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  1. I I have a cruise booked for April 2021 that includes free airfare. My final payment is due December 12, 2021. I would like to be able to find out what cruising will be like. If cruises don't start up by then I will be cancelling.
  2. I totally agree. I won a trip to a AI in St Lucia and while there were many daytime excursions we went on the evening was lacking. One evening there was a beach BBQ but after 9-10pm nothing to do but sit in outdoor lounge and listen to local music.
  3. I have a back up plan for next April a condo rental on the beach in St Pete Beach if we decide cruising isn't the best for us. The thing I will miss the most will be the evening activities and shows that the ships have and of course not having to get in the car to look for some place to go for dinner, lunch or breakfast. We'll see how that goes.
  4. I totally agree. On other lines there is enough time after dinner or a show to get to the games which are held in a large lounge. I think tne Pearl actually had some of the games & bingo in one of the large lounges.
  5. So glad you are still doing your live reviews I missed the last couple I'll have to catch up. Please post here when you begin posting so I can find you! Your review are great!
  6. I always followed along with the Live with Radio reviews. Do you happen to know where he disappeared to? I did catch him on one of the other lines but not in the last year or more.
  7. The Atrium is terrible for these types of games. Big huge chairs people drag around and then they have to drag out the folding chairs. Not at all enjoyable. If you didn't get there a hour and a half early you were out of luck.
  8. We were on the last Symphony of the Seas cruise in March. I couldn't wait to get on the ship after all the news the week before we went but they said it was still safe so off we went. Mid week we started hearing all the chatter from fellow passengers, crew and then the news stations. About then my daughters sent photo's of chaos and empty shelves at the grocery stores. I was so happy to get off the ship. Eleven days after returning home we got a email from Royal that a person had tested positive and we should quarantine for 14 days, my daughters, health care workers, had already insisted we do that. A few weeks after that CDC posted a list of ships with positive cases and Symphony had 150 cases and we later learned 2 crew had died. Can it get any worse both my daughters came down with the virus and after one month have fully recovered. That was one long month. Two weeks ago we were finally able to see out kids and grandkids since before we went on that cruise. Last week we were able to go to our first grandchild's HS graduation. It was individual in the front of the high school it was great. Well it isn't snowing here in Michigan now but it 's forecast to be 90+ for about the next 5 days. Restaurants opened up for dining and we ventured out on Sunday for a nice meal but it was rather weird. We are also in our mid 70's and have had a Mexican Riviera cruise booked since September for April 2021. Not too sure we will be doing that so I reserved a condo in Florida for the same time frame and will have to make the big decision by final payment time. I really need something to look forward to and will be really disappointed if don't ever get to cruise again. Hopefully things will get better. Hang in there! It's got to get better.
  9. Ditto to all of the above with the exception of no conditions just age mid 70's. We do have a April 2021 cruise that was booked way back in September with a minimum deposit. We returned from our last cruise on March 14th when everything was shutting down I was never so glad to be off a ship in my life. So after being home for a few weeks I decided I better look into a US land vacation as a back up in case cruising won't be a option anymore for us. We now also have a condo reserved on the gulf coast of Florida we'll have to wait and see. I know if we don't cruise again I will be really sad.
  10. I have ordered the 2 egg breakfast with sausage, bacon, hash browns & toast then asked for pancakes or French toast on the side. Sometimes also a pastry basket.
  11. This is exactly why I have a land vacation reserved at the same time as my April 2021 cruise. With a refundable deposit of course as a back up.
  12. Very odd indeed especially since I just checked my date and the cruise is now back listed. Everything seems to be the same and still at a higher price then when I booked back in September plus I also got airfare for $100. Now I only need to hope that whatever changes they make due to corona virus. We're high risk due to age but I'm not sure I would want to have to wear a mask 24-7 on a cruise that's why I have a back up plan. I'll have to make a final decision by final payment December 12 hopefully they will have things in place by then. That's if the cruise is still there lol.
  13. Duh I didn't think to look there. I just checked it is still showing and it did let me select a excursion. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on it. With everything that is going on I decided to put a deposit on a land vacation for that same time just in case cruising is no longer in our future. I have until February for a no fee cancellation on that. At this time I just need something in the future to look forward to. Hope the cruise date shows up soon.
  14. I've had a Mexican Riviera cruise booked for 4-11-2021 since last September. It has since disappeared on the NCL site. There are also several weeks between March 14 and April 18 that nothing comes up for Bliss. On the Cruises only site the April 11, 2021 is still selling. Anyone know what's going on with Bliss at those times.
  15. Check these cruises out. I did a few months ago but they are VERY pricey. https://greatlakescruising.com/find-a-cruise/
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