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  1. I was also surprised to see that the other day when I was shopping for a new booking. I wanted to cancel one in early 2021 and book one in late 2021, so I needed to contact my PVP anyhow. She was able to get me a cabin assignment right away.
  2. I think it's a drain, so water doesn't come out the door onto the carpet.
  3. I read it too, and I agree with you.
  4. I'm curious as to what cabin you booked on the Grand. Significant differences on Regal, so I'm wondering how it's going to work out for you.
  5. If you end up going on the Regal, you might like it better than you think. My favorite part of cruising is walking laps outside on the promenade. We did a cruise on the Royal last year, and I liked it just fine. It's true that there's no walkable promenade, but the jogging track up on the Sports deck was very nice. I was a happy camper and would cruise on a Royal class ship again like a shot.
  6. We had a spa cabin on the Splendor some years back, and we loved the daylight out of it. Especially that big pool. Really great.
  7. My husband's account was charged for a premium drink package that he hadn't ordered. Took a couple of visits to customer service to get the charge reversed.
  8. We did a helicopter tour with Paradise some years back. It was on the big island and flew up over the volcano. It was a small copter, with the doors off. Only two seats in the back, so hubby and I both got the full no-door experience. Spectacular! If/when we ever go back, I'd go this again like a shot. https://paradisecopters.com/tours/hilo-doors-off-lava-rainforests-adventure/#.Xt0e8TpKhyQ
  9. That's our situation. Took option 1 and got the FCC quite a few weeks back. When/if we can safely cruise and use that FCC, we'll have gained by the cancellation. If we never can cruise again safely, then we're out of luck. Not complaining, since I knew that was a possibility when we chose option 1.
  10. We have credits with Princess, and we have two bookings that were already in place before this all hit the fan. The first one is for Wester Caribbean next March. I'm doubtful about that one, especially since it would involve long flights to and from. The other one is for March of 2022, Mexican Riviera. No travel by plane for that one, so it's more likely. Too soon to say.
  11. I loved them on the ship and seriously thought about buying them for home. Decided to go with the option at the big box store instead. I can replace those every year if need be for several years before reaching what the Princess pillows plus shipping would have cost. The ones I bought are great.
  12. We had a window suite on the Grand booked for 3/29. No way to put us in the same cabin, same itinerary, same ship for 2021. The Grand left San Francisco and the ship that will be there (I think it's the Ruby) doesn't have window suites. I'd have been happy to take that if it were possible and offered.
  13. I can't match most of these for "funny." Funniest thing I think we ever saw was four people who walked around for the whole cruise wearing their life jackets. Wondered if they slept in them.
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