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  1. The prices go up and down like an elevator. All you can do is watch every day.
  2. If you like the perks, then I'd choose NCL on any ship over Carnival on any ship.
  3. We are booked on 3. Celebrity, MSC, and Royal in that order, starting in March,2021. All new ships, and hopefully they will all be ready.
  4. Don't forget. to Royal it's still a new ship, thus the price.
  5. I would think Royal would want her because she's a new class of ship for Florida and would boost bookings.
  6. I haven't seen low prices for cruising on any line. Just the same shell game they always pay. Give here, and take there.
  7. First off, my barber has 8 chairs and the barbers pay rent for the use of those chairs. This is in Polk County, Fl, but that's the way it works. The same was for the salon chains. Milwaukee Eight, why do you come off so angry? If you don't like the way cruises operate, stay home. Don't take it out on the crew. If they paid a living wage, you'd be the first to scream the prices are too high, which they would be.
  8. ate Jan or Feb shouldn't be that much of a problem concerning kids. It's after Christmas and before spring breaks.
  9. I doubt a refurb will be done any time soon.
  10. The problem is that one is a repositioning cruise, and the other a round trip.
  11. That's OK. Extra tipping isn't necessary, though I'm one that does. My beef is with the people that take off the auto grats.
  12. Definitely the Liberty. I've been on the Jewel and the Serenade, both sister ships of the Brilliance, and while they are beautiful ships, there really isn't much to do, even for adults, much less for kids.
  13. Personally, I'd go for the Mariner. Haven't been to Bermuda for years, but the Mariner is super kid friendly, as you know, and Perfect Day at Cocoa Cay speaks for itself.
  14. I may be wrong, but I've never heard of one.
  15. I went on the site a few minutes ago, and the base price for the cruise I was looking at for March, 2021 on the Apex wet up about $150.00 from yesterday. So much for free Grats, and, of course, $70.00pp OBC as opposed to $150.00pp prior the this sale. Thanks for nothing Celebrity. Another shell game.
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