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  1. The current deposits for past cruises are $50.00pp for the fleet, except the Mardi Gras. I tried booking for March, 2021. I finally saw in small letters on the description of the sale, the difference. I understand a price difference for a new ship, but not a deposit difference, unless sales are going very well, and they feel people would walk away from $50.00 before they'd walk away from $125.00pp. I really don't blame them.
  2. I was hoping for the Seashore.
  3. Free JR breakfast is only on the Oasis Class.
  4. Do MSC. I'm sure you won't regret it. Been on the Divina twice and loved it. Looking at MSC again for 2021 in the Carib.
  5. If what you have has the bar code, that's all you need.
  6. That can happen at any port. If the waves are over the dock, it's a safety issue.
  7. The premium pkg is part of the 4 perks.
  8. Just about any time you get an upsell offer, it's for cabins they can't sell because of location. I guess they figure that the upsell offer is irresistable.
  9. I've read very few bad reviews on the Harmony. Please explain. Whether doesn't count.
  10. I will with hold opinion on the beverage packaging, but based on previous performance, MSC will only water down further what's available now. The only way to judge future behavior is by past behavior, and in past behavior, MSC fails miserably.
  11. I've already cancelled 2 MSC cruises because of their delays, bith pretty early in the process. They've been pushing OC for 2 years, and just keep pushing it out. I'll book MSC again after OC is open. I don't even believe the 12/5 date anymore. It's like the boy who cried wolf.
  12. Wow, what a difference from when I was on the Divina a few years ago. Unlimited drinks from the fridge. Alcohol or not. Whatever was used they refilled.NO CHARGE on anything. YC isn't worth the money now, as the Haven on NCL isn't.
  13. As you can see by my signature, I've sailed several lines, and depending on th time of day, hace waited more than 20 minutes on all of them. The same can be said for banks, and any other venue. To cancel because of a 20 minute wait is like cutting your nose to spite your face IMHO.
  14. This is fairly common regardless of cruise line.
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