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  1. Rack two more Pfizer vaccinations up in the "Slightly sore arm for a day but then fine" column! Got my second yesterday; trimmed our rosebush and took a 30 minute walk and I was fine! Feeling grateful for the vaccination and for the lack of side effects.
  2. @island ladyI love seeing your creations! You are so innovative and imaginative :-) Do you watch the "Chopped" series at all? I've learned about a lot of new foods and ways to prepare them, as well as ways to incorporate leftovers!
  3. @prov2727Are you in the US? This is so weird; I'm going to try installing the app on my (ancient) Samsung Tab A and see if it happens (since it's Android, and since it's older, it's probably not the best test vehicle, but . . .) I appreciate your comment about using it to alleviate "hard days;" hope they're getting fewer and farther between.
  4. 51 degrees (F) here in southeastern Washington. We have two small clumps of snow left over from my driveway clearing efforts -- and a bunch of matted down grass! After three days of tromping through the snow for my (almost) daily walks, it's nice to be able to step out without worrying about slipping on packed snow or icy slush --or maybe it's slushy ice.
  5. Thanks, @davekathy. Going on the premise that it's better to beg forgiveness sometimes . . . https://www.shopmyexchange.com/veterans
  6. An additional note: AAFES (that's the Army and Air Force Exchange Service) extended online shopping privileges to all honorably-discharged veterans (effective November 2017). Since Exchange purchases are tax free, and they offer free shipping for orders over $49, it can be a big benefit. I can provide the URL if it's allowed.
  7. Thanks! I assume since you mention seasoning, that it's not coated with anything? I've noticed that many of the stones currently available have a non-stick coating, which I'm pretty sure I don't want.
  8. @island ladyand other pizza stone aficionados -- Do you have a brand of pizza stone you would recommend? I had a Pampered Chef stone long ago, but never got the hang of it, and let it go. I'm now intrigued (and inspired!), and would like to try again . . .
  9. Well, so much for that theory 😉 . . . Thanks, @ziggyukfor the update.
  10. @jetactJust curious -- do you have an existing reservation that shows the dreaded "Default Itinerary Name" label in the Name field?
  11. Thanks, @All-ready2cruise. I think you're right.
  12. I have an iPhone 11, running OS 14.4. I did change the setting to "Clear Data on Next Start," but that didn't affect the outcome. I'm starting to think that the problem is with the status of my reservation, and that until NCL changes or cancels the cruise, I'll continue to have this problem. Maybe I'll make a new reservation . . . what an excuse, right?? :-)
  13. Still not working, despite following the remove/reboot/reinstall/reboot sequence. Sigh. I spoke briefly with NCL Tech Support, and they were at a loss to explain it as well. I still would like to find out if people who use the app find it useful while "ashore," or if its primary usage is aboard an NCL ship.
  14. Thanks, @moto_italia. I'll try that (mine's on an iPhone, too).
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