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  1. We are 200 days out from our Symphony cruise. About 3 weeks ago MTD reservations became available to book, you could only book 6:30 or 8:30. I made the 6:30 but thought it was weird since I have seen Compasses that said MTD opens at 5:15 so I called. I was told it was already booked up for the earlier times. I'm going to call C&A and see if they can help just seems strange that you couldn't make a earlier reservation.
  2. Costa Maya has a bird Aviary that has rope bridges that goes over the pool & dolphin area. On the rope bridge would be cool. They take photos through the whole complex ones I didn't even know they were taking. The photos were great quality and not expensive at all. When you get in you could secretly let them know what you have planned and I bet they would capture it.
  3. I would also like to know the answers to all of what red-dragon asked. We plan to get to the pool early to get one lounger in the shade and one in the sun. I think I read that food is included somewhere and if you have the drink or soda card you can use it there. I would be interested in knowing where the market is and how big the island is for walking around. Curious to know if we can leave things on the loungers when we go to lunch.
  4. Thank you this is good to know. DH has a bum ankle and walks/limps at a snails pace. I hope they will drop us at the pool.
  5. Will the larger tram stop at the pool or near it? DH has a walking disability.
  6. Do you have to make reservations to have dinner at the Solarium Bistro on Symphony or can you just walk up?
  7. I cancelled the package I think I will just suck it up and book Chops and Hibachi individually when they show up on the planner. they do eventually show up there don't they???
  8. Just the 2 of us we have been there many times. Looking for a couple of hours in town and sightseeing Mountain Top etc, no beach, return to ship 1-2pm.
  9. We would not want anything later than 6pm. The 3 night package is $99 is that a discounted price? If not I'll cancel and just purchase & book specific day & times but I would want to do that pre cruise is that possible? Right now I only see Jamies Italian available to book. Haven't been on Royal in 5 years not sure how things work now.
  10. Need recommendations for best tour company for a couple of hours shopping downtown and a island tour to Mountain Top or other place. No more than 3-4 hours & no beach stop.
  11. I purchased the 3 night specialty dining with my first day being day 2. If I get on the ship and they do not have times I want for the other 2 nights can I cancel the whole package?
  12. Is there hibachi specialty dining on Symphony where they cook the food on grills in front of you? If so where is it and would it be included in the 3 night specialty dining package.
  13. Thanks Bob that's what I thought the rep was not very helpful. Do you think they will make those reservations when I board the ship.
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