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  1. Excellent, thanks. Unfortunately we're first time Celebrity cruisers - that's part of the reason we were looking forward to it so much. Wouldn't mind paying £150 in order to swap (and not lose the other £150). Would most likely need to be a European itinerary and sooner than April. If I can find one, and everything lines up, I'll ask kindly if they could do it FOC.
  2. Thanks very much. If we outright cancelled I wouldn't look for a refund, I did think it would work more in our favour if we tried to keep the business with X, for their benefit and ours.
  3. Hi Alan, Thanks very much (we're down the coast from you, in Edinburgh). We have booked through an online T/A that I've used several times before (not that they can change the cruise line policy on this basis). I couldn't have anticipated when I booked any possibility of changes to our plans, else I would have went through a US T/A to get a refundable deposit or got some kind of 'any reason' cancellation cover. To me, the layman, it works in X's favour if they can do something as: a) They have plenty of time to re-sell the cabin on Reflection, probably for a higher price than we would pay b) I will still be sailing with them, and obviously paying the difference towards the new cruise I gather the CEO is reading the boards today, if she could kindly take pity I would be much obliged (!!) Anyway, I'll speak to my T/A and see what they reckon.
  4. I have a sailing booked for next April on Reflection, 11 nts Southern Caribbean. It's a fabulous itinerary and we are really looking forward to it. However, I am not sure we can commit to the cruise anymore, dates wise. I haven't booked any flights yet so OK on that front. As it was booked on UK T&C's, the £300 deposit is non-refundable. Ideally, what I'd like to do is transfer the deposit to another Celebrity cruise, closer to home and for a shorter duration. Has anyone had any luck doing this? It would be a shame to lose £300 and also lose the opportunity to try Celebrity if it can be avoided. Thanks
  5. Yes likewise, we never got Roubles for our two visits to SPB. Either paid by credit card or the guide was happy to take Euros/Dollars and pay in Roubles, or the actual vendor was happy to accept Euros or Dollars.
  6. I have never been permitted to self-disembark when sailing with MSC. It is by far my preferred method. Even in the YC I was strongly advised not to attempt to do this. Interesting others have managed.
  7. Deary me. Unfortunate the crew member was put in this position but glad it ended well for all.
  8. We're recently off Meraviglia too, and definitely don't limit our carbs. We did have a few 'misses' in terms of YC meals, which was disappointing. I did have some excellent beef in both the YC restaurant and Butcher's Cut - thoroughly enjoyed our experience there and the steak was cooked exactly as I asked. Really looking forward to Butcher's Cut again on Preziosa. The one take away I learned was that I'm going to ask for exactly what I want in the restaurant - 'off menu' - in future, although I note you didn't have much luck with your requests. Sometimes I wasn't happy with the choices on the menu, but opted for the 'best' of the bad bunch - and those usually turned out to be the poorer meals of the cruise. I'd rather have something of my choosing, poorly executed, than a choice I didn't really want to make - I think. :S We're sailing on Preziosa next which should deliver an experience closer to that of your Divina experience.
  9. Just to add more context to my experience, the full extract taken from the review I posted a few weeks ago: "Before all that though, I have quite an unpleasant experience of a bartender in the TSL to relay. I've forgotten his name (and probably wouldn't publish anyway, we all have bad days?) - but the service the day prior to disembarking (last sea day), in the afternoon hours, was shocking. Given the inclement weather, the TSL was busier than usual. Still, we entered and after 20 minutes we had not been attended to despite trying to catch the attention of the one butler working the whole lounge. I approached the bar to place an order, only to be barked at - 'Sit down, someone will come for your order' - I said 'Who?' as the lounge was now devoid of any butler or waiting staff. He again barked that someone would come and shooed me away from the bar. Another 5 minutes passed and I again approached the bar to order as no-one came.. I managed to get the order out this time, but he did not allow me to wait for it - he said it would be delivered. I was a bit miffed at this point, and I explained the whole mess to him. I advised someone should be calling for extra assistance if TSL was busier than usual. He dismissed me. Again I returned to my seat and 30 minutes after entering, we were served our simple drinks order. Going for a second round later (there were 2 or 3 butlers by this point, but I had been out at the toilet or up getting a snack - near the bar in any event) so I placed another order at the bar - to be grunted at again. OK, he was having a bad day - but a total contrast to Alex who, I'm sure, if faced with the same circumstances would have handled it with better grace. Anyway - I'm sure the grumpy barman was glad to see the back of us on disembarkation day, as we were him!" Alex was a fantastic barman who more than cancelled out the poor experience offered by this guy.
  10. I'd echo Bea's thoughts. YC food (of any variety) will almost certainly be a grade above the 'regular' food in the MDR. As Bea mentions, part of the YC premium you're paying will mean you can be more specific in your requests and they are likely to be granted as far as dining options go. I was waiting 20 minutes to be served in the TSL one day, and when I approached the bar, I was barked at by the barman to sit down. So no guarantees of quick service, although broadly we had a drink within 5 minutes of sitting down 90% of the time. Being in the YC complex on Meraviglia would be a wise move I'd say.
  11. As Copenhagen isn't the main embarkation port (on our cruise, around 1,000 were boarding there, the other 3,000 got in Kiel), there was hardly any line when we arrived around 1230 or 1. So you should be able to breeze right on. Wouldn't arrive earlier than 11 though as mentioned.
  12. Thanks, a great summary on your experience. 🙂
  13. A few weeks ago after leaving Meraviglia, we took the train. About 1 hr 20 minute trip to the central station. MSC provide a shuttle bus (much cheaper than a taxi) to the train station. Certainly Meraviglia docked quite far away (9km) from central Kiel (due to her size?)
  14. Hamburg is gorgeous! Do enjoy, and I look forward to your review. 😄
  15. Wow, what a perspective. I didn't realise earlier that this is outwith the basin cruise ships dock in. I had assumed it was during the docking process this happened but not so.
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