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  1. These are the new rules. It's up to you if you accept them or not. If the answer is not, then don't cruise.
  2. It's just the way cruise lines do business. they're worse than airlines.
  3. We haven't been on HAL, but sailed on the other 3 lines you mentioned, plus RCCL. While we enjoyed our princess cruises, in our opinion, they didn't stack up against Celebrity. The food, entertainment, bars, service, and balcony cabins were superior on celebrity. NCL and Royal are different animals, catering to families. I'm emerald on Royal, and have been on 2 NCL ships. I think Royal's ships are much nicer with more room in public places, especially on deck. NCL tries to put too much on it's ships at the cost of room. The food and entertainment are comparable, with the edge going to Royal. H
  4. I had the first dose on Thursday, and Friday my whole body ached and I couldn't function. Went to work, but after about 2 hours left to go home. Saturday(today(, I feel much better, but my arm still hurts. I'm 78, but have no underlying problems or previous Covid.
  5. I got the Moderna Thursday, and there was no choice. It depends on which one the provider gets. One thing is sure. Youcan't mix them. One shot of each. They both have to be the same.
  6. There isn't a no sail order extension, just the same suggestion not to cruise. Bad for your health. That should be my choice, not the CDC's.
  7. In all honesty, I think that the mask requirement will go, at least, well into 2022.
  8. Princess pricing with the best sale is rally the best of the major lines. Celebrity is in another world with their prices. Carnival and Royal are too high for what they offer, and I've never looked at HAL.
  9. I'm booked on he Apex now because of a L&S from 2021 to 2022. e booked way before the all inclusive pricing and have everything that's now included without the wi-fi that we never use. I also upgraded to the premium drink pkg. We are in a non obstructed balcony, including ins. for a total of around $3200.00. Now, we'd be talking around $5000.oo. Not in this lifetime.
  10. Later closing time at night for the Windjammer. Maybe 11:00 instead of 9:30.
  11. I'm 78, and never had a senior discount with Royal.
  12. Maybe the 4th Quarter of 2021.
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