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  1. We had this happen once too. One couple showed up any old time, and it made our poor waiter's job so much more difficult. And, since the waiter tried to catch them up to the rest of us, it left the two of us and one other couple sitting around for long amounts of time.
  2. L108 is a club class mini suite, and it's really, really nice. Huge deck, separate sleeping area, and lots of room. Nicest cabin we've ever had.
  3. First off, if it's an allowed reason for cancellation, then the insurance company that provides Princess insurance will issue a refund. If it's not a covered reason, then the cancel for any reason applies, and that generates a credit to account, not a refund. You should read through the insurance contract. I think there won't be any refund or credit for a no-show, but I'm not so sure about that. I think one way or another you'll pay the single supplement if only you go.
  4. I don't know, and I will avoid at all costs finding out!
  5. We take packaged "tuna kits" for lunches when we do long hikes. These have a little can of seasoned tuna and some crackers. I think these would be allowable to take off anywhere, since they're pre-packaged and sealed.
  6. I could also do very well without all that wasted sales pitch paper. And the pastries tray at breakfast. Don't need that either.
  7. sea days are just as important to me as ports of call.
  8. What a hoot! I hope all of you stepped aside and made way for him.
  9. We had it on the Royal back in April o 2019. Love that thing!
  10. Yes! The best part is having somebody else do the cooking and cleaning up. I can always find something that I like, even if I can't find something that I love.
  11. I would always choose a sailing that goes to Glacier Bay.
  12. I liked the Royal a lot better than I feared I might. The lack of a good promenade deck made me think I wouldn't be so crazy about the ship, but the walking/running track up top was a good substitute. We had some really good food on the Royal, and, with Club Class, the service was spectacular. We got coffee cards and drank a lot of Banoffee Blasts, a caramel/banana ice blended drink. Those are the best.
  13. I'd go for the one that's round trip Vancouver, even though I really don't like flying in and out of Vancouver. The port call in Whittier (Anchorage) has some really nice small boat glacier day cruises. We did one once there, and it was really good. If you decide on this one, you should definitely consider one of these. Having said that, we loved Sitka and for some reason only managed to get there once. Been trying to get back again ever since.
  14. Would you please point out to me where I said I was going to ignore it? I believe that what I said was that I wasn't going to worry about it. To my mind, that doesn't map out as ignoring it, but if you find it dismissive, you're free to do so.
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