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  1. Thanks OP, I was able to get reductions on excursions booked on both legs of a B2B in January, and on a 12 day booked for Nov 2020. Agree about no notification, but once I got into the Planner, I could see the new pricing, and it was easy enough (tho slow) to cancel and re-book all at the lower prices. Saved over $200 all together. I posted it on the roll calls, hope I can pay it forward.
  2. My experience a few weeks ago was completely different, altho I was early, and did self assist walk off. They have transitioned to facial recognition in Terminal 25. The line moved right along (at that hour), and all one had to do was pause for a second in front of the camera. If recognized (from passport photo, I assume), it flashes OK. If not, "see agent" flashes. Since it knew me, I just kept walking out to the Uber pickup. Fastest I have ever been through Port Everglades. I can only assume, that since they planned for this facial recognition to work for most passengers, they cut down on the number of agents and booths - in fact , the old style booths are gone. This certainly would cause the type of holdup you describe. New procedures always have speed bumps. Haven't they always had 2 lines, one for US passport holders, and one for others?
  3. I totally agree, one's time is valuable as well. With that in mind, here's what I did for my 14 day Circle Carib in early 2021. Several reports here indicate that (currently) on Day One, I could trade in my elite minutes and get the full voyage unlimited package for $90. Hard to predict a price increase (decrease? not likely) this far out. So, instead, I pre purchased the full voyage unlimited on my Personalizer for $99.99. - it's paid for (must be paid in advance, cannot use OBC like you can for shore excursions) - Day One is open to do as I please, rather than bother the IT folks. - $7.14 / day is a price I can easily live with. - best case - the price goes up and I can be even happier - worst case - the price goes down, or $90 remains the price, and I go to IT on Day 2 and demand $9.99 or more back in OBC. Just kidding - I'm not that person. If I need to fuss over $10, I should not be cruising.
  4. Worked fine with Surf on the Silhouette last week. Even Facetime on my iPhone. Agree with the others on video (nope) and photos (a few at a time via message or email).
  5. You can also remember BMW, like the car - bread, meal, water.
  6. Is your stair question about getting in and out of the water? If so, then yes, there is a ladder, then a few steps. There are numerous posts here with photos, if you care to search. From the dock, you must be able to step onto the boat, but it will likely be close to level, depending on the tide. No stairs there. I would not categorize it as open bar - drinks are offered after the snorkle, but everyone is there to snorkle, not party. There is not really time or the atmosphere to get tipsy, but you can certainly have more than one. On my sail with them this past week, there was a woman who stayed on the boat reading a book the entire time, so you can come along just for the ride.
  7. I’m on Silhouette now, this morning Sue Denning hosted a “Girl Power” Q & A seminar with about a dozen female staffers. She said she will be on board that cruise, as well as our current Hotel Director, Nina, and Capt Kate, of course. All female bridge crew. i think it will be a very fun week for all those on board.
  8. Yes. If you want to carry on only, do it, and ignore the complainers. It's a glorious feeling to be unpacked , settled, and enjoying a cocktail on your balcony well before the boat drill.
  9. Mine fits fine: 24" x 18" x 11". Hard side, not a lot of room to spare, but have scanned successfully at Port Everglades, Port Canaveral and Port Tampa.
  10. I checked my notes, and the offer showed up on day 7 (of 12). It was $85 for unlimited for the rest of the trip. I still had some free minutes left at that point, so I went to the Internet cafe and asked the guys if it would go lower in a few days. They said that was as low as the price would go.
  11. Good info to have - thanks. I looked, but did not see that anywhere.
  12. Ummm yum, Painkillers for breakfast. I can't answer your questions specifically - tho if Disney is like every other cruise line - 12:15 means back to the ship time. I just checked their webcam (9 AM on a Saturday), and there are people on the beach, and a few boats moored in the bay. There is a message feature on their FB page, you could ask there if they will have a Painkiller waiting for you. Looks like you would arrive 9ish. Enjoy, I love that place.
  13. Yes. My experience on Silhouette was that by the time I used my free minutes, they were offering a "rest of the voyage" price to everyone, which was certainly less than on boarding day. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they then also added my 35% discount to the discounted price. This was a 10 day Caribbean, so for this sailing it was not free minutes or a discount, it was both. Every ship, every time, or an error...who knows?
  14. https://cozumelbarhop.com/ I know you don't want an excursion, but why waste your time at the touristy places in town? This is an awesome day, you can bar hop, plus see the nicer side of the island.
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