause me a chuckle here on Cruise Critic... 1. Panicky Hurricane Season discussions. Yes, it happens, yes, you may be affected, and OMG, your cruise out of Florida may be scheduled during an event, causing inconvenience. How does this still catch people by surprise ? 2. High hotel / airfare prices in FLL in winter. So. Fla. is a winter tourist destination, so more customers mean higher prices. It is also a popular venue for trade shows, conventions, and sporting events. So, for those who are research challenged, let me be the first to let you know that in Feb, 2021, the Super Bowl will be in Tampa FL. It will certainly affect cruises from that port, and airfare into even Orlando (an hour's drive east, services Port Canaveral cruises) may certainly be higher than normal. Now you know.
  7. Have stayed in these cabins twice. They are the first 4 cabins in the front on both sides. Nothing at all obstructing them - look at the exterior pix of the ship and you can tell. The rest have lifeboat rigging /arms / equipment (not sure of the proper terminology) in the sight line to varying degrees. 9000 - 9006 on port, corresponding on starboard. On any other ship it would seem like a long walk to the end, but the ship is so small, it really does not matter. You can get anywhere in a matter of a few minutes. It's under the bridge, so it is also quiet.
  8. Ask your travel agent if they have any clients traveling to Cuba by air who might want to buy it. Or, just hold on to it - Cuba will be open to us again as soon as a different person gets elected.
  9. If you are taking 75, there are 2 large outlet malls along the way to Tampa . Interesting perhaps if anybody in the family needs a new cruise outfit or two, or accessories 😎
  10. Just be aware that there are 2 methods of conveyance that the cruise lines use on these excursions. One is on a covered barge type boat with plastic lawn chairs for seating. One is on a sailing catamaran, as pictured. The descriptions ahead of time are vague / deceptive on which one you are getting. You can't blame the call center agents, they probably don't have the complete info either. In your case, I might be concerned that the $69 is on the barge, the $110 is on the sailing catamaran. You'll have a nice trip either way. It's my favorite thing to to in St Lucia. If you can get 10 ppl together, Mystic Man is a great alternative to the ship cattle calls. They have a nice (not luxury) catamaran to sail down there, and serve drinks and lunch along the way. $88 or so.
  11. You can also check out http://randomwind.com They are my go - to day sail when in St. M. Not a big focus on snorkeling, but there are 2 stops for swimming. It's all about the sailing and the pampering, a fun day. They dock just a few blocks from the port entrance, an EZ walk.
  12. I must have gotten it on a sale for $67. Well, your mind is made up, but maybe the info can help others decide. Not a lot to do in Falmouth, so any actual facts are helpful (i.e. you can stay all day with either package.).
  13. If a la carte works better for you, great, but just FYI, you also have the option to stay all day with the AI package. As I mentioned above in my review, it was very simple for me to not have a lunch/chair/ bar tab at the end of the day, or pulling out money all day to pay people. . Your decision should be based on figuring out if a chair, lunch, and unlimited drinks are worth $30 to you, not how long the bus driver lets you stay. The bus drivers don't care which package you have, but the servers do. Just ask your driver what time is the last bus, and get there a bit early, because they will go back to the port once the bus is full.
  14. Thanks for keeping us updated on this. I imagine it's prominent news there in SoFla.
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