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  1. Thanks, @Bubbeh for your advice. I do recognize that WA is huge [ironically, that is also my state's abbreviation :-) ), and I wouldn't plan on seeing a whole lot (I appreciate your tip about using the train). I just thought that it would break up the cruise days a bit (I LOVE cruising; my husband isn't quite as wild about it, so I thought some "land days" might help). I usually do a TON of research on our travels (before we go), and I haven't done that yet. What would be some highlights in WA that might be reachable in a day or two from Perth? I'm sure I'll be back for a land-based extended trip . . .
  2. I'm hoping for insights or experiences on planning a cruise around Australia in 2021. My husband had some friends who went on a circumnavigation cruise, and they really enjoyed it. However, I'd really like to have a chance to explore a bit more, especially on the western side, as I've never been there. Sooo -- I'm researching stringing together 'top end' and 'bottom end' cruises to see if I can swing a week or so in between. In the meantime, I'm also trying to schedule around a Trans Pacific cruise on Ovation which departs Yokohama on May 8, 2021 (already booked). If that doesn't work out, then I'd be looking at Oct/Nov 2021. I've done some research on available itineraries, and scanned through about 20 pages of topics in this forum, but haven't turned up much in the way of past itineraries that worked, or thoughts for the future, so I'd appreciate reading any comments!
  3. Looking forward (I think! ) to using the Reduced Air promo in April 2020; regardless of the flight arrangements, it's hard to beat $49.50 (+ $25 Air Deviation) for one way Seattle - NYC! I won't be complaining :-). I noticed that on our sailing, it's now an "either/or" option with an additional $50/shore excursion credit.
  4. I'm faced with the same issue in April 2020 -- coming from the Pacific Northwest to NYC, with the cruise leaving on August 19. Supposedly all NCL has to do is book you on a flight that gets you to your destination before midnight of the first day of your deviation. Although you'll be getting in the first day of your deviation, it may be really late at night -- or really early -- but it should be on that specific date. I would make refundable reservations to fit your possible schedules; once you get your flight arrangements, and before that refundable period ends, you can make the necessary adjustments.
  5. Out of curiosity -- since you got a 1-day deviation, does your (overnight) flight Sacramento-Miami get you in the day before your cruise, or the day of your cruise?
  6. I'm in the process of rereading the books in preparation for the release of Blue Moon. :-)
  7. That would be fine, too. According to our itinerary on the Summary, our deviation is set to commence on the 17th out of Seattle -- so, given the flight patterns I've been able to find, we'll probably be leaving any time on the 17th. I'm not too concerned, really -- we've encountered many different flight experiences, and have managed to survive -- we're prepared to be flexible, and appreciate however we get from West Coast to East Coast. Guaranteed it will be faster than walking :-). Thanks for your input! It sounds like you've used the NCL Free/Reduced Air?
  8. We'll be using the Reduced Air to get from Seattle to NYC for the 21 Day Panama Canal Cruise on Bliss, with a two-day deviation. I'm hedging my bets and making (refundable) hotel reservations near JFK and LGA for the first day of the deviation (April 17), and (refundable) hotel reservations for downtown on the 18th. That way, I figure that even if we get a redeye flight on the 17/18th, I'll have time (at least 15 days :-) ) to cancel whatever hotels we won't need. In the words of one of my favorite book heroes, Jack Reacher -- "Hope for the best, plan for the worst."
  9. On Cruise Planner, go to "Order History" up at the top. Click on "Show Details" for each of the Internet packages you should see there. Pick the higher-priced one, and select the Cancel button. Hint: make sure you select the higher-priced one to cancel!
  10. I don't have any specific experience with Black Friday sales, but I will say that checking on these forums, your roll call, or other places you exchange information with other passengers will serve you well. As an example, I check about every other day on Cruise Planner for prices of things I'm interested in (shore excursions, Voom, beverage packages), and post if I find a good deal. Just yesterday I saw Voom 1 Device for $11.99/day (down from 17.59 / day) on my Cruise Planner -- with no banners, no nothing -- just a price change. I posted it in my Roll Call here on CC, and one other location. Today, it shows up as a "40% Off" promotion, for the same price. Stay vigilant, and stay in touch with others on your cruise!
  11. @need2cruisesoon Were your pix taken from Deck 13? We'll be on the other side in 14868, and I was wondering if the traveling window washer will limit our view . . . It looks like its "legs" go past the balconies on the 13th deck and its people carrier will go past those on Deck 14 . . . Thank you for the great pictures :-)
  12. In the same vein (sort of), when we were on Enchantment OTS in February, I had a craving for fresh ginger root (I'm a ginger fanatic!) to put on my stir fry that I had gotten from the buffet. I went back to the "line" where I had gotten the stir fry, and asked one of the cooks if I could get some fresh ginger. He said he would bring it to me; 3 minutes later he came to where I was sitting, with a huge hunk of ginger root -- complete with peel. I explained that I just wanted some sliced ginger to put on my stir fry; he nodded knowingly, and came back a few minutes later with a salad plate with about 2 inches of sliced ginger -- yum!!
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