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  1. I've been in cabins right off the elevators, and just a few cabins from the elevators, and have never heard a lot of noise. Sometimes people talking, but you can hear that no matter where the cabin is.
  2. I've been on Princess, and am going again in May, but I don't think Princess is better than Royal. Been on Regal, and going on Ruby.
  3. I've been on quite a few cruises , including, NCL, Carnival, Royal, Princess, MSC, Carnival. The only one I won't go back to is Carnival. Not that I didn't enjoy myself, but their service lags the other lines, and I'm not crazy about their ships. I find MSC to be pretty much on a par with the others. Some things better, and some not as good, but I've been on the Divina twice, and am booked on the Meraviglia for next year.
  4. So far, the S and M Classes remain competitive. It's the Edge Class that's driving me crazy.I wanted to book a 7 day Carib on either the Edge or the Apex for 2020, but the prices are way above what I want to spend. I'll enjoy my Equinox cruise this year, and see what the future holds. Right now I booked the MSC Meraviglis for Dec, 2020. If X comes down to reality, that could change. What bothers me most, I that the Edge Class is all that's offered for a 7 day once the Apex comes out.
  5. If that is the way of the future for Celebrity as far as pricing goes, i believe that, more than the IV's, will turn people off Celebrity. I fully realize that after final payment all cruise lines lower their prices, and I accept that, but to do a mass reduction at ridiculous discounts isn't fair to those who booked early, looking to get the cabin they want, and get what used to be the best prices.
  6. As far as a cattle drive goes, wen you take the tour of the space center, it s on a large bus ( think Greyhound size) so it's a cattle drive either way.
  7. I'm booked for 12/20 with no package. When the packages come out, I'll call to add it to my cruise. If they deny doing it, I'll cancel, then rebook.
  8. After what they are spending on the M Class ships, I would think they'll be around for some time.
  9. I haven't been on the Edge, so I can't give a review, but these are my observations, mostly from CC. Most of the ship seems favorable. The BIG exception seems to be the IV balconies. If there is some way construction wise, to give options of a real balcony other than the SV's, along with the IV's, and, of course, bring the prices down to earth, they may have a legitimate hit. It's too late to make major changes o the Apex, but maybe for the next 3.By a real balcony, I don't mean the balcony holes fore and aft of the ship.
  10. The problems with the AC probably won't be fixed in time with the Apex, but i believe can be with the future ships.
  11. Please, lets not put politics into the conversation. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for confirming what I just said. By the way, I love MSC, 2 down and a third on the Meraviglia Dec, 2020.
  13. For me, pricing is the biggest deterrent. We're going on the Equinox in December for about 50% of what they want for the same cruise, one day later, on the Edge. On the Edge, I would want a Sunset Veranda, because the IV just doesn't do it for me. The price for either is the same for that cruise. Every line charges a premium for a new ship, but it's usually a few hunderd dollars, which I have no problem with. A few thousand dollars is not something I would think of trying.
  14. I can only speak about the Divina, which was the last night.
  15. I had a similar experience on our last RCCL cruise. After about 18 cruises, this was the only time I didn't leave an extra tip, and on our survey, I mentioned it also.
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