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  1. There is no doubt that masks will be required on future cruises for awhile. Whether it'll be enforced to alevel that some are satisfied is another issue. So to those that continue to project the mantra No Mask = No Cruise you'll get your wish. The question is will you actually go knowing the struggle of enforcement. But there are more issues than just masks.... 1. Contact tracing - Are you prepared to have your cruise canceled due to contact tracing after arriving to the port? Once on the ship, are you prepared to be quarantined because of contact tracing? 2. Quarantine cabins - Are you prepared to be moved out of your balcony or suite and be held in another cabin w/ bunk beds and no space due to contact tracing? 3. Ship's Excursions - are you prepared to pay double the price non-ship excursion costs? 4. Social Distancing - due to space needed, the number of cabins occupied will be reduced and as a result the cost of the cabins to be occupied will increase dramatically. Are you prepared to pay an increased price? No Mask = No Cruise. OK...then what?
  2. Hate to tell you, but they'll be out of business if they go to the EXTREMES as some have suggested.
  3. Floating cities w/ people from all over the world facing a new infectious disease and now a pandemic. I clearly understand how easy it was for Covid to spread on cruise ships and for the cruiselines everywhere not to be able to stop it. The fact is, no one has stopped it. Not one form of Government worldwide. Nobody. But... we have learned somethings to slow it down. All a cruise line can do is implement what known programs work and are effective. They can't and won't stop it or prevent it. We all want so badly for RCL or any cruiseline to be able to offer us cruises. Some are willing to allow themselves to become selfish in an effort to fulfil their wishes to cruise again. This includes me. Like many on cruise critic, I too have a cruise scheduled. I have steadily arranged for excursions at most of the ports that we'll visit. Whether or not we'll get on a ship is a different story. It may be canceled. We may cancel the cruise. All we can do is hope for the best and wish each other well.
  4. I'm not sure this will work any longer. It's covered in the report. It states that isolation rooms near the medical area will be in place. 😟
  5. SIAP as I have not read all of the responses, but the purpose for teating 5 days prior to the cruise is to stop and prevent people from flying to a port if they test positive. Recommendation 4: All guests joining a ship, regardless of method of travel to the ship, should be tested for SARS-CoV-2 between 5 days and 24 hours before boarding and receive a negative result that is shared with the cruise operator, before coming on board. As discussed throughout this document, testing for all individuals boarding cruise ships is a critically important step in reducing the likelihood of virus introduction on board the ship. All guests and short- term vendors, contractors, startup employees, and shoreside employees boarding a cruise ship should be tested 24 hours to 5 days before the cruise, so that they are able to receive a negative result prior to beginning their travel via land or air transportation to the port for embarkation. If a guest receives a positive result, they and their close contacts should not travel to the embarkation point.13 As discussed in the crew testing recommendation, if rapid, reliable, and clinically valid testing options become widely available, the addition of a second test at the pier or immediately before boarding would improve confidence in the testing regimen’s ability to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from entering the ship. Using adequately sensitive testing methods, the likelihood of missing a SARS-CoV-2 infection in an individual because of false negatives is extremely low under this double testing scenario. Therefore, if logistically 13 Individuals who are unable to submit to testing due to a disability, or for whom testing is medically contraindicated, should be referred to a secondary medical screening where a case-by-case assessment of the individual’s fitness for travel will be made, and a recommendation to allow or deny boarding will be based on the fitness-for-travel determination. 19 | P a g e and financially feasible, the Panel recommends this as the standard protocol. However, the Panel emphasizes that a single test at the point of embarkation is not a substitute for an initial test performed before a guest departs their home location; rather, the second test supplements and provides additional confidence in the ability of cruise operators to identify infected guests prior to boarding.
  6. After reading this unscientific poll... the cruise industry is in major trouble. Worse than I thought actually. Look, I fully understand the cruising lifestyle & the love we all have for cruise ship vactions. But folks, that won't support the industry. They need the genersal public's support and money. If people that post on a crusing message board are stating they'll wait it out... there is no way the average John & Jane Doe along w/ their kids Jimmy & Joanie are going to book a cruise anytime soon. They, the industry is in a big hurt. There is a reason why Carnival is unloading 10+ ships. Things are changing in this industry and we will never see or experience the same type of cruise post covid as we did pre-covid. Healthy Sail Panel Recommendations... it's an interesting read. A few things that caught my eye.... 4, tested between five days and 24 hours. the key word here being 'between' They mandate one test and suggest that when/where possible two negative tests prior to boarding 13, daily temperature checks for guests. Interesting. This should be very easy to set up & do. 18, should adjust the guest & crew 'load' capacity in a manner that allows for physical distancing This one... not so easy. Some cruisers are going to be cancelled. It's going to happen. 43, contract tracing <------- this is a biggee imo... standing 6' < 15 mins This is going to a very big thing. One could get quarantined just by standing or being next to someone that has tested positive. This would be a very hard pill to swallow. It's almost impossible not to do this these days. A flight from home to Amsterdam is a great example. Facemasks- Consumer insight surveys conducted by the cruise industry show that some guests are unwilling to cruise if face coverings are required, while other consumers are unwilling to cruise if face masks are not required. The limited experience this summer aboard European cruises has revealed that a significant portion of guests wear face masks in public areas, even when they are not mandated. Therefore, in the interest of limiting potential spread of virus, the Panel recommends that face coverings are a simple and effective strategy that should be employed. The Panel recognizes that as disease prevalence goes down, face covering requirements may be loosened over time based on the latest available scientific data, public health agency recommendations, and risk modeling. However, in the initial period of sailing, they are an important tool that should be regularly used.23 Recommendation 16: To prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, cruise operators should require guests and crew to wear cloth face coverings/face masks in accordance with CDC recommendations.24 Specifically, guests should wear face coverings in any indoor, congregate setting regardless of physical distancing measures, but should not be required to wear face coverings in their own cabins. A notable exception is indoor dining. Seating in restaurants and bars/lounges should allow for physical distancing, so guests can eat and drink without needing face coverings while seated. Face coverings are not required in outdoor settings as long as physical distancing is feasible. However, if physical distancing is not feasible in certain outdoor settings, masks/face coverings among guests should be required in those locations. For crew members, masks should be worn any time they are engaging with other crew members or guests (i.e., in all public settings, both indoors and outdoors).
  7. They want to sail their ships. They have to walk a fine line with government agaencies but equally as important, they NEED the funding from passengers. It sounds like to me, that they realize that while posters on cruise critic may be vocal, they understand that there will not be enough paying customers to float the boat with EXTREME MEASURES that has been suggested. No pun intended. There will not be any plank walking and the mentioned entertainment of watching people getting kicked off a ship and left stranded.
  8. It's really simple everybody. We all know this. But I guess it's worth posting. Each day, every day, in today's Covid era, each of us are required to make decisions that have effects or consequences on ourselves, our family, and others as well...all based on the behavior of others. You and/or I can jump up & down, scream to the top of our lungs our thoughts on wearing masks. None of this really matters though. What matters is what we do, the decions we make, and how we respond to other's behavior. So post away. Belittle others if you must. But bottomline, you either think the lack of a mask can kill or you don't. If you do, then you won't get on a ship. And if you do get on a ship, then your posts and thoughts on those that don't wear masks ring hollow. You can't have it both ways folks. Good day.
  9. One can be both. But being smart is greater than being kind when on a cruise ship in the middle the ocean during a pandemic.
  10. Cruise at all costs... including lives. The Cruise Lines want the money, and you want the pleasure. And you just think because we all wear masks my life, your life is safe. Got it. Foolishness.
  11. Wait. You actually think I have not weighed my own risk / reward factors? Pfft. This isn't about kindness either. In fact it has nothing to do with kindness. Let's be real here. Walking into the MDR w/ a mask on and rthen only to take it off when sitting is foolishness. Your science knows this too. Many on this thread are staing that wearing a mask will save lives. Yet ignore the realities that some have already been witnessed as NOT wearing a mask. (see Petra's thread) And yet they still want to go on a ship and complain. That's not being kind. That's being foolish.
  12. Well OK... but not all science is a proven fact. A lot of science is still theory waiting to be proven. With that said, take care and Happy Future Cruising.
  13. You're correct in that's it's your choice to cruise based on the risk / reward factor. You're risking your life for the enjoyment of a few days to a few weeks based on the actions of others on a cruise ship in the middle of a pandemic. BTW... it is a belief. You BELIEVE this science is correct.
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