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  1. And I respectfully disagree with you, the states are manipulating the data to meet whatever their current agenda is. The media simply reports the info they have been given. I would agree media tends to sensationalize their headlines in an attempt to grab viewers but I don’t believe they are responsible for presenting inaccurate numbers. Sherri🙂
  2. I agree with you but I don’t think you can blame that on the media, the fault belongs with the states. Media is just reporting what they are being given. Sherri🙂
  3. Keep in mind the media reports the numbers given to them by the states and states are reporting their numbers differently, some were including antibody testing in with positive case results. Also, testing has been so screwed up in this country, some labs are still taking a week or more to get results sent. Results being reported are sometimes from tests that were done 2 weeks earlier. Our governor explained away what looked like a huge increase by saying that a huge number of the results had been received ( I think he used the word dumped) over the weekend and many of them were over a week old.🙄 Sherri🙂
  4. Of course I would wear a mask if it means I can cruise. I worked as a nurse for over 40 years and while I don’t like to wear a mask, I did it whenever it was needed. Sherri😀
  5. We have received FCCs for our March and May cruises but have not received port charges and taxes. It will be a month Friday since we got the first FCC so planning to call Royal on Monday if we don’t get it. Sherri🙂
  6. I do realize that, too. I worked as an RN for over 40 years and I understand how masks work. The idea behind wearing a cloth mask in public is to protect others by slowing the spread, the same as a surgeon protecting his patient. So many people appear to be either asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms that a mask might help them avoid infecting others, therefore slowing the spread. Slowing the virus could have helped keep this at a more manageable level for healthcare. Sherri🙂
  7. Yes, I understand that some people would try to do that which is why I think our government initially said masks were not necessary. I think if we had been told earlier to wear a CLOTH mask and given simple instructions on how to do this, the majority of Americans would comply and this could have possibly slowed the spread enough that healthcare could have coped better. I have seen very few people in my area wearing true medical grade masks out in public. What I am seeing are homemade masks that are sometimes very creative. 😀 Sherri🙂
  8. Of course, masks were and are more important for healthcare workers but the average Joe does not need to wear medical grade equipment. I think a simple cloth mask can slow the flow for the general population. Very simple to make with cloth and rubber bands. of course, this is my opinion. Sherri🙂
  9. I agree with you. I think this is one of the mistakes our country has made from the very beginning, I don’t think our numbers would be as bad as they are if masks had been recommended sooner. Sherri🙂
  10. We received the FCC via email on April 10 but have not been refunded taxes/fees yet. We were not even sent an official notice saying our May cruise was cancelled, I don’t expect any FCC until maybe August? It is frustrating! Sherri🙂
  11. My March 28th cruise disappeared long before we received the FCC. Our May 10th cruise is still showing up, we have not received anything regarding it. Sherri🙂
  12. We received our FCC on Friday for our March 28th cruise. Have not received anything, even official cancellation, for our May 10th cruise. Sherri🙂
  13. Of course people want hope, I really hope studies prove this does work. But it is very irresponsible to go on TV and promote this at this stage. Sherri🙂
  14. Agree, I have heard some seriously weird, unproven ideas come from Dr. Oz over the years he has been a celebrity. Sherri🙂
  15. Why do I have the feeling it will be Elbo, the waiter?😂😂 Sherri🙂
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