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  1. Well I wouldn't quite describe my comment, made in jest, as 'lame' but thank you for pointing out the financial strength of MSC. Makes it seem even more ludicrous they're cutting back on Pringles and miniatures, eh? As it seems I have to spell it out - I was making fun of the fact that, if everyone did take an empty container, and fill it with drinks from the bar, and take it home, it would end up costing MSC more than they anticipate. Of course I didn't really think it would bankrupt the company. Tempers are frayed on this thread, for sure!! 😂
  2. Indeed! Excellent. How long before MSC declare bankruptcy? 😁
  3. Here's an idea - instead of sneaking rum-runners full of booze ONTO the ship - why not take an empty one, and a funnel? As they've removed the miniatures from the mini bar - why not just go up to the actual bar, as many times as you like (because you can), take the glass back to your cabin and tip it into the rum-runner (or equivalent) via the funnel. Rinse and repeat. You'd have a full colostomy bag (I mean, rum-runner!) by the end of the trip. Serves as two fingers up to MSC for removing the miniatures from the mini-bar, and you get a litre of booze for the cupboard back home. Plus you can still drink onboard. They'd never know?! Even better, wrap the rum-runner in a pool towel or similar, to soak up any leakage, and have the bonus of a linen souvenir too. It's up to you, the reader, as to how far you think my tongue is pressed into my cheek! The scale goes from 'all the way' to 'not at all, you're dead serious, John.' 😏
  4. Not too impressed with this change. What's next?
  5. We were on 16 and loved the short walk to the TSL and back with drinks for the cabin. Although, nothing is 'far' in the YC so you'd be OK anywhere I'd say. No noise issues at all in 16013.
  6. 'Unforeseen operational reasons' (or something similar) was the phrase used when they notified the guests on Mera they wouldn't be docking. Unforeseen?! 😲 The compensation offer was fairly generous, but I have feeling that won't be repeated on all cruises until it's open, somehow.
  7. Thanks for your review. The food options sound more appealing to me than on European MSC cruises. Glad you had a good time and appreciate you taking the time to detail this. 🙂
  8. Quite a journey, Bea! Sorry it has to end (at all), but especially with the prospect of a painfully slow disembarkation ahead. Glad you had a good time, and your cruise pipeline is in place to keep you going through the winter! 😛 Safe travels home all.
  9. That's a real shame, Bea. I feel a 20% future cruise discount is significant in gesture (and personally I'd be 'happy' with that) but appreciate there will be widespread disappointment with this change.
  10. You get plenty of 'bang for your buck' with the Butcher's Cut menu - huge steaks, and tasty too, if that's your thing. The tapas menu didn't appeal to us at all.
  11. Ah, that explains it - hadn't thought it would make any difference when it comes to cutlery (obviously it does!) 🍴🍴🍴 Yes, my eye for detail gets me in trouble sometimes when I'm being critical. Other times I am amazed by how close attention is paid to the detail, and those are the venues that get my biggest endorsement.
  12. We also ordered off-menu in the Asian restaurant on Orchestra, without issue. It's a strange attitude to deny this in the first instance, as you say, cost wise it's pretty neutral (and in my case, I cost them far less than the experience entitled me to as I don't like Asian cuisine!). BC is a delicious meal indeed. Glad it was better than your last experience (cheesecake aside!). I seem to recall you had reservations about going back at all this time around, so bad was your last visit. We made the mistake of having a late lunch before visiting BC (first time around) but made sure not to repeat the error again! The ribeye is massive as well I find (I first thought it was bone-in when I seen it was 14oz). I notice the cutlery is the 'wrong' way round in a few photos - is that your preference, or how the table is set?
  13. Glad the fish n' chips were good, Bea. You didn't like the look of ours when we posted a photo from Mera so glad the standard has been restored! 😛 I noticed a few MDR dishes that looked better than YC offerings at times, but I talked myself out of ordering them because of the belief I was paying for a higher quality in the YC so why should I save MSC money by ordering a 'cheaper' dish! Silly I know as I probably would have enjoyed the particular MDR dish more. Seems all is going well, and glad it is for you & DH - especially after your Seaview cruise.
  14. I'm also Platinum on NCL, but have enjoyed all of my MSC cruises - some parts better, some parts not, as with everything! I've also seen NCL's crazy pricing for the Greek Isles and I'm surprised they can fill a ship at all. Enjoy!
  15. Thanks Jazzbeau, great review. I'm not so fond of the food as you, and would agree with Dr Cocktail's comments in this regard. We always set our expectations though - when we book an MSC cruise, it's for reasons other than the food, and we're paying a reasonable price. It is definitely a factor that comes up every time we book a cruise - 'Food's not as good as XYZ line, BUT....' You also did all the ports justice! A shame you missed Corsica but you certainly made the best of it.
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