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  1. We have a cruise scheduled for mid June. I'm still holding out hope that we'll be able to go. I wasn't scared to cruise Carnival after their fires and major problems. I won't stop cruising b/c they've had this problem either. But I still hate going into a hospital to visit, tests or anything else... always afraid I'll catch something!!
  2. Thank you for posting all the pictures and your review. We are taking this cruise in June and can't wait! So glad to hear the Glory isn't nearly as bad as some made her out to be. I can live with a little hull rust.
  3. Thank you. We received the money. Plus we were reimbursed for our shore excursions as well. Both were with a check. The only glitch was that they had written the checks out to each individual (yes, including the grand children) cruiser. We were very happy with the Carnival trip insurance. We're booked for the Glory in June and we have the carnival trip ins this time too. NEVER will I ever think it's not worth the price!!
  4. We used the carnival cruise trip insurance and we had to use it. My mom passed away the day before we were to fly out, it covered it with no problems. I really never thought we'd have to use it, but we did.
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