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  1. We won a cruise from the Powerball Lottery. A chartered bus furnished by Powerball picked us up from our hotel and delivered us to the pier. The bus driver unloaded all the luggage from the baggage bins before they let us off. When we were finally told to get off the bus there was a single luggage handler (who hadn't lifted a finger yet) standing in a sea of luggage yelling at all of us remember to tip him. He had no idea whose luggage was whose and I don't think a single one of us made our way over to him to hand him a tip. Wish I'd have taken a little video of that because it was comical.
  2. I filled out their form a few days ago for a one day rental in Feb and haven't had any response whatsoever..
  3. ...and the 2 Summit cruises in Aqua I booked well over a year ago for this coming Feb were $7,176 when I booked. Now, after final payment, they would cost you $12,647 with less obc.
  4. Certificates were probably for a different ship...
  5. Shoreexcursioneer or Caribbeandaypass? Maybe neither one?
  6. $10 for beach chairs and $40 for an umbrella. Sun must be intense... :)
  7. Problem solved. I was trying to check-in for the second half of a B2B. No need to do that and the software won't let you anyway.
  8. I've been trying to check in for a cruise in Feb since Sunday both on my laptop and using the app. No luck... App says check-in paused and website just gives me a blank page.
  9. Not exactly sure but this is what it says... Your Vehicle Standard Group R SFAR (R) Suzuki Grand Vitara or similar
  10. I booked on the website back in April 2019 for a Feb 2020 rental. One day, 9-4. $70 Pickup is at the Divi Flamingo.
  11. I was talking about Carlisle. The conversation seemed to have veered off from Brighton's.
  12. And I skip the fries and throw the bun,,, all beef and cheese :)
  13. Well, it's not like there is a set price for Wagyu that is adhered to all over the country. You can probably buy it for $28 per pound but I'm sure you can pay a lot more. Locally, it's $40 per pound.
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