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  1. Thank you everybody, I think you all make very valid comments, I think because we are travelling with two other couples, it will make the holiday much more relaxing if we don’t have to worry whose round it is 🥳 so I think we will all go for the package. So looking forward to our first Viking cruise any other hints and tips gratefully received.
  2. Thank you to all for answers, I think we may as well go for it.
  3. Good Evening, first time Viking cruisers, we haven’t booked the additional drinks package, we are not big drinkers but do drink more on holiday. Do you have to book the package for the whole cruise from the start or can you wait for a day or two to see if it makes more sense to pay for package, we are travelling as a group of 6 so we think it might be easier just to have inclusive package, thank you in advance for any answers.
  4. We have recently returned from Anthem, only 1100 passengers, the windjammer and dining room were open for breakfast and lunch, well I think I think dining room was open for lunch, we usually skipped breakfast had lunch early in windjammer. service was excellent you were seated at cleaned prepared tables and everything at the buffet was served to you. Much better than normal windjammer pre Covid, the choice was excellent for my hubby, I like less spices food and occasionally I struggled, there was always a good choice, but also maybe a bit too much red meat for me personally. Entertainment was Ok, not amazing, but we like to dance and that wasn’t allowed, the other major disappointment was not being allowed to go ashore independently in Belfast as we were hoping to meet up with family. The bumper cars were in action as was North Star IFly and the boogie boarding etc, although we were told the instructors were not allowed to help you to balance etc on this cruise. The Ifly staff were excellent, as were all the staff. The solarium cafe was closed for the whole cruise as was the windjammer after 3pm, I was very disappointed with afternoon tea options for the days I hadn’t eaten much lunch. After we got off ship I had read about scones etc from. 270 cafe but they were well hidden because all we ever saw there was hotdogs, which are not my thing. There was no roller skating and several of the kids activities were not running. I did a zumba class which I enjoyed, you can do Zumba but not dance with your partner !!! We had a relaxing cruise, it wasn’t worth what we paid, Royal are being underhand they have just cancelled our scheduled cruise to the Canaries 11 nights, replaced it with a 6 night, you are expected to commit to that befor they even tell you price, sorry no way we will have our cash back thanks and cruise with Viking instead for our next cruise. Fingers crossed it is as nice as it sounds. We will still have a FCC to use, so just hoping something comes along that we fancy, don’t think Anthem is ship for us though.
  5. Thank you for the amazing pictures and updates, I was hoping to do this cruise but it wasn’t to be. We have done several Azamazing evenings, all enjoyable with the exception of maybe one, but in these days of thinking more about our impact on the climate, does it make sense to move 600+ people off the ship to a venue, rather than bringing half a dozen or maybe a dozen musicians/ dancers etc onboard. I know they would have to do more than one session, but actually by the time you get on and off the ship and travel etc it usually involves a 3 hour time slot, for maybe a 40 minute show. Just my humble opinion. Enjoy the rest of your cruise Anne, I have always wanted to go to The Virgin Baths, now I know how to, thank you. Jean
  6. Thank you for posting Ann, I’m enjoying reading your posting very much. Have a wonderful cruise. Jean
  7. Thank you for posting as you go along on your cruise, wish we were onboard. I hope the seas are kind to you, the weather here in the UK is awful. Enjoy.
  8. I think the only thing that Azamara is consistent in, is that they are totally inconsistent. 😀
  9. I keep trying to convince myself that we haven’t been offered an upgrade offer because we got such a fabulous deal in the first place.😀
  10. If your post is correct, it makes my blood boil, I love the onboard experience but everything before stinks, I make all the bookings, I’m the lead person on our bookings and yet I receive emails on my email account addressed to my husband, I have cruised with my sister on Azamara I also get emails addressed to her. I have tried to book cruises with Azamara Uk, requested quotes for back to back received nothing, requested call backs nothing, a complete lack of information about changes to upgrade system and loss of perk to loyal members. I have been been wanting to book another cruise with Azamara for later this year, but I have now decided to wait until I have been on our next cruise, in case the onboard experience is as bad as the service before. Good luck with your bids boco010, you must be on a winning streak as you at least managed to get an offer. 😀
  11. Thank you uktog, we will, so glad to be sailing from Southampton on this cruise, otherwise I would be worrying about air strikes, IT issues etc. Jean
  12. Thank you uktog for taking the time to post the detail above. So looking forward to our cruise in our booked guarantee room. 😀😀
  13. I did have a conversation with somebody from the CEO’s office, she did say we couldn’t get an upgrade offer as we booked under a special fare, we booked through Azamara Uk on an advertised fare she didn’t mention a guarantee fare being the reason. I have been unable to find this in writing, if anyone has I would love sight of it. Perhaps Bonnie could help? Interestingly we are going on a Celebrity cruise in October on a guarantee basis we have just been offered an upgrade for a fee??? If I had spent a lot of time choosing a cabin and location I for one would be reluctant to go into a potluck upgrade programme. I’m sure we will book guarantee cabins in the future, financially they make more sense to us, but we will have no expectation of getting anything better than the worse cabin in the grade on Azamara in future. We wish everyone else the very best of luck with their upgrades though.
  14. Thank you, we never really book anything more than a balcony, we spend very little time in our cabin, but breakfast on the balcony is rather nice, but I will think long and hard before booking a guarantee in future. Enjoy Oceania, we haven’t tried them yet. 😀
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