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  1. Royal Caribbean has released theirs via TAs. Does anyone have the BM/CM ad/promo for Celebrity? S.I.A.P.
  2. We can always just blame or fault the rise of Covid in Europe on its political leaders like half of Americans do here in America. Then just call an end to the thread. But unfortunately that won't be the end of Rona. Rona doesn't care about you, your thoughts, your social agenda, your religion, your income, your sex, and for the sake of this board & thread... your cruise.
  3. So. Let's say you go on a cruise. Your spouse is infected & subsequently dies in a San Juan hospital. You followed the guidelines. You did your part of the deal. You weighed the risks/rewards along w/ the imposed restrictions. You good with that? You're going to be a big girl and not sue the cruiseline? You're not going to complain?
  4. Wow...you are soooo off base. 1. It wasn´t a choice of the cruise line but part of the guidelines (not only in the US) and also requirements of the ports. It is a cruiseline choice! They have chosen to place you and I in danger of the virus by even offering the cruises. Get real. 2. This isn´t about just about protecting the customer but controlling them! They guides are responsible to see where people go, what they do, if they wear masks etc. It´s part of protecting the safer environment on the ship. If you're vaccinated, you're protected. Peri
  5. Wait. I'm told to wear a mask for others, and yet your willing to expose & be exposed just to cruise. I bet you hoard TP too. 🤣
  6. I am one that does not believe this to be anywhere near reality. Is there a chance that one or perhaps even some cruiselines fail? Absolutely. But your own post tells us that the energy and interest is there to keep the cruise industry alive and well for many, many years to come. And to my knowlege there has not been any cruiseline that has restarted that has NOT had Covid issues. Bottomline, it is still not safe to cruise and it won't be until vaccines are distributed. And when they are, the cruiseline industry will be the first in line to mandate a vaccine. Until then, if a cruiseline does
  7. Then the cruise industry should patiently wait until they can safely serve their paying customers.
  8. Well it's pretty stright forward. The purpose of the vaccine is to get past Covid. To once again live w/o the necessary pre-cautions of masks, social distancing, not attending worship services, not attending school, sporting events, and even dining out. If we get the vaccine and while on a cruise ship we are still required to wear a mask, social distance, and ship excursions only... why even get it? It doesn't make sense. I say, no proof of vaccine, no cruising. If everyone on the ship has the vaccine including all cruisers, all staff and all employees, the ship should be in great
  9. Perhaps these guidelines will shift once the vccines are in play. Per the presser yesterday, over 100 million vaccines will be distributed by March. There is absolutely no sense in people getting the vaccine if the world around us does not accomodate for it.
  10. You're post is incorrect. They are indeed FORCING us to cruise in a different format and standard than before. Bottomline if they are concerned with death they should be 'protecting' you by not allowing you on the ship.
  11. How does one weigh the cost of death? We wear masks. We get vaccinated. Why can we not mingle with those that are not vaccinated? The vaciination is 95% effective. If the 5% is detrimental then cruising should cease immdeiately.
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