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  1. I suggest that you form a group in an effort to get your Congressman to help stop the abuse. Until it's stopped, you'll always have people like me that question service animals. BTW, do you ever or should I say, have you ever called out someone that was abusing the system? I doubt it.
  2. I take into consideration of all things. I'm a quality driver w/ a high rating and over 5000 rides. But I follow my rules to enter my car. These rules are common sense based and If they can not be complied with, I cancel & move on.
  3. I think those that use any animal for emotional support should be the first to be 'red flagged'. If they're too emotionaly unstable to deal w/ life w/o an animal around them, they're damn sure too emotionaly unstable to own a gun.
  4. Not really. The fact is... kids are kids. At one time we were all kids. Drunk's can be kicked off or refused service. Yelling at anyone makes one look bad. But a service horse? less disruptive? Come on. LOL Get real. A horse anywhere gets attention. Service animals for people who think they are entitled, well..."Aren't You Special" comes to mind.
  5. I would be on board with this until you and others that truly support valid needs for service dogs band together to get a true government oversight to stop the abuse. Oversight is needed. Until then, serivce dogs for the blind should be the only service dogs allowed anywhere, much less a cruise ship.
  6. I drive Uber/Lyft about 1,000 rides a year to pay for our cruises. Anyway, rideshare drivers are forced to pick up riders w/ service dogs. I have my rules though... 1. the dog must be trained. I'm allowed to ask what the dog is 'trained' for. I expect an answer. 2. the dog must be contained. Either in a portable kennel, crate or leash. 3. if no portable kennel or crate is supplied, then a blanket must be used for the dog to lay on. 4. no answer, no kennel or crate, no leash & no blanket, means no ride. If these expectations are not met, I cancel the ride & move on. I haul people. 95% of my riders are business travelers to/from airports and having dog hair in my car is not an option. I have 0 tolerance for anybody claiming to need a service dog w/o consideration for others. On the other hand, if a rider needs my service & my car, and they are also in need of a service dog, I'll go out of my way to assist them if they are considerate of my car, my job, and other potential riders.
  7. I'd love to keep Liberry for the 9 & 10 day rotation to the ABCs
  8. Well to be sure... cruising out of Jersey would be all about a visit to NYC and especially to Yankee stadium to watch the Stros. I guess we can give up a little bit of Fall Colors as part of the deal! We're headed out on Symphony this Saturday so the Next Cruise desk might be in play! Thanks for the feedback everybody!
  9. Well this might change our plans then. The timing of the 9/24 cruise is due to the Astros visiting the Yankees for a four game series prior to boarding. That would have been a great trip to NYC
  10. We're thinking about booking the Adventure for the September 24th for a Fall season cruise out of Bayonne, NJ. Typically speaking, would the fall foilage to be full effect by this time frame?
  11. It doesn’t. A brief history search on his posts shows me that he’s deeply concerned in a political nature of the National origins of posters. He’s not worthy and man I hope I never ever cruise with people like him.
  12. Thats what I said earlier in this thread. Ten miles can make a huge difference!
  13. Happy Anniversary! I hope you make the cruise this time!
  14. Damn right I am and proud of it too. So don’t be about this board attempting to shame me or any American for that matter. Where I’m from and/or where your from is irrelevant. This thread is about Dorian and cruises effected by it. Not whether I’m happy/sad of the outcome and most definitely not about my country of origin.
  15. Wow what? Yes. The fact is... this is a thread on cruising. Not the people of the Bahamas. Specifically, this message board on cruising is about the effects of the cruises because of Hurricane Dorian. No matter what we post, say, or think, will not change the outcome of those effected by Dorian. So please put things into perspective. If you want others to post about the worries of the peeps in the Bahamas, start a new/different thread or better yet, go to another mesage board. But I will as many others will, continue to post about the changes and cancellations of their cruise vaqcations.
  16. Hurricane force winds begin at 74 mph... which is a HUGE difference of 180 mph. This is my point. If faced w/ a hurricane, I'll take the 74 mph hurricane winds over the 180 mph. The further from the eye, the less damages of the wind. Ten miles will, can, and does make a huge difference when it comes to damages.
  17. CoCoCay isn't taking a direct hit. So the difference of just 1 mile is big. Much less even 10 miles which can make a HUGE difference w/ wind & rain. I'm more worried about the storm surge and massive flooding than anything else. Clean up is going to take a small army of people and equipment to get that place ready to safely entertain vacationers.
  18. This is a bad one folks. The Bahamas are going to be destroyed. I suspect that it will slow down immensely as it approaches mainland Florida and thus the dirty side will be pounding the Bahamas. Properties will be destroyed and lives lost. I pray for everyone's safety and hope everyone follow instructions and directions. I'm not sure what RCL will do regarding CoCoCay next week. But I suspect that since the timing of this storm is so close to our 9-7 Symphony cruise that RCL will most likely by-pass CoCoCay until damage assessment can be made. Perhps, if for any other reason than precautionary safety factor. I also suspect that our 9-7 Symphony cruise will end up going to Labadee instead. Pina Colada? Naw... Pour me something tall & strong. Make it a Hurricane before I go insane.
  19. This. And this is why my 'empathy' well has run dry for this poster. While he can't control the weather or Dorian, he can control how he reacts to it. And his drama queen antics is growing tiresome. To those traveling to/from Cruise ships in Florida, be safe, but be there!
  20. Got it. and Thank you. Even being from Houston, I really wasn't paying attention to the cruises out of Galveston that week as we were enjoying a wonderful Alaskan cruise when Harvey hit. I had no idea what was happening until we got back home. It was devastating though. Such a contrast from the beauty of Alaska to the flooded city of Houston.
  21. Look he's been registered w/ Cruise Critic since 2014. He's 5 years experienced at cruising. He knows what ghe's buying. What he didn't know is that RCL doesn't think he's entitled to be different than anyone else. As far as empathy. I have it. But with the residents of Florida in harm's way, not a cruiser that comes onto this board bitching about his pity party. He rolled the dice and lost out on his cruise. He's not being ripped off either. He's being issued FCC. He wants cash or credit card credit. That aint happening. As far as the Galveston Cruise. I'm not sure what cruise a few are speaking to but if it's the RCL cruise on the Navigator back in 2014 that was detained due to the oil spill, everybody on that cruise received 100% cash/credit back plus an additional 25% FCC. Royal has always taken care of their cruisers and always will. He may not like how he gets his refund, but he'll get one.
  22. OH... now I get it... he wants his cake and eat it too!
  23. Here's my take... Newer ships Oasis class ship = Higher prices. Symphony is way out there these days. Not just drinks or drink pkgs either. I'm talking Dining Pkgs, Cabanas etc. A caban for $1299/day at CocoCay? You take Adventure, Radiance, Navigator etc... these ships still are offering the $49/$55 per day drink pkg prices. Also cruises that are longer than 7 days. The 9day to 15 day cruises on soem of the smaller ships have decent drink package pricing as well. Take a look. It's Capitalism at it's finest. Supply & demand. At this rate, CoCoCay will be paid for in a couple of years. Caveat... I buyUltimate drink packages for the wife & I. We are both Diamond and can drink in the DL for free. I smuggle my fav on board because they don't have it on the ship. Shoot me.
  24. I really couldn't answer this, but.... our local Chili's... yes Chili's... they price their Presidente' Margarita for $13. Not including a tip. Fact.
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