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  1. @Pelican Bill So neat to see someone else knows what "tip" stands for (or, more accurately, stood for -- since, as you noted, they're now commonly expected after a service is rendered).
  2. Mine, too. I'll wait a couple of days to make sure it doesn't post, and then will call. It was my initial deposit as well, made to a different CC than the one shown in my refund email, so it's possible it's in process.
  3. Here are pictures of my sushi-making efforts aboard Enchantment . . .
  4. I did it on Enchantment OTS; it was a lot of fun -- and a lot to eat! If you do take the class, don't eat right before; we made three different rolls, and were invited to eat them then and there. I chose to take my plate back to our stateroom so my husband could sample my handiwork. Once we returned home, I was inspired (and emboldened) to make more . . . it gave me a lot of confidence.
  5. There is also an online means of requesting shareholder OBC: https://rclshareholderbenefit.questionpro.com/. It looks like a survey, but prompts you to enter your cruise info (ship, embarkation date, reservation #) and then allows you to upload a PDF (or other file type) to show your stock ownership.
  6. Thank you for your creative and positive poem, Belle! I'm down 1 lb! My weight graph still looks like the Rocky Mountains, all jagged peaks and valleys, but the trend is still downward, so I'll definitely take it. I reminded myself this morning that this is a long-term goal, not something that will take just a few months. Given that I'm trying to get back to a level of fitness and weight health that I enjoyed thirty+ years ago, I need to rein in my expectations and impatience :-). I'm ecstatic that our golf courses will reopen (on a limited basis) next week -- I love playing golf, and always walk, so am looking forward to being able to engage in prolonged exercise once again. I've gone walking almost every day, for at least 30 minutes each time, so am hopeful that I'll be able to complete 18 holes. I've been working on stretching a lot -- I still have a few twinges from my ribcage musculature, but they are greatly diminished. Melmar and Diana, great losses! PaCruiser, hang in there; that's so neat that you're partnering with your daughter. Jan_in_Maine, I've been following one of your city's finest on FB -- Lt. Tim Cotton. I really enjoy his writing -- are you familiar with it?
  7. Good morning from Eastern WA! Spring has finally really sprung here -- for me, that means the forsythia are still (barely) in bloom, and the lilacs are out! I love walking by lilac bushes -- I don't even have to reach over (for one of the highest blooms) and grab a head of flowers to smell -- I can smell them three feet away :-). Jan, congratulations on doing so well with your spring cleaning! I'll have to emulate your practice of breaking it down into manageable chunks. We were going to work on serious decluttering this spring -- but have postponed, because there's nowhere (or no one) to take the clutter to, and no way of having a yard sale. Maybe I'll start tagging the things that we want to get rid of . . . PA Cruise and Diana, great losses! I have switched to eating plain nonfat Greek yogurt with a dab of honey and frozen fruit -- I let it sit for about 10 minutes to allow the fruit to start thawing, and then stir it up and eat it. I find I enjoy the tangy taste of the plain yogurt, coupled with the slight sweetness of the honey and the thawing fruit. I love the ideas for alternative cruise activities; we were supposed to be docking in Cartagena, Colombia today on the Norwegian Bliss; some of my fellow would-be cruisers and I have been posting in our FB group as if we were actually on the ship; it's actually somewhat therapeutic, and I'm learning a lot about the Bliss without ever having been on her. Technically, I'm down .3 lb from last week, although right now I seem to be on a periodic up/down/up cycle. I had planned on adhering to my Noom plan while on the 21-night cruise, so although I'm tempted to try out the "Ashore Unlimited Beverage Plan," I probably need to enjoy that virtually as well :-) Diana in WA
  8. I'm still hoping (because it springs eternal, you know!) that we'll be able to enjoy ours on Allure in November!
  9. @John&LaLa, I noticed your comment in Post #38 about your insurance . . . I've been able to request extension of the policies I've purchased so they can be used for a future trip. The most recent cancelled cruise (NCL Bliss Panama Canal) was covered under a Travelex policy; they (Travelex) granted me a one-time date extension on the policy. It will cover a future trip up until April 2021, and if the amount I need to protect is lower, they will (supposedly) issue me a refund on the premium. I don't know if that will help, but maybe . . .
  10. Perhaps I should change my screen name to "OneDayL8te"! Thanks for the poem, Belle; it was spot on! Tomorrow we would have started our travel to NYC, preparatory to boarding NCL Bliss for our Panama Canal cruise. Am I sad -- of course! As you wrote: "One thing will be true for us all Our next cruise isn't our call" -and- "Thin might not be the word but will weigh less Should be eating right and doing exercise in this mess" I am so grateful for the support of this group, and value your comments and experiences. They've really helped me with downs (and ups), not just in terms of weight, but also emotions and goals. I guess I'm down .9 lbs this week, but since I weigh myself daily (under Noom), that changes day to day, and I've learned to accept that as long as the overall trend is downward, I'm doing the right things. I will seize on the opportunity to eat more healthily than I might have chosen to do aboard the Bliss for 21 days! The weather here in Eastern Washington has been very springlike, with temperatures in the mid 60s during the day, and down in the low 40s at night. Irrigation just got turned on this week, so my weekend task is to work on the sprinklers, several of which need to be replaced. Mask in place, I braved Home Depot to find replacement sprinklers and parts; most people seemed to be trying to keep their distance, but some apparently thought that this was an appropriate 'family outing,' so I made several detours down uninhabited aisles to get the things I needed. My ribs should be pretty much completely healed by now (4 weeks into the 4-6 week healing projection); although I still have some pain (I learned it's called "intercostal" -- didn't know I had muscle between my ribs!), it's manageable with rest and small doses of ibuprofen. Fortunately, we have ample places to walk, so I've been able to walk every day and increase my distance; I'm up to about a 40-minute walk. I hope you all are doing well. Diana from WA (aka IRMO12HD, aka OneDayL8te!)
  11. I just spoke with Travelex regarding my travel insurance for our (cancelled) Panama Canal cruise aboard NCL Bliss. As has been mentioned, I won't be able to get a refund for the premium I paid (unless I can prove that all of the money has been refunded to me by the cruise line, airlines, etc. That won't happen until July at the earliest, so . . .). What I can (and will) do is request a "One Time Date Transfer" to switch the policy to another trip. I will have to start that trip within a year of my cancelled trip. It's my understanding that if the new trip costs less than the original trip, I can request a prorated refund of the difference in premium. I purchased this policy through squaremouth.com.
  12. Hi, everyone! Well, two weeks have passed since my accident, and I'm happy to say that my pain has reduced to the point where I have resumed my daily walks -- although on a greatly reduced scale so far. I reduced my steps goal to 3000 steps per day, and will increase it 500 steps probably every other day. Ups and downs as far as the scale is concerned, but I'm down overall, so that's good. My husband has been doing the food shopping, and has been doing a good job -- I'm all over him about washing his hands as soon as he comes in the door, and apparently the stores have been on top of sanitizing the carts and providing hand sanitizer both entering and exiting. It's asparagus season here in Eastern Washington, so I'm ecstatic -- one of our local farms has set up an online store, with farm "curbside" pickup. $1.75/lb, but it's cut fresh that morning. Our Panama Canal cruise on the NCL Bliss has been cancelled, so am extending my goals out to my birthday in August and then (hopefully) our Transatlantic cruise on RCL Allure OTS in November. Governor Inslee just extended our "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" through May 4. Well, at least that should give my ribs time to heal fully! Diana (in WA)
  13. @tbae, thank you for posting. I appreciate reading your positive viewpoint.
  14. Thanks for doing the review! We are (most probably) not going to be able to experience the Norwegian Bliss (April 19 Panama Canal sailing NYC-Seattle), which would have been our first NCL experience, so I'm really enjoying your descriptions.
  15. April 12 out of LA? Isn't that sailing out of NYC-Manhattan?
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