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  1. This is not an Azamra issue, but I consider Azamara cruisers the most savvy of all and wanted to run it by some here. Silversea has not yet cancelled my Galapagos cruise on the Silver Galapagos for 5/23. Once they cancel, I can either get my money back or 125% credit to a future cruise. The problem is that they are retiring the Silver Galapagos and bringing on the Silver Origin and its rates are 140% higher than my current cruise. If I were to take the 125%, I would have to come up with $5,000 for the four of us (two cabins) to do the same itinerary next year at the same time. I have instructed my TA to offer them to move me over at no cost, or ask for my $26,000 refund. Do you think Silversea would accept my offer under the circumstances?
  2. We'll be in a recession and Silversea isn't recession proof. You can't "resell" cabins. They don't add an extra passenger just because someone takes a refund unless they expect to fully sell out these expeditions in the next couple of years. Most don't think they will. As far as a deal goes, it's $1,200 per person and it's a circumstance unique to customers who booked a ship which is going out of service. It's not someone off the street who hasn't given them cash. As I wrote earlier, I'm indifferent as to whether they give me what amounts to a 15% discount or return my money. Nobody is bullish on any sector of the economy with the exception of companies like Zoom. We've all lost 1/4 to 1/3 of our 401(k)s and this is going to impact the travel industry greater than 9/11 did. The cruise companies also can't benefit from the bailout because they aren't US corporations. They're hurting. Earlier this month, the company raised its credit capacity by $550 million and said it would cut spending, operating expenses and take other actions to improve liquidity by at least another $1.7 billion in 2020. Liquidity is very important to this company (RCCL). We'll see.
  3. I'll report it back either way. It would save me $4K or an average of $1K per person. It's hard to believe that they would walk away from $26K, but maybe they are more bullish on the cruise industry than others are. I'll find out soon enough.
  4. They are offering 125% FCC if they cancel. The price delta of Silver Origin (new ship) over Silver Galapagos is 140%. The math doesn't work well. My TA thinks that chances are pretty good that they would accept his offer to move it up one year. I hope he's right.
  5. I would have booked the Xpedition and not the Silver Galapagos originally, but my TA got a better deal from Silversea. Celebrity is one of our favorite lines in any case and we have the points with them (combined with Azamara). I have heard great things about Silversea in Galapagos as well. I'm really hoping they will transfer our booking to the new ship. If not, we'll take the cash back and reserve the Xpedition for same time next year and be very happy with it.
  6. It's hard for me to believe that in these times, Silversea would prefer to refund me $26K rather than move my booking out one year, even to a newer ship. I suppose I've seen stranger things.
  7. Thank you. That definitely is a very live option for us. I'll leave it up to Silversea. Once they cancel and offer either 125% FCC or refund, I'll have my TA make them an offer either to move our bookings (one is deluxe veranda and the other is explorer suite) to the Silver Origin or simply refund us.
  8. With Virginia now under restrictions until June 10, Royal Caribbean's decision on a mid-May restart is not looking realistic at all. I have a good feeling that the Silver Galapagos will never make another run under the Silversea name. We'll probably end up taking the 125% credit and then paying more ($4K plus) for the Silver Origin. There's not much else we can do other than cancel and book the older Celebrity Xpedition (or just get our money back).
  9. This is probably driven more by insurance companies for the cruise lines as opposed to anything US driven. Insurance risk knows no nationality. It is interesting that the US, to this point, has excluded the cruise industry from the $2 trillion bailout unless they register as US corporations (and they would pay more in taxes and be subject to other employee protections). Hiding under Panama, Bermuda, and Liberia flags worked nicely for the major players in the industry, but it may not now. It will be interesting to see what they do.
  10. I have a cruise with Silversea for May 23 in Galapagos. Thankfully, they are now in the RCCL family and have the same cancellation policies. The 125% Future Cruise Credit does us little good though because they are replacing our ship with a ship whose rates are 150%. I'll ask my TA if they'll move our booking to the same week next year on the new ship, but if not, I'm more than happy to get our money back. It's all wait an see at this point, but I don't understand why these cruise companies think they can charge more when this pandemic has probably damaged their industry more than other industries.
  11. They are targeting mid-May, but that is based on NOTHING. The summer Olympics, in fact, are cancelled, but these cruise companies think mid-May is reasonable. Go figure. In any case, in a couple of weeks, they'll reset the restart date to June.
  12. Fauci said that this could take several more weeks. Who knows how many is several, but that doesn't sound promising.
  13. It could also impact Silver Origin, but that ship might be completed.
  14. I don't think the Origin or Galapagos is worth that kind of money for a 7-day expedition. If our cruise isn't cancelled, we'll either dump the Galapagos altogether or book same time next year on the Celebrity Xpedition. I do wonder if the Galapagos market can sustain two ridiculously high priced ships in the Flora and Origin.
  15. Overall, I think this pandemic will cripple the cruise industry for years and prices could drop for a while. It might not impact Galapagos where inventory is at a premium, and that's the reason I'll just take my refund and move on. If this were a different itinerary (and my young 20s kids weren't booked with us), I might take the 125%. We have Japan booked on Azamara next spring and I am totally shocked that they haven't lowered prices.
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