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  1. Me: "Run along and get us drinks. She's having a Chardoney, and I'm having a Scotch. Please hurry."
  2. It may be funny for a few, but it is far from the truth for many.
  3. I wish this could be done straight up for Texas too. 😜
  4. I'm not sold on anything from NY. NY has had the largest spike in thw world. It's too early to say it won't re-occur.
  5. So what do all these have in common? Opening creates spikes. As I stated earlier, it isn't going away. Spikes are going to be with us until a vaccine is developed. We just need to learn how to manage to live our lives and open up as well. It's trying. It's hard. But it's also necessary. We just have to learn as we go and be smart about it.
  6. You're assessment is not correct. If 6/28's test count were performed on 4/5 this picture would look different. More testing will give you results of a 'less' of a percentage of positive tests, but there is no doubt that the more you test, the more total positive test counts will be found.
  7. I think what you're missing is in between those two dates was Memorial Day travel and beach vacations galore. Many from the NE trying to escape the CV and crap and heading south to what was a 'safe' place. Only they brought it with them.
  8. OK, cool. No worries. Believe as you wish and I'll do the same. 😉
  9. I don't believe you're properly informed and will leave it at that.
  10. I have to disagree. Having more cases isn't necessarily to mean 'hot spot', but rather more testing. And then we have situations that the test numbers are inaccurate & flawed. And while we're hearing of more tests being positive, we are seeing far fewer deaths. So if it has to be called a 'hot spot' , I'll take more positive tests w/ less deaths all day long.
  11. As soon as countries, states, counties, cities, open up, the 'new' cases occur. This virus isn't going away. Shutting down may slow it down. But it's waiting patiently and we know (well most understand) that we just can't stay 'shut in' or shut down forever. It just can't happen. We have to be very smart about fighting this virus. We already know that older people & people w/ health issues tend to be the weakest in the populations to fight it off and are the largest percentages in the death columns. So we have to do whatever is possible to protect these individuals. Unfortunately, the majority of cruisers of the ships fall into this age group. Including me. My health isn't bad, but it isn't as good as a 30 yr old either. But I decided to get out. Enjoy what I can but I also am mindful of the necessary protocals needed to do this. Will it be enough? I don't know yet. But I do know that I can no longer sit in my house as the world goes by. But that's me.
  12. It's to be expected. Nobody trusts our government. In fact, the very foundation of this country was designed with the thoughts of distrust to all forms of governments. My point is, no one, including me or you have any 'right' to make others fall in line based on government mandates. Full disclosure, I wear a mask when entering any business establishment.
  13. Me personally... let's see do I want to board a ship w/ people that have been vaccinated w/ a proven vaccine or do I want to board ship w/ people that hasn't had a vaccine? I'm going w/ the ship that requires a vaccine. So w/ a proven vaccine, yes they'll require it. I mean I get that they want every cruiser dollar possible. And w/ a proven vaccine, they'll be able to drop social distancing stuff and have the ability to cruise w/ a full ship. It's always about the dollar. More people, more dollars.
  14. Covid... what we know today will change tomorrow. If it doesn't, some form of the media will attempt to change it. Today we're being told that the US is a hot spot. Next month it could be Italy again. Who knows. There is a real good chance that each of us is going to Covid or have already and don't even knowe it. IMO, it's just a matter of time. In fact I think I've had it. I had a very deep chest cold in January. It lasted well over a week and then went into a regular type of cold. The wife's had the same but her's only lasted a couple of days. Anyway, yesterday I had a blood work up to determine is I now have antibodies that have developed since then. I was told I'd know within a week. I hope I have. I want to just move on. For those that are worrying about cruising w/ Covid still out there... it won't happen. It's time everyone understands this. Cruising is not going to happen until a vaccine is developed.
  15. Yesterday I had a Doctor's appointment and as a new patient to the office I requested to fill out an onslaught of forms. You know the usual stuff but also included was a 'new to us' form regarding Covid. My wife accompanied me and as avid cruisers we found this one form to be interesting. I wish I could post an image of the questionaire but alas, I can't. So i'll transcribe. 1. Have you been exposed to someone who has traveled to any high-risk areas or countries in the past 20 days? Yes or No High Risk Countries * Cruise Ships * Iran * United Kingdom * China * Ireland * Brazil * Most European Countries My wife & I literally laughed out loud. For we have had to cancel a cruise to the Greek Isles. We have since scheduled a future cruise to the British Isles via Amsterdam.
  16. Of course! Even when I smoked, I didn't use the casino.
  17. Which brings me to full circle.... to asist in the endeavor of over crowding, for HH I propose free drinks at the bars and free weed in the smoking areas. This will assist greatly in crowd control nicely.
  18. I gotcha. I was just referring to the Diamonds that justify hanging in the DLs because they enjoy the company of others. It's about the free booze. Always has been. Always will be unless they go progressive and introduce weed. LOL
  19. Not us. Not only is it crowded, the top tier liquor is also restricted. So we buy the packages and only occasionally do we visit the DL. Now when we get a suite, we'll visit the CL a little more often.
  20. Brittish Isle cruise in Sept 2021. Flight from Hou to Amsterdam has not been booked.
  21. The way the testing is going... you can test positive today and it be actually negative.
  22. Alternating days are an option. Limited slot frames per visit is another. Managing the DLs can be relatively easy. It's managing the Ds & D+s. That is the challenge. But the time to make changes is now as there is a built in excuse.
  23. Few cities? 2-3 nights? Reasonalbe. You can try to 'reason' the riots all you wish. But you are in blatant denial. Try mega cities and 2- 3 weeks. Multiple deaths, and viscous aggrivated assaults all over the country.
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