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  1. Maybe someone on your roll call who is US based would pick up a bottle for you ahead of time. .
  2. Maybe someone can post the open venue PDF for Allure. Tells where vax v. non vax passengers can go and what activities they can participate in. For my upcoming Mariner cruise, it shows a 70s Disco Party, a Hush Silent Party, and a Red Party. Non-vax passengers are excluded from all three, but can go to the Ice Show and sit on one level of the Theatre.
  3. Here is the Bahamas board. I think you would get more responses if you ask there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/35-bahamas/
  4. There are many threads on the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity main boards abut recent cruisers' experiences.
  5. Hi Susan, Yes, finally taking that same 14 day on the CB again, but not till Jan 2023. You should come along!
  6. The Lawn Club Grill offers delightful gourmet burgers at lunch on (some) sea days. Watch the daily paper. It's a nice alternative to the MDR, or the zoo that is the lunch buffet on sea days, especially on longer cruises.
  7. If you want a true 14 night (no going back to Ft Lauderdale in the middle), the Caribbean Princess is doing a few dates next year. No comparison on the ships, of course, it depends on which is more important to you - ship or itinerary.
  8. http://www.shuttleserviceinmelbournefl.com/ There are several options if you Google your question. This company has been around for years and remains quite reliable.
  9. I mentioned this on another similar thread, but it bears repeating... The HAVE the technology. I am able to make my specific, daily dinner time and place reservations today for my Dec 2022 cruise. I'm not a techie, but it cannot be that difficult to employ the same method for tiering and booking port arrival and check in times.
  10. Don't forget your bug spray. Fun trip, the breeze is welcome on a hot day.
  11. Thanks for this lead. I have a St Thomas port stop in 2023 that is in port 8AM - 10PM, so I am definitely going to contact them when we get closer and arrange for one of their JVD trips.
  12. Agree. Please don't encourage your kids to support animal cruelty. (not sorry)
  13. And those who don’t always want to clean up, dress up and / or sit at a noisy bar to enjoy an adult beverage. Just back from a shore excursion, dressing for dinner, relaxing on the balcony, there lots of reasons to not go out and use the Plus. It’s not at all about saving money, it’s about convenience.
  14. Another disclaimer: I have NOT tried it post-Medallion. It may indeed be more evident that you are staying over. I forgot about that pesky, all knowing tracker in use now. 😄
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