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  1. When you are more than 90 days out from final payment you can cancel and receive full refund of deposit if refundable deposit was booked. If you booked with non refundable deposit you would only loose $100 pp and get a future cruise credit for the difference.
  2. yes, I read that online too. They are administering Remdesivir to the Princess passenger in Omaha and some in China along with another medicine (forget name but has been around for 70 years) that is used to treat malaria. Might be chloroquine that is derived from a tree in Peru and used to treat patients with pneumonia. I believe they found Remdesivir medicine helpful with Ebola, MERS and SARS patients. I think I read remedesivir has been used for treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis and known to be safe on humans. It is Moderna that says they may have a vaccine to prevent outbreak of coronavirus but has to go thru test trials then federal approvals, etc. etc. Great to hear they are finding existing medications that are helping treat patients and even better to hear they may have a vaccine in the future. All in time with all the technology that is available these days.
  3. I read online that a pharmaceutical company, Moderna, has created a vaccine that is working on mice and is going thru regulatory procedures to be able to begin testing on humans in approx. 6 weeks (only test case trials). If the trials work who knows how long it would take to be approved to be administered to everyone.
  4. We did a b2b in January for western caribbean and first cabin was port side and we saw land almost everytime. 2nd leg of the trip we moved to a starboard side and saw land every port. I am going to say majority of cruises starboard side is the better side for western caribbean cruises. Either way you will have Fun! Enjoy 🙂
  5. My last cruise a couple weeks ago they were charging $22.99/per day for 1 device for surf and stream. I always buy online thru cruise planner and usually pay around $20-$22/day for 2 devices. Black Friday sales last november got us 3 devices for $20/per day. Maybe they will have Easter sales ?? Can't hurt to hope (hop - LOL).
  6. This is exactly what my DH's transplant doctor said yesterday. It is too late to shut the door on it from entering and spreading. It will be everywhere in her opinion. One person typically spreads the virus to 3 people. What they really need to do is figure out to treat this virus. As of right now, they have not yet figured out what medications will work to fight it for those with severe symptoms/complications. Maybe HIV meds will work, maybe Hep C meds will work, maybe malaria meds will work - lots of maybes and unknowns till they start doing some human test cases. For an average person in good health doc said it is similar to getting the flu but for longer time period. have to stay hydrated, take something for fever, stay well rested, avoid others, etc. etc. It is impacting the elderly that may have other health concerns and those who are immuno compromised.
  7. We usually give $20 tip upfront and have found we get better service by doing that. If everything was great then we leave $20 last day. Plus I always pack my own shampoo/conditioner/body wash and leave them too. Couple years ago I asked our stateroom attendant if she would like to have them as I didnt want to repack them as I was concerned about luggage weight with our souvenirs and gifts She said Yes she would love to have whatever leftovers we had since they have to buy all of that for themselves. We even gave her a bottle of champagne we were given on the ship. She was thrilled We saw her on our last cruise in january. Unfortunately she was on a different deck but the night we packed up everything I took a bag with all of my leftovers for her along with bottle of red wine we got from casino. She loved it!! Hope to see her again and have as our attendant again. So now I always leave extra toiletries that I dont feel like packing.
  8. Same here - usually send request in the two weeks prior to and they usually respond with 2 to 3 days.
  9. We, also, have done a bunch of B2B's. You will really enjoy! If not able to have RCL or a TA book same cabin for both cruises, no biggy, the staff of RCL make as simple as possible for you to change rooms. We joked with our stateroom attendant when she told us not to worry about packing stuff on hangers on our first B2B that we were going to hang up all of our underwear too! Definitely take advantage and explore san juan on the changeover day. It is easy peasy to get back on the ship and kinda fun to walk by everyone that is standing in security line. You'll feel special - LOL! Have fun!!!
  10. We are 3 for 3. made it on the allure in January, made it on Grandeur last fall and made it last March too. Seems like the bahamas and caribbean has been a ot windier this year than past years. Anyone else notice that? We always cruise the caribbean for at least 3 weeks in January and this year we had several days with high winds. The cruise after us had the same winds the following week.
  11. Yes, you need wipes that either contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide to kill Noro and other viruses effectively. I have heard some passengers bring a clear plastic sandwich bag or ziploc and put the remote control in the bag since buttons could contain germs/bacteria. We were at Doctor's appointment today with the Head of the Transplant team and their opinion was coronovirus will end up being everywhere and not to stop traveling/cruising because of it. Just take all the precautious we do every day since he is immunosuppressant. Wash hands with warm water. We actually had to take a hand washing class a couple of years ago and it has always stuck with me on the proper way to wash hands and proper amount of time is 20 to 30 seconds. Make sure you thorough wash finger tips and under fingernails, If you have any cuts on hands, cuticles or other areas of arm or legs that may touch another surface by another passenger/person then put a bandaide on it. And of course, avoid anyone that appears or sounds like they are sick. Basically, common sense items that we should practice on a regular basis not just flu or other viruses.
  12. Unfortunately the prime discount is for only 1 device. If you need to more than 1 device logged on at same time maybe buy 1 device online then buy the other device onboard using prime discount. The onboard price will vary per ship and trip.
  13. I have no idea if something happened that day but they were very serious when they approached me. Yes shopkeepers were all nice just I was warned to not walk alone so I didnt and wont.
  14. The anthem has a large casino and you should be just fine. The smoke is more noticeable on smaller ships like the grandeur.
  15. I used to always purchase the coffee card online but after my last b2b in caribbean in january and them punching 2 or 3 times for a grande with extra shot of espresso just not worth all those punches. I had a coffee card with 3 or 4 punches left from a cruise in 2019 and the barista said the old card was only one punch for a grande but with the new cards it would be 2 punches plus extra punch to get extra shot of espresso. Now the barista did disclose this when I picked up my new coffee card at the cafe but not disclosed online. I have another cruise end of march and didnt bother purchasing card. Hopefully the machine in DL will be working for speciality coffee.
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