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  1. I've saw some horror pictures of rusty/black tile grouting, sagging chairs/soft furnishings, lot of cosmetic wear & tear as well as the plumbing issues etc. I get liking the theme of the 'old' Spirit but the execution didn't seem to match. Full disclosure, I have never sailed on her.
  2. Yes, fair point. In the UK we don't have that kind of punitive approach to quarantine, as far as I'm aware - although I may be fortunate with my employer who is encouraging at least 14 days' fully paid quarantine to those who have travelled in the affected region. The quarantine aspect has added an extra dimension to this. It would not be ideal. Health wise, I think the risks are small.
  3. Unless you are elderly or suffering from certain pre-existing medical conditions I don't think you have much to worry about. By worry, do you mean for your health, or for the integrity of your cruise/itinerary?
  4. Isn't that why I pay the fare to cruise in the first place? The whole point of a cruise/ 'all inclusive' holiday is that sundry tasks are taken care of for me, for which I am paying a premium. At home, I don't have a cleaner, cook, ironing service etc. - but nor does it cost the same sum per day to live at home as it does to cruise. I expect the cruise to be comfortable, because that is how it is advertised to me, and that is why I pay an agreed sum out of my disposable income to partake in it. Does the mechanics of how your money as a customer pays for staff at the bank, post office, bakery etc. concern you as much as it does on a cruise line? There are tons of people in the background of those operations too, and they aren't given a second thought, let alone a tip/gratuity/trinkets & chocolates. I do get a chuckle out of how generous people like to be seen to be to crew (and particularly butlers) on these forums. If true, I'm glad they are willing and able to redistribute so much of their wealth to others, but beyond a certain point, it gets sickly, and then becomes charity rather than anything else. Honestly if some of the sums disclosed on here were true, I would happily quit my job and retrain as one. Just as oil rig workers accept the compromise and are well rewarded not just for the technical skill required for their work, but the time spent away from home/risk of their operating environment etc. - I would be happy to work solidly for 7 days, 9 months at a time to be so well rewarded by the extremely wealthy cruisers. It is all relative - oil rig workers earn 3 or 4 x the mean wage because of the sacrifices they make, as well as the skill required - just as ship workers will likely earn a multiple of their home countries' mean wage because of the skill and sacrifice involved. The cold hard numbers are different, but the relativity is the same. Ship workers live well at home (as they should - for they work extremely hard), but shouldn't be pitied, and certainly shouldn't be the subject of virtue signalling by Westerners. Relativity is important as the cost of living is so vastly different.
  5. Long overdue refresh for this ship IMO. I would now actually consider sailing on her. Good itinerary and not outrageous prices as far as I can see. However, it is unforgivable the vessel is incomplete and passengers have been downgraded etc. My sympathies with those affected, I would not be impressed myself.
  6. I absolutely cannot stand 'operational reasons' as a reason given by either an airline or cruise line when something changes. It's patronising. 'Oh you simple people couldn't possibly understand the complex issues that underlie the decision' etc. I fell out with the very rude staff at an airline desk after we discovered our baggage had been offloaded due to 'operational reasons.' After about half an hour, they made some reference to it being a 'Mass & balance' issue, which is not a concept I struggle to understand, so why not just say so in the first instance? I will not be fobbed off by 'operational reasons.' I require a more detailed explanation, which may help with my understanding and subsequently may lessen my disappointment. Just being told 'no' with nothing to back it up with may work with a small child but beyond that, it's a disgraceful practice. Give us detail and don't treat us like children.
  7. Well I wouldn't quite describe my comment, made in jest, as 'lame' but thank you for pointing out the financial strength of MSC. Makes it seem even more ludicrous they're cutting back on Pringles and miniatures, eh? As it seems I have to spell it out - I was making fun of the fact that, if everyone did take an empty container, and fill it with drinks from the bar, and take it home, it would end up costing MSC more than they anticipate. Of course I didn't really think it would bankrupt the company. Tempers are frayed on this thread, for sure!! 😂
  8. Indeed! Excellent. How long before MSC declare bankruptcy? 😁
  9. Here's an idea - instead of sneaking rum-runners full of booze ONTO the ship - why not take an empty one, and a funnel? As they've removed the miniatures from the mini bar - why not just go up to the actual bar, as many times as you like (because you can), take the glass back to your cabin and tip it into the rum-runner (or equivalent) via the funnel. Rinse and repeat. You'd have a full colostomy bag (I mean, rum-runner!) by the end of the trip. Serves as two fingers up to MSC for removing the miniatures from the mini-bar, and you get a litre of booze for the cupboard back home. Plus you can still drink onboard. They'd never know?! Even better, wrap the rum-runner in a pool towel or similar, to soak up any leakage, and have the bonus of a linen souvenir too. It's up to you, the reader, as to how far you think my tongue is pressed into my cheek! The scale goes from 'all the way' to 'not at all, you're dead serious, John.' 😏
  10. Not too impressed with this change. What's next?
  11. We were on 16 and loved the short walk to the TSL and back with drinks for the cabin. Although, nothing is 'far' in the YC so you'd be OK anywhere I'd say. No noise issues at all in 16013.
  12. 'Unforeseen operational reasons' (or something similar) was the phrase used when they notified the guests on Mera they wouldn't be docking. Unforeseen?! 😲 The compensation offer was fairly generous, but I have feeling that won't be repeated on all cruises until it's open, somehow.
  13. Thanks for your review. The food options sound more appealing to me than on European MSC cruises. Glad you had a good time and appreciate you taking the time to detail this. 🙂
  14. Quite a journey, Bea! Sorry it has to end (at all), but especially with the prospect of a painfully slow disembarkation ahead. Glad you had a good time, and your cruise pipeline is in place to keep you going through the winter! 😛 Safe travels home all.
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