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  1. Singapore spread of cononavirus does seem localized and confined to certain areas. The clusters have been identified and the Singapore government has pretty tight controls over comings and goings. They are at the third level out of four at level orange on risk with red being the fourth level. I would think that as long as Singapore remains at orange, Azamara may embark/disembark there. It might be one of those times where I would put on the facemask.
  2. I'm glad that worked, because that's what I would do.
  3. I hope they figure out an alternative for your cruise and somehow pay the difference in flight and other travel plans. You have to think that's what the delay is about. I just don't think Azamara has harmed anyone here and they operate differently because ships don't constantly repeat itineraries. It makes logistics more of a challenge.
  4. Here is the source and it relates to this year in the USA. Look at the paragraph under Death Rate. However, the 2% amount on coronavirus could drop. There's too much unknown, and that's why nobody wants to take any chances. It's not officially a pandemic, but it's on the brink. But the biggest difference is that right now, there are vaccines for the flu and they are at least 3-4 months from coming up with a vaccine for the coronavirus. In any case, I'd stay off of cruise ships in the region, for now. Cruise ships are breeding grounds for spreading diseases like this one. Azamara will either reach that conclusion in the next 24 hours or other countries will refuse docking of ships previously docked in Singapore. Maybe the delay right now relates to Azamara figuring out plan B.
  5. The Philippines is also considering not allowing people who have recently been to Singapore. Azamara is about ten days behind other lines in cancelling, but it sounds like they'll do the right thing tomorrow. Coronavirus is 40 times deadlier than the flu, but they're saying they are three months away from a vaccine.
  6. Nobody will correct your numbers and those numbers are incredibly understated. Everyone is saying that now. I wouldn't believe a thing Jinping says.
  7. Are they waiting for a miracle cure? It makes no sense why they have cancelled four weeks out, but not eight. Right now, outbreaks are on the rise and not the decline. Maybe they'll announce this week that they'll pull out of Asia altogether. They're starting to feel the heat on this one. Good luck.
  8. hubofhockey


    Wow, if I were fully paid for that one, I would hope they would cancel it. You're risking being stuck at sea and it's also possible that it will be more difficult to get to Singapore than you thought. These ships are breeding grounds for viruses and really should leave the region until this thing gets figured out.
  9. hubofhockey


    The HAL Westerdaam has been refused docking by five countries in Asia, despite not having any cases of coronavirus. The original embarkation port was Hong Kong over a week ago.
  10. hubofhockey

    Vietnam Visa

    Drop your own mic with that overused expression. If you want to stiff employees and try to justify it on Cruise Critic by criticizing Americans, have at it. If you're on an American based cruise line that does business in an American system, well, screw the Filipino, I guess. They have it coming.
  11. I would go three in Prime C, avoid Aqualina, and do Chef's Table. I'm just not a fan of Aqualina and don't think anything is too special there. Prime C is one of the best steakhouses at sea. Looks like they're adding Chilean sea bass to it as well. Some love the Dover sole in Aqualina, so if you like that, do a night in Aqualina.
  12. Azamara does not penalize you for nights missed as long as you are on the cruise. We spent an overnight on indochinese junk in Halong Bay and still got all points for the 15-night cruise and we were on the ships parts of 15 days (16 if you count disembarkation day).
  13. hubofhockey


    That's interesting since Busan, South Korea is the port cruise lines use to prevent closed loop Japan itineraries. Those Japan itineraries usually begin in March. Azamara doesn't do that itinerary until 2021, but some lines will have to react. I know there is a port in Russia that some lines use to break the closed loop.
  14. Good to see Japan being so vigilant on this. We're going there next year and this makes me feel better about Japan.
  15. Aqualina needs changes more than Prime C did. It's not even close.
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