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  1. hdowney

    Beware freebies as advertised

    I am pretty sure that no cruise lines drink packages include the top of top shelf liquors. Some have classifications such as Standard, Premium and Super Premium (such as MSC) and (as in the case of MSC) their Unlimited package only includes the Standard, the Deluxe includes Premium, but all Super Premium come at an additional cost. It definitely pays to do your research, so hopefully your post will be seen by lots of new cruisers who otherwise wouldn't know, and therefore help them make a much more informed decision.
  2. Hi. So I see the Aurea package has the Unlimited Classic Drink Package included. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to upgrade that to the Unlimited Deluxe Drink Package? If it is possible how does this work? Do you pay the difference in price between what the Classic and the Deluxe would be? And can you do it at point of booking - I am in Ireland so I would be telephoning in my booking, just checking before I call up. Thanks all.
  3. hdowney

    Anyone booked for Bellissima?

    Yea I am glad it's not just me so!
  4. hdowney

    Anyone booked for Bellissima?

    I had a sailing up on my phone for September out of Barcelona. When I looked for it on my computer there was no sailings at all. The first sailing was coming up for a grand voyage in November. Not sure what to do now as I wanted to go on Bellissima.
  5. I know I won't :( I won't get home until 11:30pm my time (GMT) so that's what, about 6:30pm Eastern. So we shall see!!!
  6. Oh my goodness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKARI sweetheart. Double digits already. <3 <3. Have a wonderful day darling. Hope mammy, daddy and your brothers and sister spoil you today. :hearteyes:
  7. Merciful goodness that hotel was a DUMP. I'm heartbroken for them about the hurricane, but it strikes me that hotel was a dump BEFORE!! So delighted to have hopped on at the beginning of another amazing review. And tell Sakari she is looking more beautiful and grown up every day.
  8. hdowney

    Aer Lingus carry on restrictions

    Why thank you :). Delighted to hear you love our wee country. You are welcome back any time :D
  9. hdowney

    Aer Lingus carry on restrictions

    When I fly Aer Lingus - which is most of the time, I take a carry on suitcase and then a messenger type bag. Never had any problems bringing both into the cabin.
  10. hdowney

    Live from the Seaside April 7, 2018

    This is my kind of review ;p:D. Following along with interest. Here's hoping I can write a review as fun and interesting on my cruise :)
  11. hdowney

    Tax on beverages while in port

    Excellent. I was wondering the same thing
  12. hdowney

    Happy Easter, Everyone

    The absolute cheek of you bogging off on a sunny relaxing fabulous cruise just as we are due to get smushed with another load of snow!!! :P I jest!!! Have a wonderful time, take a rake of pics, write an amazing review, and pray we don't get anymore snow will ya!! :)
  13. hdowney

    All things msc seaview

    I am :D can't wait! Ooh was it a good price??
  14. hdowney

    All things msc seaview

    Same!! :D:D
  15. hdowney

    Cruise Disaster

    Glad you had a good time. Sorry to hear you caught the Aeroplane Lurgy. Happened to me last time too! You are home in time for Beast from the East 3.0 that we have been promised!!!!