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  1. Girlfriend told me public restrooms were open in casinos and had an attendant that sprays down your stall when you are done. Same for both casinos she went to this week.
  2. Indoor eating and drinking also banned since march in most of pa nj NYC and others. I saw on my local news a guy brought in a cup of coffee into ac casino and he was told to throw it out or leave the building. He threw it out while news filmed him.
  3. I have sailed on Anthem several times and if my memory is correct all the jr suites are in middle or hump cabins so location should be great for everyone. Maybe take a look at deck plan for anthem on this site. I recommend the suite guarantee fare.
  4. If cabin location is not an issue then the suite guarantee 200 less pp would be worthwhile. If you prefer to pick your own cabin then paying 200 more OP is up to you. Imo there is no bad suite.
  5. If you book the suite guarantee you will most likely end up with jr suite. Imo jr suite would be more suitable for 3 adults as the extra 70 +/- sq ft really does make a difference. Plus larger bathroom and walkin closet with most jr suites. If booking a suite guarantee rate is cheaper than jr suite rate I would go with that. 3 adults in ov or balcony cabins would be very tight.
  6. We are also booked on rhapsody for a b2b. If they limit capacity on the ship we may still be able to visit key west. We'll see....
  7. NYC wasnt the only major city in our country that had looter problems. None of them had control of their cities for a couple of days. I did see on news that even the shops that had boarded up were still being looted as they had tools to remove the plywood. Very sad to see both large retailers and small mom and pop shops get looted. But then it was very nice to see alot of locals from the major cities come out and help clean up their cities.
  8. I enjoy the speciality coffees for free. Morning isnt crowded so hopefully that will still be offered or maybe add 2 free speciality coffees to our seapass if self serve option temporarily unavailable.
  9. Since you are sailing during spring break your Daughter will have no problem in finding friends. I just viewed the itineraries and definitely the 9 night on Explorer is the way to go! Aruba till 10 pm, Curacao till 9 pm - that is awesome. We have seen some of the best sunsets in Aruba. For dinner you could go to the West Deck Restaurant short taxi drive from the cruise terminal. Awesome place on the water to have a cocktail, watch all the boats and the sunset is fantastic! Bonaire is another good one for snorkeling. All of these islands are.
  10. I say the 9 night to ABC islands. There is amazing snorkeling they are absolutely beautiful islands. Aruba is our favorite. To me st thomas is too busy too americanized. Yes there are some very nice parts of the island. Our son lived and worked there for a year on his "break" year from college. Imo just doesnt have that caribbean feel. On other hand we love st kitts too. But I'm going to say the 9 night cruise.
  11. We have three cruises booked for 2021 so far and will not book any cruise planner items or airfare until I see cruises start up again.
  12. Same here. For us it's about a 2 hr drive to baltimore or cape liberty but we prefer baltimore port because of the ease. From the time you see the ships to actually being on the ship is much less time than cape liberty or any ports in florida. And if we want to add a hotel stay right there at baltimore harbor is much nicer than any hotel near Cape liberty port. Unless you want to go into nyc.
  13. I knew the age of serenade and jewel but I think they have been very well maintained and i will be very upset the day they leave the rcl fleet. Grandeur was our very first sailing with rcl. I think it was a 10 or 12 night southern Caribbean out of baltimore. I have sailed on her many times and always had a great time but she has been showing signs of her age. I was to happy to see pullmanter picked her up instead of going to scrap yard but scrap yard just may happen sooner than some may like. I did not know age of adventure that surprises me too.
  14. Baltimore is an excellent port. We travel to baltimore inner harbor several times a year to catch up with friends that work in DC. love the area and Imo baltimore is the easiest port to get on and off cruise ships. Quickest of all the ones we have done.
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