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  1. There is no way I want to be yachtee. It's not an easy job with how demanding and strange some of these guests can be
  2. That is sad to hear. We were there in 2019 too. I always make a trip to Marigot market on french side and buy something fun from the locals. This area used to be thriving with a beautiful marina, hotel, upscale shops, etc. There was cafe that had delicious chocolate croissants I used to stop in and take a couple back with us (snuck on them on the ship - ssshhh!). last we were there in 2019 that whole area was in disrepair and almost everything was closed, just a few locals with tables at the market, but nothing like in the past. Very sad to hear they are still in disrepair.
  3. Yes, I am watching the current season. I am pretty sure this season is set in Antigua ? doesn't really matter, it's all beautiful. I recorded the last episode and will watch this evening. I really like the Below Deck Mediterranean as you see a lot more sights.
  4. My Dad and I have always had a special connection. I have definitely been a Daddy's Girl. I love fond memories like yours.
  5. Last I heard most european countries are still banning travelers from the US, This will all change once everyone has the chance to get vaccinated.
  6. There used to be a local burpee store off one of their warehouse but it closed several years ago. No idea why, they were always busy spring thru summer. Yes, I always love when the new catalog comes out and thinking about spring.
  7. I will have to ask my parents as they drove cross country 3 times. I think they made to all 50 states. It is definitely something I want to do. I have driven to many states, probably 30 to 35 states, but someday i want to do one big cross country trip.
  8. My SIL pretty much felt the same way from her Pfizer vaccinations. The first one she felt "yucky" for 2 days but the 2nd shot had similar side effects just not as bad. Seems to be the pattern for a lot of people. Now if we could only get appointments here. We are waiting for delivery of more vaccine for my county. They won't schedule anything until they actually have the delivery. Just have to keep calling or checking online till the site opens back up. I feel like I am a teenage trying to buy concert tickets.
  9. I just started making big pot of my sunday sauce using the last of my homegrown tomatoes that I canned this past September. Boy, they went fast with all this home cooking. They usually last until the Spring. I got my Burpee catalog in the mail yesterday and going to start planning and ordering seeds, etc for my garden this year. Last spring I had a lot of problems with local garden centers not having exactly what I wanted due to covid so this year I am going to order early.
  10. We have a b2b of 5 nights each to bermuda end of August. With beautiful aft JS too! Just let it ride and see what happens.
  11. Thank you!! I had purchased their 4 or 5 pack of assorted coffees in december. We loved their holiday blend and fisherman's blend but like a ding bat I threw out the bag after dumping into my coffee canister and for the life of me I couldn't remember the brand name other than fisherman's blend. Ordering more today.
  12. We are booked for 9 night sailing Canada/NE mid September. At first I thought oh easy enough to remove one or 2 ports to make it a 7 day cruise, but now I too am very doubtful it will happen I'm also very doubtful our August Baltic sailing on the Jewel will happen, but I remain hopeful and positive as much as I can.
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