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  1. Now, the other cruise lines should follow NCL, lead, and let DeSantis eat coal.
  2. I'm quite sure the servers will give you as much of the clogging oils that you want.
  3. CCL is definitely calling the shots here. You won't here anything original that hasn't come from headquarters.
  4. I have no problem with wearing a mas indoors, but on the open decks, this is ridiculous.
  5. The Florida law doesn't give cruises an exception. In fact, DeSantis himself, nobody is exempt.
  6. The mask wearing on the open decks is ridiculous, especially for vaccinated passengers. That would kill a cruise for me. The CDC should be ashamed of themselves.
  7. Just put a hole in the mask, and puff away,. Use the same hole with a straw for your drink. I'm sorry to make light of it, as I, too, am a cigar smoker, and love their smoking room.
  8. A private enterprise should be able to accomadate whom ever they want, It's not a public entity. The government, state or federal, has no business telling someone they can't ask if the customer has been vaccinated or not to be able to do business. If NCL or other cruise lines pull out of Florida and Texas, the states have no one to blame except their governors. I feel sorry for the people employed either directly or indirectly with the cruise industry in those sates.
  9. If you want to get an idea of what the Leonardo will look like, though not exact, look up the MSC Seaside on You Tube. The ship was designed by the ship bilder, and hey used the same basic temp plate for the Leonardo.
  10. The CDC just doesn't want to go of any of it's power. Make life as miserable as possible is their motto.
  11. This is getting dumb and dumber, with the CDC being the dumber.
  12. What's DeSantis going to do if you require vaccines? Call the state police to surround the ship?
  13. Florida and Texas have filed suite to restart cruising, but both governors won't let them ask for vaccinations. Go figure. Talk about politicizing.
  14. Since liquor is generally cheaper on a cruise, either on board or in a port, I usually am over by about one or two ltrs, and have never had to pay a duty by customs. They don't even check anything usually.
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