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  1. We were on Equinox several weeks ago. I was waiting for my husband outside of the MDR and watched as the head waiter stopped a family of four, mom, dad, and teenagers/ 20ish boy and girl. All were wearing shorts, mom and daughter in very tight “daisy duke” style. The father was not allowed in and left, I’m assuming to change. The others went on in to their table. After that, I noticed many women in shorts in the MDR each night. So I guess when they say “no shorts” it only applies to adult males? Sherri🙂
  2. I think Celebrity offers desserts that look beautiful but are tasteless and not worth the calories. The best one I tried on our recent Equinox cruise was the limoncello cheesecake in the Tuscan Grill. The worse one was the apple pie I tried in the MDR. Sherri🙂
  3. We were on Equinox a few weeks ago. Our sommeliers in the MDR and Tuscan Grill were running around like crazy trying to get everyone served. Tuscan Grill seemed fairly busy the night we dined there and I noticed there appeared to be only one sommelier so I asked her and she said yes, it was just her. I don’t know how many tables our MDR sommelier was responsible for but he was busy each night. A table of 10 seemed to monopolize him each night, they were trying lots of different wines and kept him hopping. They were not “bad” sommeliers, just not the best service but I did not feel it was their fault as they were trying the best they could to keep up. Sherri🙂
  4. Wow, we’ve been to Paradise Beach many times but have never had a show included.😂 Sherri🙂
  5. That looks exactly like our cabin 8206. Even the same artwork😂 Sherri🙂
  6. I don’t think it has anything to do with her gender. I agree she is a positive role model and it is wonderful to see more women moving into positions such as captain. It is just a little weird to see the captain basically trying to move some jewelry. And I would feel the same if a male captain was doing it.😁 Sherri🙂
  7. We were on this cruise also, and we had a great time. I did think it was strange to have the captain promoting jewelry. It was advertised in the Daily Planner as a special sale with an opportunity to hear Captain Kate’s stories of the jewels involved in each piece. Sherri🙂
  8. Nice review! We were on this cruise also and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people up dancing at the parties, especially on a Celebrity ship. We enjoyed this cruise, the food, although somewhat hit or miss, was the best I’ve ever had on Celebrity and I do agree with you about the desserts. Oceanview had beautiful looking desserts but they were pretty tasteless. The only decent dessert I had in the MDR was the cheesecake. My observation of dress code adherence in the MDR is it is kind of sexist. As I waited outside the MDR for my husband, I watched the Head waiter stop a family of four from entering, telling the father he was not allowed in wearing shorts but allowing the teenage son who was wearing shorts as well as the teenage daughter in her Daisy Duke style shorts and the mother, also in very short, tight shorts to enter. There were also lots of women wearing short shorts each night. So I guess when they say say no shorts in the dining room, they mean only for adult males?😂 Loved the World Class Bar! Best drinks I’ve ever had on a cruise ship! Sherri🙂
  9. We are currently on Equinox and the perks appear to be the same. Sherri🙂
  10. We have not done this “tour” but based on past experiences with others, my guess is they get you to KSC and turn you loose to tour on your own with instructions on meeting at a specific place and time for drive to airport. KSC is an interesting experience, our 13 year old grandson loved it. We were lucky that other than the line to buy tickets, it was a slow day there and we did not have long lines inside. However, we were there all day and did not get to see every exhibit. Sherri🙂
  11. The whole area gets crowded😂. The problem will be finding a place to park. It may help that it’s so late and on aMonday night. Sherri🙂
  12. Just thought about this: if you are coming down for a launch, the whole port area will be a mess and Jetty Park especially will be bad. People will start camping out there this weekend and parking will fill up quickly. It could be very crowded. Sherri🙂
  13. It’s a very nice beach, clean sand and gentle waves usually. Restrooms are available and you can rent chairs / umbrellas. The only bad thing is no shade. Sherri🙂
  14. I’ve seen men in Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts in the specialty restaurants so jeans and polo shirts might be overdressed.😂 All joking aside, your boys would be dressed appropriately for the specialties. Sherri🙂
  15. Instead of going to one of the restaurants, I would do the day pass for Jetty Park. It’s only $15 for non Florida residents and it allows for a much better view of the ships as they sail out of the channel. If you go out on the fishing pier, the ships are so close, you feel like you could almost jump on. Fish Lips has a small version of their restaurant on site, so you could get snacks/drinks and the grandkids would be able to run around as kids like to do😂. My grandkids love to go to Jetty Park for a beach day to watch the ships leave. A lot of locals like to go to the restaurants to see the ships leave (and Happy Hour😉) so the restaurants can be really busy during that time. And it’s not the best view of Harmony leaving unless you like to see her backend sailing away😂. Sherri🙂
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