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  1. We are on the Volendam and the positions have been combined. We were happy to see Ian, the EXC guide that was on the Koningsdam three years ago, is now in this combined position. We attended a lecture on pirates and rather than it being totally canned (like the lectures we attended on the Westerdam in September), he embellished and made it quite enjoyable.
  2. We are currently on the Volendam and the internet is one device at a time, but as many devices as you want to use as long as you log off. On my laptop, I get a message if my iPad is still logged on - I can click to log the iPad off. It doesn't seem to work in reverse. As a side note, the internet has been really difficult. It's on, then off, then on, then off. I am working part of the time on the ship and it's been a real challenge. We were on the Westerdam in September and it was one device per internet plan and more money for each additional device. It was spelled out quite clearly in the internet materials, so there is no misunderstanding. My recollection is that the second and further devices were not particularly cheap to add, but a little less than the first one.
  3. We use the laundry every time and really enjoy that perk. We have a nice story of a time when we lost something and they found it. My husband threw his white HAL shirt on the unmade bed and forgot about it. When the bed was stripped, the shirt must have been rolled into the sheets. We discovered it was missing later and asked our steward if he could look for it. Meanwhile, since DH missed the shirt terribly, he went down to the shops and bought a new one. Later that day, here comes our steward with his original shirt in perfect condition! My husband thought it was a great win since he now has two of his favorite shirt!
  4. Thanks to all for the nice send-off! We are on the Nieuw Statendam and the sailaway was beautiful, especially as we went out to sea and the sun set behind the Nieuw Amsterdam. I hope this picture will post - if so, enjoy!
  5. Thank you so much for all of your intensive research and documentation on our behalf! Your "LIVE" thread has been wonderful and has me very excited for our next cruise in just over two weeks!
  6. Must add my thanks to all who are posting their wonderful photos and commentary on the ship and the voyage. It looks like a beautiful ship and just enough different from the Koningsdam to make it interesting. We will be on the NS in January for 17 days and I am really looking forward to running around and seeing all of the new things. And since Tamarind is my favorite of the HAL restaurants, that will be especially fun! Again, many thanks for taking us all along on your trip!!
  7. Thank you for letting us all know. We have a cruise planned for April that we'll be able to use it on!
  8. Just finished our 11-day cruise on the Zuiderdam this morning and we liked what we saw in the shops. It was freezing cold in Canada at the beginning of our trip and I was able to find a reasonably priced jacket that kept me warm. Mine just said Canada and New England on it, but my husband's was Holland America. Both we nice and just what we needed. They had new style totes and wristlets that had Zuiderdam on them, plus a good selection of Zuiderdam souvenirs - magnets, pens, keyrings, etc. They did have some generic things that said Holland America 2018 season - those weren't too exciting. The Oprah stuff that was left (some books) were on deep discount and the rest of the items were gone. Overall, we enjoyed the shops and spent more than we had on our last cruise (Oosterdam in January) when it looked like they were emptying the shelves and not restocking.
  9. We're just off the Zuiderdam this morning - POA1, we didn't hear you yelling 🙂 - and we did get our 4-star 50% discount on the wine package we bought. So, for that moment in time on that ship, the discount was still in force and there was no discussion about it. Hope that helps!
  10. Thank you so much! I forgot to tell you in my earlier post - I love, love, love your signature!
  11. We have enjoyed the Sel de Mer pop-up on several ships and have not been disappointed. I always get the lobster entree and DH always has the catch of the day. It has become our "special" dinner on each cruise - we order champagne and make it a real event. I hope you enjoy it!
  12. Thanks so much, Miss G, for your wonderful report on your cruise. We are sailing this cruise in reverse next week and can hardly wait. With one day in Quebec City on the front end of the cruise, we plan to explore the city and take it all in - I will take your recommendations with us. We will try to stay warm (and I am packing warmer clothes after your report!) - even if it is freezing, it will be wonderful to be on the ship and enjoy all that it has to offer.
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