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  1. I am NOT a germaphobe, not even one little bit, but I had to give up the hot tubs. 3 cruise's in a row I went home all rashy after using the hot tub. But because I like them ( and because I'm not too smart ) I went in AGAIN on my last cruise--same rash. NO more hot tubes for me. BTW I've gotten a rash on CCL-HAL and RCCL


    4 out of 4 is not a good record. Perhaps there is something in the seawater they use theat is assiting the rash to you. You never know. But with your record, I don't much blame you.

  2. I agree and now I'm confused too! We have a next cruise certificate (open) and when we purchased it in May of 2012 on the Oasis, they told us it would be $200 OBC. Today we saw a good price for a cruise in March of 2015 online. Talked with the agent and booked it. She instructed us to do the transfer of the booking over to her and 'we'd see if it was worth it' compared to what they were offering benefit wise. I filled out the form and saw it had to be 'faxed' to RCCI. We don't have a fax, so we called RCCI to see if we scanned it, could we email it instead. They said no, but that the OBC was $100 and it was up to the TA as to whether the two were able to be combined. The cruise we booked was for a JS and it's 7 days. So with this just posted 'next cruise' info, it reads $200 for a JS for 7 days, but the 'open' is only $25. So, I'm just wondering about the whole process. The TA gave us $75 and reduced deposit today. :confused:


    Since you booked in May 2012, it should be good and your TA should honor what RCCL has issued. You need to contact TA. It's OBC, and not part of your Sea Fare price. Which I'm pretty sure is what the TA is commissioned.

  3. So... happy hour at the Solarium Hot Rub @ 5pm? :p


    I can attest to the closing and the cleaning of the Hot Tubs while in port after a 24hr stay. Our ship, the Naviagator was detained at the Port of Galveston due to an oil spill for 4 days, two of those 4 days the pool and hot tubs were closed for cleaning and recycling.

  4. Booking at the next cruise desk on RCCL will get you a $100 OBC for 7 day, balcony cruise booking. Ea passenger pays a$100 deposit. You then can if you wish transfer the reservation to your TA within 60 days.


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  5. Well let's be honest here. The fact that RC by design has created a reward program for loyalty is the biggest issue. Unfortunately, it's the weak of mind and character that some use this loyalty program use and twist it as a "Class" of person/people/passenger.


    I don't know if I'll ever make the Diamond status, if I do, I damn sure hope I don't become one of the weak.

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