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  1. During our "fly the drake" expedition in 2015, we left by plane from Punta Arenas to King George Island on the scheduled date and time. At the end of the expedition, heavy fog rolled over King George Island. For the next 2.5 days, we would be on standby for disembarkation but the planes could still not depart Punta Arenas (with the next guests) as the fog was still present. Around 2am on the third day, we were awakened with news the planes would arrive around 6am. When we arrived in Punta Arenas in the early afternoon, Quark provided a hotel room for us to use until our evening flight departur
  2. In 2019, we stayed at the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel and Towers. This hotel is very modern and next door is both the rail station and a large mall. If you're continuing your Japan travel, we had the hotel ship our luggage to our next hotel - very convenient. Details about this trip are at: https://travelscrivener.blogspot.com/search/label/Japan
  3. We've traveled with Quark three times (Antarctica, Svalbard Circumnavigation, East Greenland) and Poseidon Expeditions (South Georgia and Falklands). Both of these companies have terrific expedition staff, ship/hotel crew, itineraries and well maintained ships. Due to COVID concerns, we recently moved our Quark 2021 Russian Arctic expedition to a return to Antarctica in 2023. Check out my blog below if you're interested in reading about our polar adventures. Bob
  4. On one polar trip, my luggage was lost by LATAM and never found. Luckily, this was on the way home. We've now completed several polar trips and have learned that delayed luggage is not uncommon. On one polar trip, my large duffel was heavily damaged during an LATAM flight into Punta Arenas and had to be replaced in town before ship boarding. Best to be prepared for the worst. We now pack items that could be difficult to replace in a day in our carry-on airflight luggage. This includes waterproof pants (I'm tall) and one each of heavy sock pair, waterproof gloves, mid-weight top, light-weight t
  5. Several of the polar expedition ships (100-120 passengers) we've been on place these non-slip liners on cabin desk tops. That said, when the ship is going through heavy seas, it is best to stow as much as possible in drawers/cabinets or, possibly on the floor. Polar travel can be quite an adventure.
  6. If you have a few days in Ushuaia, you might consider a hike in Tierra del Fuego National Park. This park is just a few minutes from town. We hiked/walked the Costera Trail from the Little Post Office to the park Visitor Center. We had a taxi drop us off at the PO and pick us up at the park Visitor Center. This trail takes about 4 hours and has beautiful views. The VC has a small restaurant. We also rode the End of the World train to the park entrance - an hour train ride if roundtrip. You can catch a taxi to/from the rail station. More polar info is shared via my blog link below.
  7. If the online rail tickets are sold out, still check the ticket office. We had pre-purchased mid-morning tickets and wanted to move our departure time up. The online page indicated seats were sold out (checked from our ship cabin) but several seats were apparently held back by the rail office. If you're up to it, you can rent a mountain bike at the upper station and ride down to town. The first few switchbacks may seem a bit scary and can be walked. Once down from the switchbacks, the ride is beautiful and pretty much an easy downhill ride. You can purchase sandwiches and drinks at the top rai
  8. Here is an interesting article in today's Washington Post. Troublesome, if accurate. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/12/norwegian-cruise-line-managers-urged-salespeople-spread-falsehoods-about-coronavirus/
  9. My physician told me that Zaditor could be used 2-3 times a day. I also have a prescription for Pataday, which is a stronger opthalmic antihistamine. Pataday is now (or will soon be) over the counter, as well. Generally, Zaditor works fine for me and is a terrific relief during allergy season.
  10. I added a dozen or so thermometer probe covers and individual alcohol wipe packages for the digital thermometer. Based on past world travel, we also include a few powder Pedialyte packages, a few chewable pepto bismol packages, allergy over the counter meds (e.g., Nasacort/Flonase, Zytec and Zaditor), Imodium, Neosporin, Benadryl tube and tablets, disinfectant wipes (e,g,, Clorox Healthcare wipes) and some vinyl gloves.
  11. For those considering a visit to the Falklands and South Georgia, I've posted a few blog entries and photos from my Poseidon Expeditions trip. Our 2015 visit to Antarctica did not include these two areas and we are pleased to have found Poseidon's expedition to the Falklands and South Georgia. The wildlife and scenery we observed was a great addition to our Antarctica experience. Bob
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