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  1. We have sailed Princess the last couple of years & they put kettles & tea/coffee making facilities in the cabins when sailing from Southampton. And if you have previously sailed P&O your past Cruises may count towards Captains Circle level. Love Princess & the mix of nationalities onboard makes for a great cruise.
  2. Is her husband Dave part of the CD team as well ? We have sailed with them both previously & found them both very friendly & entertaining. We’re on Crown in 4 weeks - can’t wait 😊
  3. We also went to Santa Barbara Resort in Curacao & had a great day. It was really peaceful & quiet - we pretty much had private bar staff who brought us drinks on the beach & the food was excellent. And a choice of beach or pools. We also booked through resort for a day - just paid a deposit & then balance on arrival. Would definitely return if we visited Curacao again.
  4. I have recently cancelled an excursion which had been paid for on a credit card. The refund was processed in less than a week.
  5. Is any soda brought onboard supposed to be consumed in your cabin (like the bottle of wine) or are you OK to drink it in the bars/lounges ?
  6. I notice that Paul Chandler-Burns was leaving Sapphire Princess on 1st June. Does anyone know who is taking over from him until his return. We are cruising on Sapphire in June. Thanks
  7. We are also on a cruise with an overnight in Amsterdam in Feb 2020 - have not had any notification of the change yet. If this change is due to the €8 tourist tax I would rather be given the option pay this myself than spend hours queuing for & transferring to & from the ship on buses. Like others I am not happy to have lost the convenience of just walking off the ship to the city centre.
  8. Hi - we were on the 20/12 Star cruise & had a private excursion in Puerto Montt. We rode the chairlift up to the top of the volcano & had beautiful views. There are 2 options - part way up takes approx 30 mins return and about an hour if you go to the top. I think it cost us £20 each. Have a great cruise.
  9. Paul Chandler-Burns left Sapphire Princess on Saturday for approx 2 months. Duke Christopher is taking over till Paul returns for the rest of the season sailing from Southampton.
  10. I have pre-booked the Ultimate Balcony Dinner for our July Caribbean sailing. I had to search a bit on my personalised but found it under the Culinary Delights section of the Onboard Reservations. Had to pay on c card though instead of using OBC.
  11. Beers were approx $6/$7 and most cocktails around $8/$9. There is a 15% gratuity added to all bar purchases. We don’t drink wine - I think they start from $30 a bottle. If you have a particular one you like (particularly from the more expensive range) it may be worth considering bringing some on board & paying the $15 (£11) corkage feel so you can drink it in the Dining Rooms. If you like soft drinks & mocktails the package is just over £40 for the week - there is a mocktail menu but the bar staff will make any virgin cocktail for you. Includes hot chocolate as well
  12. Just off the Sapphire Princess today after a week long cruise to France & Spain out of Southampton. I have been on several cruises - mainly Princess - and have learned lots from Cruise critic so I thought I would share a few of my thoughts & observations. I travelled with my friend & neither of us are fussy & over critical- we just love being on board, being spoiled for a week & enjoying the entertainment. - This was the first cruise out of Southampton after the transit from Singapore. There were 2,799 passengers on board - approx 2,400 from the UK, 200 US & a mix of other nationalities. - The ship was in good condition with new carpets & fabrics evident throughout. There is 1 less passenger deck than Emerald/Ruby/Crown but seems to be the same amount of passenger spaces so it never really felt crowded - only on the final sea day when the weather was not too good so the majority of passengers were inside. - I exchanged my Elite Minibar set up for 2 coffee cards - they have no expiry date & the ship name & voyage was not written on them. - As the majority of the passengers were from the UK & tend to eat later it was easy to get a table in the Anytime dining room at 5.30/6 pm. Sapphire has 4 smaller dining rooms in the middle of the ship instead of the 2 larger ones. There seemed to be plenty of tables for 2 & we never had a problem getting one. There were some queues later on but never very long. - The production shows included Born to be Wild & Do You Wanna Dance. The singers & dancers were all excellent. There was also a guest Headline vocalist - Gareth Gates. Known to UK passengers but probably not to others. This show was very popular & we did not get to see it. Usually you could get a seat up to 10/15 mins before the show started but this one filled up much quicker. - We signed up for the Escape Room but due to technical difficulties with the software this had to be cancelled. - The Cruise Director (Paul Chandler-Burns) and his team were very entertaining & friendly - lots of events organised. Some were not very well attended but maybe this is due to many new Princess cruisers who were unaware of them (Duke Christopher is taking over on the next cruise for the next couple of months) - Service throughout the ship was good & mainly quick. - Meals in the dining room were good with some British dishes added to the Princess standards. And all hot when they should be. - The Princess beds were very comfortable - perfect for a good nights sleep after a busy day onboard or ashore. I think that’s most things covered - if you have any questions let me know & I’ll try & answer - passes the time till my next cruise 🛳😊
  13. Easiest way is to look in your Personalise how much it would cost to purchase On Board Credit. The £ amounts quoted are for $25, $50 and $100 respectively so you can do the calculation from there.
  14. Nixieh - are you from the UK ?? If so the exchange rate for any prepaid items will be fixed based on when you booked your cruise. With Brexit there have been some large fluctuations (I have one cruise at $1.25/£1 and one at $1.42/£) If it is a good rate then I would prepay; if the current rate is better then I pay on my credit card. Hope this makes sense !!
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