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  1. Here is an interesting article in today's Washington Post. Troublesome, if accurate. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/12/norwegian-cruise-line-managers-urged-salespeople-spread-falsehoods-about-coronavirus/
  2. My physician told me that Zaditor could be used 2-3 times a day. I also have a prescription for Pataday, which is a stronger opthalmic antihistamine. Pataday is now (or will soon be) over the counter, as well. Generally, Zaditor works fine for me and is a terrific relief during allergy season.
  3. I added a dozen or so thermometer probe covers and individual alcohol wipe packages for the digital thermometer. Based on past world travel, we also include a few powder Pedialyte packages, a few chewable pepto bismol packages, allergy over the counter meds (e.g., Nasacort/Flonase, Zytec and Zaditor), Imodium, Neosporin, Benadryl tube and tablets, disinfectant wipes (e,g,, Clorox Healthcare wipes) and some vinyl gloves.
  4. We had to ask the Internet manager to roll-over unused minutes from our just completed Princess cruise to following B2B Princess cruise (same ship). The roll-over was done without issue. Bob
  5. Quark Expeditions added this itinerary for 2018, not sure about 2019. National Geographic has this itinerary in March and October 2019. It is more costly than my Poseidon Expeditions trip. I suspect that many travelers like to bundle a just few days in South Georgia and the Falklands with Antarctica. If there is bad weather in this area, you could miss the opportunity for zodiac landings and/or zodiac cruising and sail past South Georgia and the Falklands. With a dedicated itinerary, you are more likely to make several landings in this area. That said, there are never any guarantees as weather can turn quickly. Safety is always a priority. Bob
  6. We're traveling in 2019 to East Greenland with Quark Expeditions, focusing on Scoresbysund, the longest fjord in the world. We're hoping to see Northern Lights on this trip. Bob
  7. For those considering a visit to the Falklands and South Georgia, I've posted a few blog entries and photos from my Poseidon Expeditions trip. Our 2015 visit to Antarctica did not include these two areas and we are pleased to have found Poseidon's expedition to the Falklands and South Georgia. The wildlife and scenery we observed was a great addition to our Antarctica experience. Bob
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