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  1. So you think you deserve a refund because of a naked man, in Jamaica of all places? My advice is get real. Royal owes you nothing.
  2. I would just take a cab. They have mini vans that can handle the 5 of you and luggage.
  3. I've always paid on line, and never had a problem with any cruise line.It's so gratifying to see the zero due at the bottom of the booking.
  4. Celebrity, NCL, and MSC are also doing the bidding process. I guess it works for them, but I've seen that a lot of people are unhappy the minimum bids offered.
  5. Thank you. I'm not in the YC, and I know about the smoking room.I didn't know about the back of the ship..
  6. Can someone please tell me where the outdoor smoking areas are on the Meraviglia? Thank you in advance.
  7. If you only paid the $100.00 deposit, that's all you will be charged. When we booked on board the Equinox, the Next Cruise rep, said that is the case.
  8. I think you are over tipping, but, as you say, tipping is a personal thing. I usually tip $25.00 to the waiter, ass't waiter, and cabin steward. I don't know if that's under tipping, but it's what I do. Of course, i still leave the auto tips, and tip room service and bar service per time.
  9. We brought my wife's DD214 when we were on the Equinox in December, and nobody asked to see it.
  10. Since they returned the mini bar, I would say no, but it still isn't the bargain it once was. I know it's still cheaper than the Haven, and I also know it's supply and demand, but really, after spending time away from the YC, it isn't something I will miss on future.cruises. I enjoy the MSC product in any form.
  11. deliver42


    Congrats to MSC for their survey awards by USA Today. #1 ship for families (Seaside), #1 Big ship (Meraviglia), #2 best ocean line. I don't know if i agree because i haven't been on either ship yet. Will be on the Mera in November, and looking forward to it. My 3rd MSC cruise, and I do like the product a lot.
  12. I believe you can't book a flight less than 330 days from the end of the cruise.
  13. Funny! I've booked 3 cruises on MSC's website without any problems, and never had a problem on the ship because they had something different on their computer than what I had booked,whether a drink pkg or an excursion. If I have to call MSC, I do it early in the morning, and have very little wait time. By the way, as you can see by my signature, I've sailed just about all the mainstreams and wait times on he phone can be long on any if them, and depending on who you get, the info will be right or wrong.
  14. Nothing that anyone says here is going to change the OP's mind, even though the opposite opinion is prevalent.
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