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  1. I do think the OP is somewhat correct. For example, the Quantam class doesn't go as close as the Millennium Class of Celebrity. We got as closes as 1/4 mile per the Captain's announcments. Bigger ship = bigger/deeper hulls. And RCL uses the Quantam Class because of demand. It's a matter of safety and economics all combined.
  2. Once again this only refers to the ability of making a reservation. Not the ability to be seated & served.
  3. While I understand what you're saying I'm also reminded that yours is only an assumption on your behalf. IMO, the ships are managed pretty well. Ship shape comes to mind. Including the galley, kitchen, call it what you want. The passenger count per time slot and the %'s of how many are seating at what time are well known by the staff. I believe food is prepared accordingly or at least as close as possible. When you add to this the change of the menu to a specific type of food served and your room for error drops dramatically. And if a MTD passenger has a 7pm time slot and walks in at 5:45 and they seat them, then... MTD is OPEN. What is NOT open is the ability to book a time slot before 7pm.
  4. I believe that it's structured this way now because of the increase in numbers of MTD and it's popularity. I'm thinking that 5 or 6 years ago more cruisers were still using traditional dining times. So as the shift to MTD occurred they had to respond to the numbers. It is an interesting dynamic for sure.
  5. We're about to experience this in a couple of weeks. But we decided to visit Venice pre-cruise anyway.
  6. Show where? As of now, I don't find them listed on the RCL website.
  7. Good Gawd. What a hot mess. I miss pre-covid cruising & posting on this board. I have my first two cruise coming up since 2019 and all I read is now are cutbacks on service/staff, high costs of cabins, false sales, over crowding, and one must reserve a spot to see shows, tables for my time dining and specialty dining. I hope all of y'all are wrong! 😉
  8. 1200 kids on a holiday cruise = not but chaos!
  9. We have fond memories of the Mariner. It was our first cruise and we had a wonderful time. Mariner was cruising out of Galveston at the time. It was also our first vacation w/ 'adult' kids so that was a plus as well. Enjoy your cruise! She gave us great memories!
  10. Wowza. Learn something new everyday I guess. Never knew they had special dinner pricing. On a different note, almost to the date (7-6-22) I bought the UDP during the July 4th sale last year. We're on Harmony 11/26 the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Total cost including gratuities was $519 for the two of us.
  11. I'm pretty sure the only competitor they have is the Caribbean itself. And it is FREE wet.
  12. I might be able to locate the email address to the Loyal Ambassador and/or specifically to the Bar Manager on the Harmony of the Seas?
  13. Of course you would. and besides, who are you? My post was addressed to the OP. Move along.
  14. Other than missing boarding the ship, did he otherwise enjoy his cruise?
  15. Good gawd. Yes. But for the formal nights step up & buy them some damn slacks. This is the opportunity for a teaching moment. They have to learn eventually and you're as good as anyone to help them along. Have you wondered what they'll be wearing on their prom night? Graduation? Help them out. Make it fun. Take the grandkids shopping. I have a feeling both parties will enjoy it. And yes, as always I'm late to this party.
  16. I challenge you to screenshot this post, and then show it to the Prez while offering him a pack or two.
  17. Last July, I purchased the UDP for our cruise. 2 peeps w/ gratuities $519.16, Today w/ the current 35% off Memorial Day Sale, 2 epps w/ gratuities is $618.26 . Up $99
  18. A little of both. I was released from Covid Prison about 6 months ago and then just chilled and lurked. Hope all is good on your end.
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