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  1. I see nothing wrong with moving ahead into an empty space created by somebody who can't make up their mind or who is incredibly slow. I'm happy to do this first time around as well and simply pass on anything that's blocked by the roadblock. There's plenty of other stuff.
  2. My only cruise superstition is that if I don't stay really active and eat only at mealtimes, I'll surely gain weight. 100%
  3. I think it all depends on how many extras you want/need to add on top of the cruise fare and whatever it costs to get you to the cruise. We usually skip all extras, so it's a great deal for us.
  4. 1. If you're doing traditional dining, it's a fixed time, and that's when you eat. If you don't want to do that, then you should switch to anytime. 2. The Royal has movies on demand, so that might work for you better than streaming. 3. I don't know about complimentary steamrooms, but hubby and I did a tour of the Enclave because we thought we'd book it for the week (you do have to book it for the entire cruise). The Enclave is buried deep in the ship, and we found it depressing and claustrophic. We decided not to book, which was too bad since I liked the big pool. Just too claustrophobic.
  5. We had M108 recently, and I'd book that again like a shot. Truly great cabin. We always had access to the balcony, but it really was too windy part of the time.
  6. She should call again. And again after that. Don't know that it'll work out for her, but sometimes persistence pays.
  7. I think that lady was just looking for a reason - any reason - to have her cruise ruined. I can't see why anybody would ever expect the captain to visit their table. I can't remember even once when this happened on one of our cruises.
  8. We got a free upgrade once from an obstructed to a balcony.
  9. I would have hated that! It combines two things I find annoying - stale cigarette smoke and people who can't be bothered to be on time.
  10. First I've heard of this. What a fun idea!
  11. The 28 day round trip LA to Tahiti. No doubt about it.
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