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  1. It used to be 14 days, and we've done that before. They may have changed it, so the call them is good to do.
  2. We just got off the Royal yesterday, and when we purchased it they called it "coffee card" on the receipt.
  3. We have it even worse (if we were going to pay any attention to this). We're not supposed to board until 3:00. Princess, this is not funny.
  4. That forward facing lounge is something I really liked on the old Regal Princess. Yes, too bad they did away with that on the newer ships.
  5. We've had cabins on the Lido deck twice. Had one of the premium oceanviews on the Grand, and loved the extra space and floor to ceiling window. Had L104 on the Ruby and loved the heck out of that one. Larger than normal cabin, and the little deck above the bridge was just a step outside. I'd stay in that one again any time. We like the extra motion from being high and forward, and we thought it was a convenient deck to be on. Long way down to Promenade, but other than that convenient deck.
  6. L107 is a Club Class mini. It's an M6 category, premium mini and is definitely Club Class.
  7. I'm glad your experience with this fish stew was better than ours. Ours was horrible. Fish was cooked into dust, and there was next to no broth. This was one of the very few dishes we've ever returned for something else.
  8. Maybe ask this on the Norwegian board here?
  9. I think the cattle call boarding is better than it used to be. Have you flown SW since they started assigning numbers in line? That really helps since, amazingly, people do what they should and just line up in the correct order.
  10. I got a promo email last week from "your cruise director" talking about entertainment on the Royal. It didn't say who the cruise director will be, and I don't care anyway.
  11. It's been a few years since we sailed on the Star, but l remember her as really good. She's a Grand Class, so she has that full wrap-around Promenade deck that I love. She does have Skywalker's, which never seems to be crowded. We had the best waiter we ever had when we sailed on the Star. I can't remember anything I didn't like.
  12. Gosh! That does look like fun.
  13. Should be okay then. I only posted the question because I've seen many people here saying that the cruise line wouldn't let them book a vacant 4 person cabin for 4 people due to life boat capacity. Hope it all works out. 🙂
  14. Couldn't that be a problem, since life boat capacity is limited for each cabin section? If they tell you to book as a single, then it seems to me that they might not let you add somebody later, since that section of cabins may be at capacity for life boats.
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