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  1. Actually, I don't believe one has to be of legal drinking age as they can be used for Virgin drinks, fresh squeezed OJ, and specialty coffee (prepared by RCL) are just a few examples.
  2. Thanks buddy. It's good to be back at it again to be honest. Although I must say, it was a bit different. But still fun and enjoyable. RCL cancelled 3 cruises, we cancelled 1... and after 4 tries, we got the Greek Isles done. I think we're done w/ Europe now. The time and aggravation of traveling to get on a ship literally wore us out. Our next cruise is out of our home port of Galveston and w/ the new port, the big girls can come in now. One hour drive to the Harmony in a couple of months. Ez Pz.
  3. Welcome Back! We visited Kotor, Corfu, Atehns, Mykonos, & Argostolli. TBH, I'm really tired of discussing the tipping thing. But there is plenty for you to review in this thread though! I really hope you enjoy your cruise!
  4. I'm considering developing a spreadsheet and then renting out my balcony space by the hour.
  5. Once I hand it off it's their money and they can do whatever they wish w/ it.
  6. 🤣 My waitstaff, room attendants, and especially bar tenders think I'm especially great & love me.
  7. No. Because you started by saying you didn't care, but then went a triggered trip.
  8. Good for you. But stop the guilt tripping. It's foolishness. You act as if removing the tips means someone is NOT tipping. I have not read any post on this thread that has stated as much. I certainly have NEVER said I would not tip. In fact, I've repeatedly said I will tip who I feel best deserves it.
  9. And nobody can post anything that proves how much of the 18% goes where and to who either. And if you really don't care, have some self restraint & just move on. Or just put him and anyone else that triggers you on ignore.
  10. You mad? Look, I aint playing ball w/ you or anybody else. I believe what I believe and I'm entitled to do so. You do the same. Go on and keep giving that $16/per/day or whatever you pay. I have no problem with it. I seriously don't care. I'll use the opt out that Royal allows and issue tips where I see fit. Move along now.
  11. Nope. Just my thoughts. You got any proof that it actually goes to them & how much?
  12. I don't think the 18% mark up on the drink packages and/or the dining packages go to the bartenders or wait staff. This mark up & the 'gratuities' on purchased items are nothing but revenue streams for RCL. Given the option, I'd opt out on them as well. LOL
  13. It's a weak attempt to slam me for my honesty in another thread saying that I plan to remove my gratuities on my next cruise if given the option. I'll be tipping direct going forward. Bottom line... he doesn't like it. And you're right, no one actually knows the %'s much less if there really is a 'tip pool'. He's just spouting what someone else has told him. It's Royal propaganda.
  14. Yes. But those tips go to the towel folders and AC/Heating guys. LOL
  15. So I guess he is suggesting that one buys both the individual nightly dinners & also the UPD. Then cancel the nightly dinners and bank the OBC.
  16. ^^^^^^ Hypocrisy at it's finest. and ALL the time no less ^^^^^^
  17. Shhhh... it'll be our secret. As I want tell him that you're taking revenue from Royal that pays his salary.
  18. I have a feeling if this is done, you'll get re-p;riced to the on board price. Not sure if it's worth at the price I paid but surely will study it.
  19. Sounds like a plan. Did you make dinner plans around your reserved show times? or vice versa?
  20. Question???s regarding Unlimited Dining Pkg. I'm told one can not make reservations for dinner nightly until you get on board. When I look on the app for Izumi- Hibachi as an example, it allows you to make a reservation if you buy a one night dinner but only 5:30 or before... or 9pm or after. Since were required to wait until we get on board, will we be able to find better times?
  21. Interesting question & banter. I have one something close. On our next cruise, the wife & I purchased the UDP. We were also gifted a dinner for two via our TA. Can this 'gift' be used to buy dinner for someone else?
  22. According to this.... all you Suite cruisers need to pony up a bit more to 'others' as compared to the rest of the ship. LOL
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