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  1. You may get another answer in the Medallion thread, but what worked for me was to take a photo of the open passport, then attach the photo. I never got the scan to work either, but it accepted the photo just fine. Hope it helps
  2. I would estimate almost a half mile. You must walk from the ship to the end of the pier (can be a ways, depending on where you dock), then through all the shopping kiosks, then out to the taxi area by street. The area is well marked and strenuously regulated, just follow the signs. I cannot remember seeing shuttles, but they may very well exist.
  3. Or this: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/
  4. If you let Alejandro (the photographer) know ahead of time time that you will be getting the pix, you can ask him to be sure to get plenty of your party. He's a very nice guy. I read mention of a female photog on here, but we've had him for the last 3 Woodwind trips, the last time was in November.
  5. On Silhouette, the LCG serves a selection of gourmet burgers at lunch on sea days. Does Reflection do this as well? Thx
  6. Thanks, I'll be following as I board on the 10th for a B2B. I personally like the "random thoughts" style, recounting each and every moment of someone else's cruise can become tedious. Bon Voyage.
  7. Another unattractive feature (to many of us, anyway) is the large overhang blocking the sky, particularly on the M class ships. While my sun worshipping days are behind me, I do like plenty of light in the cabin, and the ability to see the night sky from my balcony, should I so choose. Both are greatly reduced in the cabins on that deck
  8. Don't know how it is now, but when she was sailing to Cuba, there was a very nice Diamond + cocktail event nightly in the Viking Crown lounge.
  9. Here's the board you need. Turks and Caicos is the name of the country (made up of several islands), Grand Turk is the island where you will dock. Good Luck - it's a tiny island, I would be very surprised if they have more than one place to rent horses. Also try TripAdvisor for non cruise related activities like this https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/291-grand-turk/
  10. Ditto. Also pretty good and cheap drinks. I would do this excursion again on any day but Saturday or Sunday. Just be aware that weekends will be very busy with locals and homeowners (it is the main beach inside a housing development), as well as ship excursions. On a recent Sunday excursion from Celebrity, and in spite of the guarantee of a sun bed, people had to wander up and down the beach and wait for someone to leave in order to get a place to sit. I'll be in Curacao next month, unfortunately again on a Sunday, so I have opted to spend the day at a private resort instead. The cost is much more, but I will not need to fight the masses for my day under the palm trees.
  11. The nice thing about Celebrity is that you will be in the fitness center, not on display in the atrium where all the bored old men will sit and leer at you. Creepy. I never understood why Princess did it that way, unless it is indeed to provide entertainment for aforementioned bored old men. Not to mention the slick, polished flooring - yeah, that's safe...
  12. Hotels have been doing that for years on third party reservations (Expedia, etc. on line sellers). Those companies buy rooms at 30% and higher discounts before they sell them back to you at a higher rate. During sell out or high demand periods, the hotels can get whatever full price the market is demanding when people book directly with them. In those cases, third party reservations have a habit of disappearing, or being cancelled for some arbitrary reason.
  13. I know this - however, I rarely take more than a few days to finish a book, and know that frequently other ppl are waiting for it, so I go on Amazon and "return" it to the library as soon as I finish. That is why I didn't know that they disappear automatically after the due date. I guess I wasn't clear in my other post.
  14. Ok, I never keep mine until the due date. I did not realize that. Good to know, and that answers my question. i use the Kindle app on my iPad to e-read, maybe that’s why I have to go through a few steps to return to the library.
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