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  1. Question. So if the excursion sells out, is it pulled from the planner? BC I am booked on one that some time shows up and sometimes doesn't. One day, RC had a sale and a cheaper price showed up. I called RC to have them cancel and rebook the excursion at the sale price and it hasn't shown up again since. Makes me worried that it's been cancelled. Would they email me if they cancelled the excursion so I could plan something else?
  2. Have a great time! I was just like you when I booked last June for my first Mediterranean cruise this August. The wait has been FOREVER but only 55 more days to go. Have fun with all your planning in the mean time. That's what's getting me though. :)
  3. Wait?! Are you telling me I can go to Izumi and get beef? I've always thought it was just sushi or seafood? If so, this is a game changer since we bought the three night dining package and I had no intention on eating any place other than Chops all three nights. 🙂 My bf loves sushi and I loathe seafood. But if I am understanding your picture above, you actually cook your own food on that hot rock? I do believe that in Izumi the package is just a certain $ amount towards your bill though and not your entire dinner?
  4. With as many port days as you’ll have, even if it noisy, the extra room may be worth the noise for the few sea days.
  5. Still following along! Purchased my tickets today for Sagrada Familia as they just now opened up August tickets. Making me so excited. 57 days until we board our plane. 🙂
  6. HA - there's a funny video going around on that popular social media site today of a four year old boy telling the person behind them on the plane what they thought of their stinky feet propped up on the seat behind them. So funny. Why do people do this? So disgusting. Try to find it. 🙂
  7. Read on another post that the hosts are aware of it and it is in the queue to be looked at. Nothing about the timing though.
  8. I'll be following along since not that many people post about the Vision lately. Sail on her in August but am doing a different itinerary with some shared ports. I actually booked exactly one year ago today and I can tell you that you got a great rate! I paid a few hundred more for just a balcony room and what I paid through my TA was on group space and hundreds lower than what RC was offering. So I would have totally jumped on that deal! Sounds like you have a everything planned out (love a fellow planner). Can't wait to hear all about it as I have never been to Europe.
  9. You can email them and be the first person to start a shared tour. I started 4 shared tours about 10 months out from the cruise. No one started joining until about a month ago (about 90 days before sailing). Now, three of them have enough to run the tour (they need a minimum of I think 6-8 people). You don't pay anything until they have enough people to run the tour and then you can just pay a deposit or the entire balance.
  10. Thanks for the update! That’s about the time we’ll get there too so good to hear about the lockers. Did you take a taxi? How much? We booked the big duplex room on the top as a little treat to ourselves for our birthdays. 🙂 Have a wonderful time and keep and eye on your belongings!
  11. Was on the Anthem in ‘16 when it was relatively new. Thought they were very firm. I prefer a softer mattress. I did ask for a egg crate topper and it seemed to help a little. Hoping Vision has some softer beds.
  12. If we have a 10:15 flight to Lisbon, assuming we arrive on time, do you foresee any issues at BCN? Do you suggest we carry off our own luggage and self-disembark?
  13. I just read on a roll call today that a woman was pick pocketed in Kotor. She said she let her guard down bc she wasn't in one of the cities more known for this type of activity. She and her husband were climbing the fortress and on the way down, a woman slipped in between her and her husband on the steps. When she got back to the ship, she noticed her wallet was gone - DL and some euros were gone. I am of the opinion that I will be so worried about becoming a victim that I will not enjoy myself. I hope that not to be the case.
  14. See I just don't feel as safe with money belts. Especially if I am wearing something that doesn't have belt loops. Wouldn't they only need to unsnap the clips and away they go? I know it can be worn under the clothes but still, would seem easier for them to just unsnap and run versus trying to slash an anti-theft/slash resistant purse.
  15. Don't forget to report when you come back on the hotel and taxi experiences! Looking forward to taking some notes! Hope you had a wonderful time!
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