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  1. Here's an interesting thought. We're always talking about how the contract on your ticket limits the liability of the cruise line so far as lawsuits. How about suites against the cruise line that hit your cruise line's boat?
  2. Molecular bar has been gone for several years. That franchise expired and was replaced by the world class bar but there wasn't one of those on EDGE. That indicates they may disappear from S Class if there isn't one on the new ships.
  3. Note the electrical outlet on the lamp base. Having an outlet at the bed is a big deal, especially for c-pap users. The had them in the wall on EDGE. No more extension cords.
  4. We did it on EDGE in December. We were all to be on the same cruise. Maybe that's the difference.
  5. We get the insurance through our TA. We can tack on coverage for travel before and after the cruise on the same policy at a pretty low additional cost. As they charge based on cost of the trip, the cruise portion is usually the major part of the coverage. This covers, in addition to medical, lost luggage, etc., the cost of any and all portions of the trip that are cancelled under the policy terms.
  6. On our B2B Inaugural cruise we got the bottles in both Sky Suite and Ocean View. One set was orange, the other white.; These are sold in the shop for $25 each in a variety of colors.
  7. I was on the Dec. 9 cruise and recall some complaints about long lines at the start of the day in GC. However, by the time I got there we had no waiting and it was a good ride. Those large GC tenders were hanging around the ship but I saw none used. There were some issues with the tender pilots docking at the MC but this was the first use of the tenders on a revenue cruise. I had heard that the large GC tenders were used from another location on the ship for those going on ship's tours as they are so much larger and can take more people at a time. I believe everyone returned to the ship in the regular tenders. So far as the MC, keep in mind it was designed strictly for tendering but needed the elevator function because it can't ride at water level. I understand the use of it elsewhere on the ship was an afterthought. If they stop using it for any food service it's back to the original purpose. I used it as a bar and it was great.
  8. Maybe I'm wrong but did al Bacio ever offer sandwiches? If you look at the photo, Grand Cafe has wraps on the lower shelf at lunch. In guessing what they are going to do with the space, what's missing on EDGE is the Vodka Bar section of the Martini Bar on S class.
  9. Maybe I misunderstood the OP. I find it strange they would close that large area labeled Grand Cafe as I already see complaints about finding seating in the Martini Bar area. I assumed it was the coffee bar area to the left and behind the Martini Bar on the lowest level.
  10. The cafe is in the upper corner of the diagram under cabin 3151. What is labeled as Grand Plaza Cafe ended up being used as seating for the Martini Bar. The cafe had coffees, soft drinks and light snacks such as pastries and wraps. It was a very convenient spot for a snack or light lunch if you didn't want to go to a restaurant. It's really in a corner behind the bar so I can't see it being used for anything else than a few more tables.
  11. TVs on EDGE work with Chrome Cast and Apple Play. I don't know about other ships.
  12. It would pretty much fill the long hanging area on one half and be too long for the other half which includes drawers on the lower part.
  13. For the drinks package, when the bartenders take your card they can tell what package you have and will choose accordingly. You can always ask for something better and just pay the difference.
  14. If one of your big gripes is crowding at the Martini Bar, EDGE is your ship. The Martini Bar is the central and largest venue on the ship. A lot of people pretty much ignore evening chic. There was a pretty wide range of music, only not the kind of dance music the older crowd likes. The bar in EDEN is also pretty interesting and, performers aside, it's a great place to hang out most of the day. We've gone on our recent "X" cruises with Gen X family members and they love it. If you're younger, you might have a real issue with life on HAL.
  15. We went to Labadee on Reflection in a suite so got to use the private suite area. It was great. I thought I saw a post some time ago that "X" no longer went there because of so many Royal ships needing the dock space. I would certainly prefer that to some of the regular stops with the same shops in the port and being warned it's too dangerous to see the town.
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