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  1. We asked this question whilst on the Diamond and were told by crew that it is because the majority of Asian tourists travel in large tour groups. The fixed seating helps with organisation/timing as they would all plan to arrive at the same time anyway.
  2. Hi, We were on the Diamond in Japan last year in Club Class and the dining is located in part of the Santa Fe dining room on deck 6.
  3. Hi Ellie! Good to see you back. Looking forward to more great photos and descriptions of your travels and adventures. As I've said before, you have a way of bringing a story to life. Loved Singapore, Australia and the Pacific islands, so will be following along to take my mind off present circumstances. Unfortunately our planned trip to the Pacific islands has been cancelled by itinerary changes in 2022 but have added a cruise on the Royal to Tasmania and Melbourne instead. Loved Hawaii, when we were there in January 2019, and did the Pride of America c
  4. Yes, just off the phone to RC and our first cruise is more or less okay but no South Pacific itinerary thereafter, just a short cruise to Eden and Sydney. Maybe do a short one on the Serenade to Melbourne around this time as we make D+ (maybe!).
  5. We are booked on the Radiance for a b2b in Jan Feb 2022 and both Radiance and Quantum have disappeared from the RC site for Australia during this period. Looking like they are working on something. A few days ago most cabins on our cruises were available but when I checked yesterday almost all were showing unavailable or booked.
  6. We are booked on the Radiance from Brisbane on a b2b in Jan/Feb 2022 and the sailings are no longer showing. In fact, no Radiance or Quantum sailings are showing in Australia during this time. Take it RC are updating the sailings. A few days ago I checked and hardly any cabins had been booked and then yesterday almost all categories were showing as sold out.
  7. I don't, that's why I used "I guess... and even then". I just hope that a vaccine is developed that is highly effective, and testing improves to the point that confidence is restored and we can all get on with living.
  8. MSC Grandiosa was not allowed to disembark passengers today in Malta due to suspected case of Covid-19. I guess no cruise will be full proof until a vaccine, and even then... https://www.maltatoday.com.mt/news/national/105335/cruise_ship_passengers_not_allowed_to_disembark_after_suspected_covid19_case#.X4nwQNBKiUk
  9. Thanks Ellie! Can't wait to revisit some places and add new ones along the way. Looking forward to your next review! (after you've recovered of course 😁). Cheers! David
  10. Totally agree. We have already had a 12 night for next year cancelled on another line as it doesn't fit in with their "shorter cruise" plans. The local airline we were booked on for 2021 to get us to Barcelona has cancelled our flights already due the uncertain nature of travel and plan a much reduced schedule. I can see other 12-14 night itineraries being changed until this is hopefully over. Our Regal Princess cruise{which was originally Grand Princess} next June has had a port change in the past few days. Very little is certain at the moment when trying to make future plans!
  11. Hi Ellie, Still here and still enjoying all you photos and detail. I have been playing catch up for your last few pages! We also loved the Orchid garden and the zoo. We should have been returning to both of them, and the night zoo, back in March but for the 😷.! One of the best reviews I have had the pleasure to follow along with! Thank you. We can only hope that sailing will, one day soon, take us all on such adventures again! Cheers! David
  12. Thanks Ellie, Good to know from someone who has travelled there. Unfortunately you cannot take your own camera on the bridge climb. Guess they don't want accidents on the road or water below incase they fall! They take a group photo and you can purchase a package of others. You are in overalls and hooked to a line. I never told Kaye that we were doing it until we got there (panic) but she loved it and wants to go again! Taken at a slow pace with commentary via headphones throughout. Would highly recommend to anyone without mobility issues as completely
  13. Love all the photos! Just loved the sail in/out of Sydney. Did the Harbour Bridge climb when Celebrity Solstice was in port. Ellie, quick question, (which I may have missed!) but did you take malaria tablets for the Pacific Islands? They seem to be recommended on some of the sites I've been exploring. We chanced it last year in South Africa but took them for Zambia and Zimbabwe. Thanks.
  14. Still following along! We just love Venice and have got lost plenty of times! Last there on the Vision overnight in 2018 but next time likely to be on a different line, with R.C. no longer sailing from the port 🙁 Loving the photos!
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