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  1. I don’t live in NH , now . I’m a resident of America’s Finest City . That would be San Diego . Not many RCI cruises sail from here . We have many beautiful beaches but I don’t have your advantage of beach living . We have CFA . Judy
  2. I’ve never had a Chick-fil-A or eaten in CK . I carry an iPhone on-board for pics . Ordering on one in WJ would be mass chaos especially on embarkation day . I like the WJ because of the variety. The MDR is repetitious. You are in such a terrific location . Lucky you and Laura.
  3. Were you able to watch SpaceX take-off on Saturday ? You must have had a great view. Love your cute dog , Bella ! You can get all the take-out you want on land . Soliciting comments which I think some people’s purpose is on here. I don’t mean you . The remedy to inferior food is cruising on premium cruise lines.
  4. I’m not cruise or tech savvy and I appreciated my TA checking me in and printing my final documents. I don’t like this new innovation. Will RCI reduce the travel agent’s commission as they chip away at the services rendered by travel agents ? Not all iPhones support the RCI app and why is the TA check-in and client access to the app mutually exclusive ? Can’t you do both ? To those who only deal with RCI , how will you feel if they start charging you for booking with them directly like the airlines do for calling their agents to book a flight ? I don’t think this is a customer enhancement move but a money saving and time saving move . I liken this to self-service check-out at big box stores like WM and HD . Fewer duties performed by workers equals fewer employees and less money paid to them .
  5. Trainman followers have kept the thread alive . They are looking for contributions so you will be most welcome . Judith doesn’t write but we get updates from Jim’s and Judith’s mutual friends about her .
  6. Go read her April thread . Slightly different story .
  7. Sorry that happened to you ! You were more than gracious in not cautioning him to stop coughing on you .
  8. The Clorox Disinfecting Wipes canister clearly states : “ .....use enough wipes for treated surface to remain visibly wet for four minutes . Let surface dry “. Read the label on your Lysol canister . If you are going to be disinfecting your surroundings , better to be doing it correctly .
  9. Not even suggesting you use undiluted or diluted bleach in your stateroom or at home . The fumes are too strong , dangerous when mixed with certain compounds , not to be used on certain surfaces. Also , very harsh on the skin.
  10. Firstly , listening to the audio from the Supreme Court , first time in history . Case involves Booking.com and trademarking generic terms. Not one to dwell on or correct others on insignificant, picayune matters however for future reference the mask RCI is seeking a trademark on is called Seaface. Enough of that ! I am aware of anti-fogging remedies and I’ve ordered from Amazon a couple of bottles . Yes , some good will come out of this. Unfortunately , it will come at a cost of much suffering by those affected by Covid-19. Rules are only as good as they are enforced and cooperation by those involved. They can start with the self-serve buffet . How many times have you seen transgressions, there ? We don’t wipe down anything in our stateroom and the next time you do , read the directions on the label. The cleaning solution has to wet and remain wet for a certain amount of time eg from 4 to 10 minutes. In the two years that I took microbiology, we wiped down our lab benches with bleach . It was not only effective but cheap. On our noro cruise , my husband asked the staff many questions about what they were using for cleaning . They were clueless up the chain .
  11. I learn something new every time I log on to this site. Looked it up and RCI did apply for a patent on April 8 th for a mask called SEAFACE . There is no mention who is to wear it and where it is to be worn. Are they going to be gratis , how many for each passenger, how to eat and drink with SEAFACE on ? So impractical as to be useless . You must really want to cruise to be so inconvenienced . What am I going to do differently ? I’m going to book with a refundable deposit .
  12. Trying to stay positive however wearing a mask fogs my glasses and that is not very practical. RCI will have to issue instructions on how to drink their beverages with a mask on . How about the smokers ? Perhaps a mask with a front zipper ? We can only hope for a quick vaccine.
  13. I like your suggestions except for packing of masks. If a mask is required, I’d rather stay at home . I’m mulling over not buying anything pre-cruise like excursions, specialty dining , gratuities, zoom or any other extras . Wait and see if the refunds are issued. There is already a problem with getting a refund instead of FCC which RCI has already issued. TA is trying to rectify the problem.
  14. Oxford is combining Phase II and Phase III testing to speed the process along . I would be very surprised if a private company was not financing Oxford’s research for a piece of the pie.
  15. There’s talk about a SARS vaccine being developed at Oxford that might be adapted for Covid-19. Summer availability would be very early .
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