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  1. I understand the title company wanting a letter confirming he can read and write English. Make sense since they are notarizing documents on his behalf and are legally responsible to make sure he understands everything he is signing. Hopefully it is all done tomorrow. You have done an amazing job in caring for your family. Now it's your turn to take time for yourself and enjoy life.
  2. Based on the details Jane has provided about the buyer calling her throughout the entire process has me wondering if there is a Realtor. Jane could be selling the home without a Realtor and the buyer doesn't have to have a Realtor either.
  3. The buyer probably did a final walk through of the home with their Realtor. This is typically done the day before or sometimes the morning of the closing to insure that everything that is suppose to be there is still there. I have heard of sellers saying they were leaving appliances or window treatments than at the last minute they decide to take those items. Things like this happen all the time and is why each and every buyer is given the right to do a final walk through before signing their closing documents. Now the fact this buyer is calling Jane directly is wrong. It should be handled through his Realtor. Maybe Jane is handling the sale herself as "home for sale by owner" type of situation.
  4. Ugghhh! Sorry to hear about the bed and the buyer not having the required homeowner's insurance. His lender should have made sure he had a policy in place way before the day of the closing. Soon this will all be over and you will be enjoying your beautiful new home.
  5. I agree 110%. The CSR's for the casino are Awesome! Not only are they great with hardly any wait time on the phone for reservations, they go above and beyond on helping with dinner reservations and any other needs or special requests.
  6. I am definitely not in the medical profession to say for sure but I imagine that Doctors, PAs and Nurses hear all the time of patients self-diagnosing themselves or telling them what type of prescription they need based on a TV advertisement or the internet. That cannot make their jobs any easier but at the same time they need to listen to their patients and offer some compassion
  7. I hope everyone is enjoying their Father's Day. Eric has been enjoying a day of R & R at the beach. Chris and Donna came down late last night (Donna had to work yesterday). I made everyone omelets and scrabbled eggs for breakfast then a nice bike ride before heading to the beach. Ocean is quite chilly 65F (common this time of year) but the weather was Perfect. We had an early dinner at Polly's Dock / Clam house https://pollysdock.square.site/menu-sheet We all enjoyed the Clam bake, oyster rockefeller and pan seared oysters. Then walked a block for Key Lime Pie at the Holiday Snack bar. Now enjoying a pitcher of Mojitos on the deck and will head up to the rooftop deck for the sunset. .Overall a Perfect Father's Day (per Eric)
  8. πŸ˜ͺ bummer.. Maybe next weekend. I imagine AC is busy with Father's Day weekend. Lots of traffic on way here this morning. Island is very busy.
  9. The PVSA fine should be able to be disputed by showing proof ship doctor had her evacuated for medical reasons and wouldn't let her re-board.
  10. Leave tomorrow morning for LBI. Yippee!! We were going to start packing our cars while still light out but mother nature stopped that plan. Nasty thunderstorms with downpours passed through. Kitties are all wound up with the storms and seeing us pack. Poor babies
  11. Yes, I have purchased this sunglow on a couple of ships over the years. Last year serenade was out of stock but that was OK as I found cheaper online when I got home.
  12. @firefly333. Jane, I am so sorry you are dealing with this Ag. You may want to wait on filing your claim until you unpack boxes incase anything else is broken or missing. the fact noone thought to mark boxes is wrong too. Take pictures of their trash mess outside as well as everything and anything to document for your claim. You may want to simply notify your broker or whoever you paid that there are broken items and you need to know how to file a claim. IMO, Don't go into details with them until you have a full list. Whether they were meant to unpack boxes or not is something that should have been in writing too. I hope all goes well with your home closing. Sending you some positive thoughts and a big hug. (((((πŸ’–)))))
  13. You can always book now then if you see cheaper, maybe Black Friday sales, you simply cancel and rebook any cruise planner item at the lower price. The beach club day pass, if a decent price, is a very nice quiet area with a very nice lunch including filet mignon and lobster. Servers come right to your lounge chair at their heated pool or a beach lounger to bring you drinks. Very nice bathrooms too. Much better than the ones in the free areas.
  14. If you booked casino comps and plan on putting the couple into one cabin and then you and your husband into another cabin. The sea passes used for charges will still show their original booked cabin, guest services will simply give key cards.
  15. Bad day at work. We had a girl coming into work with her Grandson this morning. Schools done last week in our area. She was carrying a whole watermelon and her lunch bag and somehow lost her footing in the driveway (which is sloped). Her Grandson said she slid a couple of feet (flip flops on probably didn't help). She called me crying for help that she was in parking lot and couldn't get up. Her Grandson looked really scared so another lady helped calm him down while we got her inside and put ice on ankle as that was starting to swell up She refused to go to hospital but finally agreed to go to an urgent care for x-rays. My boss drove her and Yup she has a fractured fibula up towards the knee and a sprained ankle. She has an appt for ortho doc tomorrow. I feel so bad for her. Horrible to see someone in that much pain.
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