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  1. Agree with you😀. We were booked on the TA and the cruise following on May 5 and even though we are in that category of being fortunate to have taken many cruises and having flexibility, it was still extremely disappointing as this was something we were really looking forward to. Royal has done a really good job of getting refunds credited and issuing our FCC. They also allowed us to cancel the May 5th cruise without penalty, again issuing refunds in a timely manner. We have been very happy with the entire process🙂. Sherri🙂
  2. Yes but, he booked this cruise while on another cruise a few weeks ago and specifically chose this cabin because the next cruise associate said the cabin could hold 4 so it would not be a problem to add their son if they decided to take him.😀 Sherri🙂
  3. I’m glad that worked for you. Our son had this cruise booked already and when he saw the KSF promotion on it called Royal to see if they could add their son . He was told sure but they would have to change cabins and pay close to $700 more.😳 Sherri🙂
  4. Yeah, I just saw that so I did a booking and get the same, slightly cheaper price and breakdown that I was getting on line Sunday.😀 Sherri🙂
  5. Kids Sail Free sale is over so pretty sure I would get a different price break down if I tried. Sherri🙂
  6. I usually don’t look at how the price breakdowns but did this time because $1900 seemed a little high for 7 day cruise on Rhapsody that is Kids Sail Free.😂 I’ve just found the whole pricing game hilarious😂 Sherri🙂
  7. After much debate, we decided to go ahead and book so my husband called Royal the next morning. Here is the final pricing as broken down on our invoice from Royal: Cruise fare for 2: $1147.00. 3rd passenger (child) $475. The total is $56 more than price I was getting on internet but this is a different cabin, although same category. There are 2 categories listed as Free Kids NRD (non refundable?) Under the first one, passenger 1 gets $42 off price, #2 gets $500 off and #3 (child) gets $235 off. The 2nd Free Kids NRD gives #1 nothing, #2 gets $95 off and #3 gets $190. #1 gets the Flash sale discount of $75. Taxes/fees are less than yesterday, $118.29 vs. $127.90. Bottom line is passenger #1 total is$1148.29, #2 is $670.29 and the child is taxes/fees only. However, the total cost of all three is $1936.87 which is $13.02 more than price online. My head is spinning😂😂😂😂 Sherri🙂
  8. We cancelled our May 5th cruise last week. It was supposed to be the 2nd cruise of a B2B with the TA. I did not want to have to book flights to fly over for one week and we could not find anything we wanted to do prior to this cruise to make it worthwhile. Funny though, I had received a Royal up offer to bid on the May 5th cruise back in March and my bid to move from a neighborhood balcony to a spacious, ocean balcony was accepted. I was surprised as I had bid the minimum and figured I wouldn’t get it.😂 Sherri🙂
  9. I had the same cabin for my 2 adults as I did for my 2 plus 1 kid. 😂 Sherri
  10. I wrote in my post that both were the same category. I also did a pricing for 3 adults last night in the same OV category, list price for this was $620. plus taxes/fees. Itemized charges: OV for 3 $2663.00 Flash sale. -$75. BOGO -$730. Taxes/fees $383.85 Total. $2241.85 It must have something to do with the 3rd person.🤔 Sherri🙂
  11. All of my figures took in to account the taxes and fees😂 Sherri🙂
  12. Royal has a sale Kids Sail Free sale that ends tonight on select sailings so silly me thought I would take advantage of this for a 7 day cruise on Rhapsody next spring. The week I wanted was a “select sailing” so I put in info for two adults and one 4 year old. The cheapest OV was listed at $514pp plus taxes and fees of $127.90pp. Child was listed as free. I picked the cabin and checked the itemized cost to find: OV for 3 passengers $2663.00 Flash sale -$75. Kids sale free -$1048. (Not sure where they get this price) Taxes & fees $383.85 Total cost $1923.85 Seemed like a lot to me, so I priced the same category price with 2 adults only. This time listed price is $682pp plus same amount for taxes& fees. Now the itemized cost is: OV for 2. $1918. Flash sale. -$75. BOGO sale -$480 ( Again, not sure how they come up with this) Taxes & fees $255.90 Total cost $1618.90 I realize the list price is an average of final price after sales are adjusted, but adjusting for taxes & fees, why does my kids sail free kid cost me $177.05?😂😂 Sherri🙂
  13. If you have to cancel , OBC from Visa points can be transferred to another cruise. I just did that this morning moving OBC from our cancelled Oasis TA. Was a very easy phone call.😀 Sherri🙂
  14. I think there has always been a certain amount of meanness on CC, when I made a similar statement on a thread years ago, I was told by a poster that I needed to get a thicker skin.🙄. And I think posters are really “brave” on an anonymous web site but probably not so much in real life. I do not go on vacation to be the chair police or worry about what others are doing. Sometimes I find their behavior hilarious but it’s not my job to reprimand them. I just laugh and move on. Sherri🙂
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