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  1. We have been watching this series too. Quirky and different is probably why we like it. Also, happy to see the series Ghost is back.
  2. The meeting onboard was held Friday while in Hawaii time zone. Maybe your agency owner did not check their emails over the weekend to share with their agents. Not sure, just a guess. There are a lot of moving pieces and unknown at this time if they will re-market sailings for the new itinerary. I suggest you stay posted on CC for updates.
  3. Your choice. Maybe do the lunch in the MDR then stop at Jamies for desert. With the UDP it usually best to write down your dining preferences before you board. Once onboard go to any of the specialty restaurants and make your reservations as preferred times tend to fill up fast. You can book the whole week for various restaurants all at the same place. You do not have to visit each one individually to book.
  4. +1 John definitely takes some great photos. @CSHS1979 Thank you for sharing
  5. Or you can show them your set sail pass and they can scan the bar code as proof.
  6. When do you leave for Singapore? I wish you and Gary safe travels and hope you have lots of fun exploring with good weather. Hope to see some photos if you will have internet. 😊
  7. The travel advisory is not uncommon. Seems to apply to an area that is known for gang violence. As I do anywhere just be aware of your surroundings. I will be in Nassau in a little over 2 weeks and plan on walking over to Junkanoo beach, maybe the Fish Fry area and probably some shops on my walk back. I avoid stops at the Straw Market building, I find them pushy. This will be my first visit with new shops open at the newly designed port. I was there several times during construction and look forward to exploring now. I have heard the Pirate Museum is neat to visit at least once.
  8. My post was saying she is Not onboard yet to speak with Guest Services (as the phone rep advised her to do once onboard). Her sailing is not until the end of April I am actually surprised she would already know about an royal up bid this far in advance. Doubt we will ever find out what happened since the OP has disappeared.
  9. If you don't mind me asking, What is the current price on weekly Thermal Suite pass?
  10. Plus the OP hasn't been on here since the initial post on Friday.
  11. I agree, adding Jimbo's suggestion and correcting the spelling of Odyssey you have a well written letter. Please keep us posted if you receive a response. Thank you for taking your time to do this😊
  12. Maybe just me but I don't see your letter in your post Here is his email address mbayley@rccl.com @Jimbo has another one that he recommended on the WC thread maybe send to both addresses
  13. Based on OPs previous posts on CC they are booked on Explorer TA crossing end of April.
  14. The procedures you went through for 3 months sound very painful. I hope those issues were resolved and all is good now. This was my Father's approach and our approach on most things. I appreciate everyone's advice and information about their dental issues. I am leaning towards cancelling the appt for Tuesday and getting a 2nd opinion from another Dentist. As Eric says, "go with your gut feeling" and my gut is telling me I don't need this and it could cause another problem which I definitely don't want before our March 3rd cruise. @A&L_Ont Owen's Bronco is looking Great! The window tinting makes a big difference. Plus I think ceramic coating gives a nice glossy look to cars.
  15. Yes, another good point that I have thought about too. first appt this week and 2nd appt is after I return home from the cruise.
  16. I do feel it is an upsell especially since they said after they do the deep clean they will speak with me about their teeth whitening process. I will call them Monday and see what they say about my dental insurance and my out of pocket and decide from there.
  17. Good point. I was told they would check if my insurance would cover and I never heard back if it would. I will definitely call them Monday and ask what they found out.
  18. Was it painful? Would you do again? I'm unsure whether I want to keep my appointments or is this all an upsell for the new guy just starting out?
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