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  1. And I skip the fries and throw the bun,,, all beef and cheese :)
  2. Well, it's not like there is a set price for Wagyu that is adhered to all over the country. You can probably buy it for $28 per pound but I'm sure you can pay a lot more. Locally, it's $40 per pound.
  3. sft429

    Favorite beach??

    Carlisle will be crowded but if you leave as soon as you can get off the ship you should be ok. And if you don't need a beach chair and bar service there is plenty of beach space south of the last beach bar where you could throw down a towel.
  4. sft429

    Favorite beach??

    Maybe things have changed in the 8 months since we were there but we stayed on that beach for 3 days and never saw a big crowd at Rascals. But then, that's part of the attraction. I believe any/every area of Brandon's beach is public. Same goes for the rest of Barbados and most/all of the Caribbean. I'm not sure how all that works in reality. It seems some of the Carlisle beach clubs claim an awfully large area as theirs. I've never had a problem walking through but haven't tried to throw a towel down either.
  5. Free? Maybe in the sense that there isn't a set fee schedule. If you store your luggage there all day you'd better be paying something to someone....
  6. Anything like this available for M Class?
  7. For me you just can't beat the water and sand of Carlisle. Brandon's is pretty darn close tho. There are some areas with rocks and also places where it may not be as easy to enter and exit the water. I would not walk to Brandon's and I've walked to Carlisle many times. The area you would walk through seemed more industrial and I'm not even sure there are sidewalks all the way. There may be a decent path to follow but I didn't see it from our taxi and I saw nobody walking.
  8. Harbor Lights is on Carlisle Bay so it is least likely to suffer from excess seaweed. I've only been there in Jan/Feb but have never seen any seaweed there.
  9. Condemned and vilified? Dramatize much?
  10. I really like Lupi's. You can sit outdoors and people watch. Not gourmet food but it can be a fun place.
  11. Depends on the cruise line. There was a post in the last month or so that had the numbers for all the lines if you can find that. IIRC 60 days catches most of them. Can't remember what Carnival was for sure.
  12. sft429

    Favorite beach??

    Those beach bars are located on Carlisle Bay, south of the port, all within 200 yards of each other. One of my favorite places on earth :) Brandons beach is almost as nice but a lot quieter just North of the port. Carlisle and Brandons are about the same distance from the port but I think Carlisle is easier to walk to, if that's important.
  13. If they request that you call them.... call them. If they tell you there is no need to call them... don't call them.
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