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  1. They are round and they are fruit. Tell me I’m wrong. Look you can argue all day long.... I don’t really even care. But some are hiding behind the poll question based on their selfish ways. My comparison is spot on. Hurricanes cause disruptions ... fact. But they still fill the ships every hurricane season. And they’ll do the same w Covid. Vaxed or non Vaxed the ships will sail to the capacities allowed.
  2. That won’t happen. Today May 16th, 2021 is not March 15th, 2020. We are in a completely different world.
  3. Naw... it's the same. Covid might alter itenerarires these days. And if there are those that are that concerned then don't go or buy better travel insurance.
  4. My thoughts.... the concern over vax vs non vax w/ regards to disruptions of a cruise is absolutely no different than booking a cruise during hurricane season in the caribbean. Covid is going to be around for awhile if not longer. So you might has well get used to it. Think of it as a long hurrican season. If you book a cuise knowing the possibly is there for a covid disruption it really isn't any difference than booking during huricane disruption. Yet people still book those hurricane season cruises. Now granted one can get sick... but one can get sick anywhere. The likelyhood of getting
  5. Once again.... Texas led the way. Gov Abbott is to be commended for his dropping the mask mandate months back. It allowed results to be reviewed, studied thus bringing about changes nationwide. Let's go cruising!
  6. The person that wears two masks and the person that walks in your neighborhood wearing a mask. Oh... and then there's the people that drive w/ their masks on. These are today's tattle tales.
  7. I understand. But there is no way I'm going back into a mask like this video suggests is required by the CDC. Not happening even if someone else paid for the trip. I'll patiently wait for better times.
  8. There is absolutley no way I would go on a cruise w/ these requirements. No way.
  9. It appears that just filing the lawsuit got the Clowns Directing Covid moving...
  10. You most definitely won't have it by September. Each week, the world is changing and more & more is opening up. As a result the rates are going up! Up & Up. By September your rate will be double that if it isn't already.
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