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  1. I like that! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Very nice pics, and it looks like you had a very nice (although cold) cruise.
  3. On cruisedeckplans.com, there's a star next to that cabin. If you mouse over it, it says that C536 and C537 are next to a crew area that has machinery running and may affect your sleep.
  4. Wow! I looked at that, and it looks great. Such wonderful ports of call. I booked us on the 7 day Mexican Riviera sailing in March. Snagged one of those big minis on Marina deck, and I'm looking forward to that a lot.
  5. Walking laps on the Promenade deck.
  6. No negativity from me! I like Princess. It's not perfect (what is?), but I find it to be very good.
  7. The Ruby is a great ship! Our favorite part of her is the small, public deck all the way forward on Lido. You get to it by going all the way down the hall and out the door. It was never crowded, and it's a nice peaceful place with a nice view.
  8. There was a very nice string duet on the Royal last April. They moved around, but it listed in the Patter where they would be.
  9. Good for you! I bet you'll have a wonderful trip. Wish I was going too. Our next cruise is ~80 days out, and that seems like forever. πŸ™‚
  10. Up until our last cruise, I just didn't take it to dinner with me. I counted on my husband not ditching me and leaving me outside the cabin with no way back in. Last cruise, I just thought "what the heck" and wore the lanyard. I'll never win a best dressed passenger contest anyway.
  11. This is interesting! I booked a mid-ship obstructed balcony for March 2021. At the time, it showed as being above Alfredo's. So, now we're above Gigi's. I hope Gigi's has the same pizza as Alfredo's, since I like that a lot.
  12. What price shows on the cruise line's website? The price for the better cabin may have gone down.
  13. Early in 2022, Princess is selling cruises on the Discovery sailing down around Cape Horn to Los Angeles. Then there're a couple of cruises out of LA on her. Interesting!
  14. I've wondered about this. Mainly wondered how many people are in the room at a time. How many for each session when any of you did this?
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